Why Is Shiba Tatsuya So Overrated Ive Seen People Calling Him Godsuya And Such But Im Pretty Sure He Gets Stomped By Most Shounen Characters Is It Because The People In His Verse Are Weak

Why Is Shiba Tatsuya So Overrated Ive Seen People Calling Him Godsuya And Such But Im Pretty Sure He Gets Stomped By Most Shounen Characters Is It Because The People In His Verse Are Weak – Practically nothing happens in this week’s episode, guys. But if you really must read what I have to say about anything, go ahead.

– When I see these students trying to cope with their current situation, I can’t help but notice that there is not one adult among them. In fact, we are told that there is a shortage of faculty members, considering how the school has previously been focused.

Why Is Shiba Tatsuya So Overrated Ive Seen People Calling Him Godsuya And Such But Im Pretty Sure He Gets Stomped By Most Shounen Characters Is It Because The People In His Verse Are Weak

, the complete absence of two bus bar students is ridiculous. Hell, these buses are full of the best and brightest students of the school going to their prestigious competition, but they are completely unsafe! For all the hype about Mahoka’s top-notch world-building, it looks terrible from my perspective. The only faculty member we see is the ridiculously smart Ono Haruka, who doesn’t seem too mature to be a student to me. Perhaps the creator of the story has a complex about adults.

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– I’m sure I mentioned this last week, but I love how there are no cars on the highway. Take a look at this screenshot:

No adults, no cars, nothing but super high school kids with magical powers! World-building at its best, people. No, I’m not saying that an animation is made because there are no cars in a scene. But it’s still heartbreaking. This world seems fake and artificial.

– In any case, the children are now safe. But they don’t seem embarrassed in the least. No one is even drafted. It’s like, “Mom, another day.” Instead, Mayumi is already praising. You’re awesome, Jumanji! You’re amazing, Miyuki! We’re all a bunch of strong, independent high school kids and we don’t need an adult! Yes, we eat each other. Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the magic sequence: “…I can choose that magic sequence because Mrs. Ichihara used a slow spell to stop the bus.” Dude, the car hit the bus and killed you. How can this near-death experience not surprise you? I know Tatsuya is a soulless robot, but I don’t know if you are soulless anymore. These characters do not feel human.

– Yes, but don’t forget to praise Tatsuya! Those silly early years were close to making their magic happen, but a certain person canceled their entire magic streak. Marie wondered who it could be, but come on.

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Oh yeah baby give me more! But seriously, there’s never a scene where Tatsuya isn’t the main hero in some way. This is very sad.

– Takaki (I think) says “All this Bloom/Weed nonsense… If it’s not the entrance exam results what are they based on?” Shit, I should have told you, I’m not even Gary Stowe.

– Tatsuya explains that magic was involved in the accident. Not only that, the driver put his life in danger and tried to endanger the lives of the students. Miyuki thinks this is cowardice, and Tatsuya replies, “Well, criminals and terrorists are cowards.” I thought he was going to say something like terrorists are cowards for attacking innocent civilians, but no. According to Tatsuya, terrorists seem scary for an entirely different reason: “Those who give orders rarely risk their lives.” Well, if leaders are so important to the cause, wouldn’t it be foolish to risk it? Come on Gary Stowe, use your brain.

How inappropriate! You may be fully clothed, but your hands are empty! Your breasts are huge under that top! Are you trying to make my brother have four eyes?! No, seriously, Miyuki is really biased about it, “It’s very fashionable and you’re beautiful, but I don’t think it’s appropriate.” Ah~! You know all this because of the girl’s breasts. So great, we now have body damage in this anime too!

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Erika says that she doesn’t like it when people are prejudiced against her because she is Chiba. At the same time, he uses his last name to get privileges like being able to stay in this military hotel…a hotel that most people wouldn’t normally stay in…like. People are loyal to her because she is Chiba. ….

– There is a party tonight, but foreigners cannot attend. But Erica is disguised as a server. It’s really just a crazy excuse to see a girl in this dress. It’s not very smart either. However, Miyuki has no problem with Erika’s current arrangement.

– Miyuki: “Honestly, [Tatsuya] never liked superficial things like the girl wears.” Yes, he only cares about what’s inside, only about the girl’s DNA. In addition, the more chromosomes, the better!

– Tatsuya has to order Miyuki to befriend the rest of her team. She has even been praised for: “What a mature way to handle it.” However, he is his sister’s keeper. If he hadn’t said anything, he would have made love to her all night. How beautiful is the relationship between these two brothers and sisters? It’s not scary or unhealthy in the least.

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– Nothing happened after the incident on the highway. I’m sitting here watching these crazy students hang out in the cafeteria talking about weird things. Wow… world building at its finest, right?

– When Erika is alone with Tatsuya, she tries to spill her courage on him. She obviously didn’t come here because she wanted to. Instead, her parents forced her hand. Still, our Gary Stowe says, “I don’t bother. Because even if I did, there’s nothing I could do.” Who says what should be done about it? Sometimes people just want to quit. Sometimes people want to share their feelings. Then again, I hope not. , a robot will understand something as basic as human daily interaction. But even sociopaths seem genuine on the surface despite being unable to empathize with the people around them.

– Erica: “You’re cool, aren’t you?” Come on, every material body in the universe has blackbody radiation, so it’s not like it’s completely heatless! No, you’re right: he’s totally cool. Besides, we can still use it

An opportunity to praise Gary Stowe: “But thank you, you’re great…” Really? Please tell. Try to forgive me. keep going. “You’re not very careful, so I can say anything,” I hear. Awesome logic! The best healer in the world is really a rock. You are just wasting money with this charlotte. Erica continues, “Because you have no mercy, I don’t have to forgive…thank you!” Ah, Stockholm syndrome is a cruel drug.

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– But while Miyuki stares at her onchan, Masaki, the third middle school nerd we met a few episodes ago, stares at her.

. His friend says, “Well, that’s unusual. To show interest in a girl, Musky!”

Oh yes, what do you want to say there!… No, nothing happens. I’m trying to make it funny, but this episode of this crap anime is worse than you can imagine. damn it.

– Some presidents will come to address the students. There is no white in the director’s eye.

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Well then… oh yeah, he even tries to pull some tricks on the students, but our Gary Stowe can totally see through it. of course You cannot steal this robot. Reiss also realizes this as he bows to Tatsuya. i see boy

– Then the director says: If I were a terrorist and dropped poison or a bomb on you, only five of you would do everything to stop me. First, they don’t bus kids, they put them at risk. Finally, as the children arrive at their destination and try to relax at a nice little banquet, the president walks up, completely “killing” their horses because they aren’t that great. As our own Gary Stowe: “You’ve somehow been fooled by this weak illusion, so you haven’t seen me.” How do you relax! how

You are? You may be partying, but you should always be on your toes! I can kill you now, you idiots!

– Chairman: “You should never give up on your efforts to improve your magical abilities.” It’s a wedding! It’s like hiding under my son’s bed and surprising him with a gun when he finally falls asleep. Oh, what a weak trick that was, boy! Give up your dream! You should be dead!

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– Honka is bullied by a classmate. He asks

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