Why Is The Word Guinea So Offensive To Italian Americans

Why Is The Word Guinea So Offensive To Italian Americans – Danielle Staub pops bubbles at the launch of Three-O Bubble Vodka at Greenhouse in New York, Thursday, July 9, 2009. (AP)

Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Stapp will star in the new VH1 series “Famous Food” alongside Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka.

Why Is The Word Guinea So Offensive To Italian Americans

However, we couldn’t contain our hunger for reality TV after a phone call with Staab, who was promoting a restaurant-based series.

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“I’m definitely a foodie. People underestimate how much I eat because I’m small. I can eat like a man,” Staub told Bob Tartz on FOX411. “Even when I was 8 years old and I was adopted, I knew my heritage was Italian. , and I hated the American food my parents made. That’s how I learned to get along with my friends from Guinea.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Guinea” is a racial slur used against Italian-Americans. Another Italian-American slur is repeated on shows like “Jersey Shore” when some African-Americans sometimes converse with each other or, unlike the “N-word” like “Guido”, he never addresses any Italian-American. . Italian American uses this term.

“This is an offensive term that should never be used and is unacceptable. People should have better judgment,” said John Marino, National Executive Director of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF). “Using such a derogatory term reinforces a negative image and harmful stereotype of an entire ethnic group. “Our society has made great strides in diversity and tolerance and has rightly rejected the ‘G word’ along with similar slurs against other racial, ethnic and religious groups.”

Rosanna Impriano, director of the Italian and Italian American Cultural Center, was also outraged by Staub’s insult.

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“I’m offended by the word ‘Guinea’ because it paints Italians in a negative light,” he said. “It’s a shame because it disrespects the family that raised her.”

Many Italian-Americans we spoke to agreed that the use of the term can be offensive in any context. Others declined to comment on Staub’s comments but expressed more general disgust.

“We support the First Amendment, but we have no idea about these types of television shows, the deplorables on these shows or the bad people who watch them,” said Eileen Riotto Cire, president and founder of the National Organization of Italian Americans. Women.

“The great thing about America is that everyone has the right to free speech, but no one has the right to be taken seriously,” he said. The vice principal used the term because Jazia Haroon was the first to go through the admission process at the new school.

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A Muslim school employee is suing her boss for religious discrimination after she complained she was a “guinea pig”. Jasiah Haroon, an employment tribunal, heard that deputy head teacher Emma Bell used the term to insult her faith.

He said that being called a pig hurt him and that he was discriminated against as a result. However, the panel concluded that Ms Bell simply used the new checklist when Ms Haroon started at primary school and that the “guinea pig” comment was an innocent reference to the fact that she was the first member of staff to start using it. . .

The court, sitting in Reading, Berks, heard how Ms Haroon began working as a learning assistant at Manorcroft Primary School in Egham, Surrey, from March 2020. His character is Miss. Bell. Director and responsible for his enrollment, in which the “Enrollment Checklist” was used for the first time.

Ms Haroun told the court Bell had called her a “guinea pig” during the trial. Ms Bell said that although she did not remember doing this, she may have used the phrase in relation to using the induction checklist for the first time.

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However, Ms Haroon disagreed with the use of the phrase as she believed it was “religiously motivated and used as an insult”. During the hearing, Mrs. Haroun was asked if she understood the meaning of guinea pig.

Mrs. Bell “called me a guinea pig,” she replied. I find the word pig offensive. For me, saying pig is against my religion. The word pig offends me.” He added: “I was their test subject, that’s why they use the phrase guinea pig. I went through the intake process, which was a new process, and they told me I was a guinea pig.”

Employment judge Andrew Kumbiti-Zimuto said: “The tribunal accepted Ms Bell’s evidence that the use of the term guinea pig was to show that the school had not previously used the admissions checklist and that [Mrs Haroon] was the first to use it. The comment was in no way offensive and in fairness nor can it reasonably be considered so.

The court heard Ms Haroon was still in training when the school closed in March 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. She did not return to school or meet with other staff for fear of spreading the virus to her “medically vulnerable” husband.

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He was on unpaid leave until the end of June 2020 and his contract was not renewed for the next academic year. He was fired in July 2020, at the end of the semester, after the school decided it was necessary to cut staff before the next academic year for financial reasons.

He took the school to court, claiming he was unfairly dismissed for raising health and safety issues after refusing to work during the coronavirus pandemic, citing religious and racial discrimination. However, the court ruled that he was fired for financial reasons.

The judge noted: “The reason for [Mrs Haroon’s] dismissal was that the principal explained the need to save the school budget. Reasons for layoffs are financial. [Ms Haroon] was not unfairly dismissed.”

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“I started stuttering, slurring my words, dropping things and struggling when my kids made certain sounds.”

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All roads that currently have a 30mph speed limit will be 30mph when the new default comes to market. Guinea pigs have long been used in scientific research and in our everyday conversations. Why is that in a cup of tea… that’s a good question.

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Today we return to the animal world. We are talking about an animal that has done humanity a great service: the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs come from South America. Some say these small, highly social creatures get their name because they make pig-like sounds. Another reason, they say, is that guinea pigs first left their homeland on ships traveling between South America, Guinea and Britain.

Other experts say that guinea pigs resemble the offspring of another animal: the guinea pig, also known as the “river pig.”

Over the years, guinea pigs have earned our respect. After all, they played an important role in maintaining the health of the people.

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They have been used for medical research for over two centuries. Their natural defenses against disease are similar to humans

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