Why Is Honolulu The Capital Of Hawaii

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Why Is Honolulu The Capital Of Hawaii

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Honolulu Capital and major port of Hawaii, USA, seat of Honolulu District. A modern city, it stretches about 10 miles (16 km) along the southeast coast of Oahu and 4 miles (6 km) inland on the plain at the foot of the Koolau Range. It is the crossroads of trans-Pacific shipping and airways, the service centers of the islands, and the state’s center of commerce and industry. The city-district (1,545 square kilometer area) includes all of Oahu and several outlying islands, which total about 3 square miles (8 km2) in area but are more than 1,300 miles long. (2,100 km) and forms the National Wildlife Refuge of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. It is administered as a single division and accounts for 80 percent of the region’s population.

A Hawaiian legend dates back to 1100 at Honolulu (meaning “sheltered bay”). Neglected by Captain James Cook and other early explorers, a rocky harbor on Nuwanu Creek and a sheltered harbor on Sand Island were entered by Captain William Brown. In the year 1794. After 1820, Honolulu assumed the first importance in the islands and became a base for sandal traders and whalers. A Russian fleet arrived in 1816, and the port was later captured by the British (1843) and the French (1849), but was returned to King Kamehameha III, who on August 31, 1850 officially proclaimed Honolulu as the capital and capital of the province. Government (Honolulu has been the capital since 1845). In December 1941, the city and naval complex near Pearl Harbor were attacked by Japanese air raids. Honolulu became an important stage for the rest of World War II, a position it held until the end of the Korean War and the Indochina (Vietnam) conflict in 1973. Military spending is still an important source of income. .

The port serves many factories in the city, including pineapple canneries, sugar factories, garment factories, and steel, aluminum, oil, cement, and dairy factories. The international airport is one of the busiest in the United States, while nearby Waikiki – whose beach is lined with luxury hotels and has an aquarium, a zoo and a vibrant international market for the Pacific Rim – is a major tourist destination.

Honolulu is the educational center of the state, home of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Valley (1907) with the East-West Center (established in 1960 for technical and cultural exchanges). Chaminade University (1955); Hawaii Pacific University (1953); Honolulu (1920) and Kapi’olani (1965) community colleges; and the Kamehameha Schools (1887) for children of Hawaiian origin. The Bishop Museum (1889) had Polynesian collections, and the Honolulu Academy of Art (1927), considered the cultural center of Hawaii, supported a variety of programs. Punchbowl, a 2,000-foot (600 m) wide 1-mile (2 km) gorge in the center, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific contains approximately 24,000 World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War graves . dead

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The focus of the civic center of Honolulu is Iolani Castle (completed 1882); It is now a museum, but served as the legislative seat until it was replaced by the new state capitol nearby. Within a two-block radius of the castle are several historic buildings, including the Kawaiahao Church (1841) and early mission houses, built in the 1820s by the first mission settlers from logs brought from Boston around Cape Horn. The Hawaii Library and Honolulu Hale (City Hall) are also nearby. Famous people born in Honolulu include Queen Liliuokalani (b. 1838), US Senator Daniel Inouye (1924), singer and actress Betty Miller (1945), President Barack Obama (1961), actress Nicole Kidman (1967), actor Jason Momoa (1979) ). ). ) are included. ), and Singer (1979) 1985) Honolulu is one of the most famous cities of the planet. Even those who have never visited the city know its name. It is the capital of the US state of Hawaii and one of the most populated areas. 80% of the inhabitants of Hawaii live in Honolulu District. Both the county and the city are named Honolulu because they are incorporated and administered as one entity on the island of Oahu. The name is translated

It is represented in the tranquility of the area and the polite lifestyle of its people. Honolulu dates back to the 12th century and has experienced important events such as the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is now considered a transportation hub and route connecting the state of Hawaii to other states and islands.

City view of Honolulu city and Waikiki beach with blue ocean and sunset sky reflecting light from Ualaka’a Lookout on Mount Tantalus in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Honolulu is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, about 10 miles off the island’s southeast coast. It reaches a depth of approximately 4 miles in the plains of Owa to the foot of the Colo. Honolulu is considered to be the farthest point of the Americas, the nearest point is Point Arena Lighthouse in Northern California at a distance of 3,787 km. Several volcanic structures represent one of the city’s landforms. Diamond Head, Coco Crater, Salt Lake, Aliamanu and Punchbowl Crater are the most famous. The city’s narrow and flat coastal plain is characterized by industrial and commercial developments, while the inland valleys and valleys contain Honolulu’s diverse residential areas. Downtown is the main financial and government area, Kakaako is a small industrial district, and Waikiki is a tourist district featuring Waikiki Beach. Historic Pearl Harbor is located in the Ewa district of the city. All these places attract millions of people every year. Tourists can enjoy beautiful natural places with historical monuments or water and outdoor activities.

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The climate of Honolulu is semiarid tropical, with dry summers. This means that it is warm all year round mainly due to the rain shadow effect and the Pacific Ocean. Average high temperature varies from 27 °C to 32 °C, average low temperature varies from 18 °C to 24 °C. The city receives an average of 16.41 inches of rain.

The first settlers of the islands were Polynesian and Marquesan explorers between 500 and 1000 AD. Then, in the 12th century, Tahitian immigrants settled in the area; Then it could be a Spanish sailor named Juan Gaetano. The first real overseas trip was made in 1778 by Captain James Cook, one of the most remarkable explorers of the 18th century. After discovering several islands to the north, he named them the Sandwich Islands after John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. In 1794, another research ship sailed from England, commanded by Captain William Brown. He anchored his ships in what is now Honolulu Harbor. This made the port a hub for shipping between Asia and North America, which led to the arrival of other ships. The famous Hawaiian king Kamehameha I conquered Oahu in 1804 and made Waikiki his capital. He then moved to Honolulu in 1809. What was once the administrative center is now the center of the city. Kamehameha III was another famous local king who made Honolulu his permanent capital. Other kings followed and modernized the city and the area became a commercial center in the islands. The period between the 19th and early 20th centuries saw the catastrophic decline of the Hawaiian monarchy. In the year February 22, 1900, the United States annexed Hawaii and declared it an American territory until 1959. The Second World War did not bring more tragedy to the city. Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Air Force, causing extensive damage.

According to the latest 2020 US Census, the total population of Honolulu is 343,302. The entire district had a population of 1,016,508. The racial makeup was 53.2% Asian, 18.4% white, 7% Native Hawaiian, 2% black, 18.4% more than two races, and approximately 1% Native American. Official languages ​​are Hawaiian and English. Hawaii is required on official government business. The common language used for other formal business is Hawaiian English. English is the most used language at 73%. Other languages ​​spoken include Tagalog, Japanese and Chinese. The main religion in Honolulu is Christianity, with more than 68% of the population identifying as such. Buddhism, Shinto and Tao are other popular religions.

The union of Hawaii with the American territories caused economic growth with Honolulu.

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