Why Does Siri Say The World Will End On January 2038

Why Does Siri Say The World Will End On January 2038 – When do employees listen to information or provide quality control for Apple’s Siri voice assistant? Image: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Apple contractors often listen in on confidential medical information, drug transactions, and sexual partner records. which is part of the quality control or “Rating” work, studied by the company’s Siri voice assistant, Guardian.

Why Does Siri Say The World Will End On January 2038

Although Apple doesn’t make it clear in its consumer privacy documents, a small portion of Siri recordings are passed on to contractors working for the company around the world. They were tasked with assessing their answers based on a variety of factors, including intentional or unintentional activation of the voice assistant, a question Siri can help with. And are Siri’s responses appropriate?

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Apple says the information is “Used to help Siri and Dictation… understand you better and remember what you say.”

However, the company did not clearly explain that the work was carried out by someone who listened to the recording under that pseudonym.

Apple told the Guardian that “a small portion of Siri requests are analyzed to improve Siri and dictation. User requests are not associated with the user’s Apple ID. Siri responses are analyzed in a secure location. and all reviewers are responsible for complying with Apple’s strict confidentiality requirements.” The company added that a very small random subset, less than 1% of daily Siri activations, is used to provide the score. And the subset used is usually only a few seconds long.

Whistleblowers working with the company asked to remain anonymous for fear of their jobs. expressed concern over this lack of disclosure. Especially considering how often they are accidentally activated to extract highly sensitive personal information.

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Siri can be activated accidentally when it hears the “wake word”, namely the phrase “Hey Siri”. The mistake was understandable – a BBC interview on Syria was interrupted by an aide last year. Then – or less. “The sound of a lightning strike is often heard as the trigger,” said the contractor. The service can also be activated in other ways, for example if the Apple Watch detects it has been removed and hears speech, Siri will be activated automatically.

The reporter said, “It was recorded that there were a number of incidents of private discussions between doctors and patients. business deals Contacts that appear to be criminal These recordings include information about the user’s location. Contact details and application data”

The attached information can be used to verify that the request has been successfully processed. In a privacy document, Apple says that Siri data is “not linked to any other information that Apple may obtain from your use of other Apple services.” There is no name or unique identifier attached to the record. And no individual recording can be easily linked to another recording.

Accidental activation exposes some of the most sensitive data sent to Apple. Although Siri is integrated into most Apple devices, the contractor emphasized that the company’s Apple Watch and HomePod smart speakers are the most sensitive registration sources. Most common mistakes “The regularity of incidental stimulation on watches is very high,” they said. “The watch is capable of recording some 30-second samples, which isn’t very long. But you can get a good idea of ​​what’s going on.”

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Sometimes “you will hear doctors and patients talking about the patient’s medical history. Or you can listen to someone. There may be noise from the car engine. You can’t say for sure. But that’s cool…you’ll definitely hear it happen. And you’ll hear, for example, of people inadvertently engaging in sexual acts recorded on pods or watches.”

The contractor said employees are encouraged to report accidental activations. “It was just a technical issue,” with no specific procedures for handling sensitive recordings. “We are driven to achieve our goals and complete the work as quickly as possible. The only function to report what you hear appears to be a technical issue. Nothing about reporting content.”

Aside from the discomfort they felt hearing such private information, contractors said they were motivated to make their work public. for fear that the information could be misused. “There’s not much filtering into who works there. And the amount of information we’re free to investigate seems quite large. It’s not difficult to identify the people you’re listening to. This is especially true when there are random causes such as addresses, names, etc.

“Apple subcontracts. and have high commercial value This does not mean that people are motivated to consider or even consider other people’s privacy. If someone has bad intentions It is not difficult to identify them. [Recorded people]”

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Contractors argue that Apple should disclose to users that they are being monitored by humans. And specifically, stop posting some of the funniest answers to Siri questions. Ask the personal assistant, “What do you do?” “Were you listening the whole time?” and the personal assistant replies, “Were you listening the whole time?” “I only listen when you talk to me.”

This is clearly wrong. Contractors say they claim that the involuntary stimulation occurs too frequently to elicit a pleasurable response.

Apple isn’t alone in setting up human voice assistant automation. In April, Amazon was found to be hiring employees to listen to Alexa recordings, and earlier this month, Google employees were found to be doing the same with Google Assistant.

However, Apple differs from these companies in several ways. First, Amazon and Google allow users to opt out of some of their recordings. Apple doesn’t have a similar option to disable Siri completely, according to Counterpoint Research. It found that Apple controls 35% of the smartwatch market, more than three times as much as its closest competitor, Samsung, and more than its next six largest rivals combined.

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The company takes its users’ privacy reputation very seriously. They regularly use that reputation as an advantage to compete with Google and Amazon. In January, the company bought a billboard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that stated, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” Until the inanimate robots disappeared, Siri had a sense of humor. Awesome Ask him when the world will end. Or do you follow the Three Rules of Robotics? And you’ll find some fun answers. Hell, he even gets people to say “OK Google” and “OK Glass” to his face quickly.

Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask him about 9/11, as hundreds of people in Regina found out this weekend.

In a two-hour period Sunday morning, Regina’s 911 call center received 114 calls, according to the city’s police department. All this happened as rumors began to spread on sites like Twitter and Tumblr, stating that Siri actually had comedic answers to questions about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Apple’s personal assistant simply called 911. This surprised many people. People who hang up when Siri starts calling 911 for them.

The problem is that the law requires 911 operators to call back people who hang up before they can talk. Of course, they need to make some phone calls.

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This resulted in the city’s emergency services being halted for hours as they tried to spot any fake calls. forced the Regina Police Department to issue a statement asking the public to “Be good citizens and don’t ask Siri about 9/11.” Apple now has three built-in commands that involve reciting Harry Potter spells in real-time. The magic of life happens on your phone.

You can use Siri to easily activate certain functions on your phone. You can add your own commands.

Here’s how to make sure Siri is set up in the most convenient way. Before you can start using this magic command

To make sure that Hey Siri is enabled, go to Settings, then select Siri & Search, and enable Listen for “Hey Siri.”

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Additionally, you can choose to press the side button. (or Home button) for Siri for a long press shortcut But Press won’t work with the three built-in Siri commands. But this only applies to commands you create.

If you go into settings Then go to Accessibility, then Siri. You can also change the long press shortcut to use Tips for Siri so you don’t have to say the spelling. Again, this only works with commands you create yourself.

In the accessibility options you can also choose to always listen for “Hey Siri” for the “spell” to work when your iPhone is facing down or closed.

There are also other ideas. There are many more you can use. Courtesy of Gadget Hacks, all you have to do is open the Shortucs app and set the following commands:

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You can set as many commands as you want in the shortcut. So if you think of a better idea, you can continue making as many orders as you want.

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