Why Do People Say Saesang When Its Sasaeng

Why Do People Say Saesang When Its Sasaeng – Being an idol can have many benefits, such as fame, but it also has negative effects, including obsessive fans that invade their privacy.

As we all know, idol groups are plagued by illegitimate fans who stalk their idols everywhere and invade their privacy. Unfortunately, these obsessive fans tend to become popular.

Why Do People Say Saesang When Its Sasaeng

Recently, Stray Kids member Seungmin expressed his condolences to fans through Lysn Messenger. Seungmin said, “

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Who is this bastard before he invades our privacy at our dorm door…? The company’s bodyguards, many people suffer, including staff and even residents. I’m sorry, but a lot of people who stayed behind and cheered us on saw this. “

After Seungmin expressed his feelings on the messaging app, many Stray Kids fans shared his message on social media such as Twitter. These fans expressed their anger towards the sasaeng for causing trouble for the idol group.

JYPE vows to take strong action against Nayeon’s 600 million won debt lawsuit filed for speculative defamation and insult.

BLACKPINK’s LISA will be the first K-pop artist to be hailed as a cultural icon in the “Asia Hall of Fame” BTS has millions of fans, but unfortunately some of them are sasaeng (stalkers) who have invaded their space. Take photos with intent and even sell their personal information. Here are 8 over-the-top encounters with sasaeng.

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This encounter is particularly unsettling because Suga knows how much he values ​​his space and gets nervous in crowds.

How many times did this Saesang have to tell him to ‘respect his personal space’ when Yoongi followed him and tried to kiss him hard. Thanks to the guards for stopping him @BTS_twt #BTS #SUGA pic.twitter.com/ Gz26p7ZG9v — ddaeng⁷ ◡̈ BTS 💜 (@outroyongis) January 23, 2019 See you soon

While filming in Sweden, BTS went out to eat at a cafe, not knowing what to expect. When an employee found sasaeng fans waiting, he asked them to leave. They pretended to leave the place, but the members followed BTS as soon as they left the cafe.

Unfortunately, overcrowding is a common phenomenon at airports. Due to their large number of fans, ARMYs often get to be in close contact with their members, but in 2015, this was no coincidence for BTS.

What Is A Sasaeng? Here’s A Guide To South Korea’s Toxic Fan Culture

At an Indonesian airport, enthusiastic “fans” waved personal items and members of BTS. Jungkook in particular had trouble escaping as ARMYS yelled at the sasaengs to leave.

This “fan” has captured BTS’s private life many times and is known to wear flashy clothes to attract members’ attention and engage in direct conversations with them.

After wearing this outfit and accompanying BTS at Incheon International Airport, fans nicknamed her “Pantsless Girl” or “Pantsless Sasaeng”. (FYI, she wore hot pants and no pants, but the name still stands.)

Sasaeng tried to pretend to follow the BTS member through the gate, but the actual staff pushed him aside.

Fans Trend #protectchenle After Sasaeng Shares Disturbing Posts About Nct’s Chenle

According to fans, her name is Lu Yao and she was blacklisted by Big Hit Entertainment for her illegal behavior.

A sasaeng named LChan often disturbs Suga by taking pictures in his spare time. She then posted a photo on Instagram showing off her slutty moves.

Suga grabbed LCchan and even raised his phone to warn her, but she refused.

Although LChan’s Instagram account @blacklchan39 has been deleted. She may have opened a new account with a different username.

When K Pop Fans Become ‘sasaeng’ Fans

The girl said you hit her, but didn’t you notice she also hit you as a witness? This is a really cool sasaeng instagram account: @/blacklchan39 REPORTING! #사생_OUT_악개_OUT pic.twitter.com/QddmoV5PIl — rej⁷ (@pjmsautumn) January 14, 2019

Too far. A Big Hit Entertainment employee rushed off the plane to chase BTS after a group of sasaengs landed. V once expressed that he really dislikes flying. Be careful if members sit near sasaeng meals instead of relaxing.

The staff wanted to remove the video so I posted the video on the staff Instagram and reposted it. These are sasaeng fans who were on the same plane as bts. After the plane landed, they quickly got off the bus… pic.twitter.com/bEc6D3otSk — 🌙☁️ (@myalogue) November 25, 2018

An ordinary person suddenly gets news from Jimin’s illegitimate child, he thinks he has Jimin’s phone number. In at least one email, the spammer threatened to harm himself if Jimin didn’t respond. There are countless examples of idols being shocked by sasaeng fans. Who are these illegitimate children?

Sm Entertainment Releases A Statement About The Sasaeng Fan Who Trespassed Into Haechan’s House And Gives A Stern Warning To Others

Every K-pop idol fan wants to be noticed by their favorite artist. However, some fans took it a little too far. The Korean word “sasaenghwal” means privacy. “Isasaeng fans” comes from this term, which refers to fans who meddle in celebrities’ private lives. The age range of sasaeng fans is not limited to teenage girls or boys, but can actually extend to adults with day jobs and families. immediately. Invasion of privacy related to sasaeng fans; extremism, a sense of danger and violation.

The main purpose or goal that sasaeng fans do is to remember the unforgettable people in their idol’s life. In large part, these sasaeng fans are quite successful in this endeavor because they are afraid of harming these idols. The worst illegitimacy included poisoning of idols, slapping and hair pulling included attempted theft. Some even break into the idols’ dormitories and steal their underwear, even taking out used underwear from bags on the doorstep or from their closets. They derive sadistic pleasure from seeing their idols suffer discomfort as a result of their actions. Some sasaeng fans even spend thousands of dollars a day hiring private taxis to follow their idols. They even find work in web portals or phone shops to get secret contact information of idols and track their activities.

One particularly terrifying incident that happened to sasaeng fans who follow their idols was that they discovered JYJ’s Jaejoong in a Korean sauna and took pictures of them kissing before sleeping. The Sasaeng fan even bragged about it on an online forum. In 2011, during a performance by Girls’ Generation at the Angel Price Music Festival held at Lotte World, a fashionable fan ran onto the stage during the performance of “Run Devil Run” and almost pulled Taeyeon off the stage. Luckily, he realized this and stopped the man in time. In 2006, TVXQ’s Yuzhi was given orange juice by an employee. He happily drank the drink, but after finishing it, he coughed up blood and passed out. It later emerged that the employee was actually an anti-hunger enthusiast who had added industrial superglue to the orange juice. The poisoning was so severe that Yu knew he was hospitalized for several days. However, injuries continue to plague him to this day. There have been many cases where BTS members have been attacked in airports, in restrooms, and even on their days off. J-Hope’s younger sister has been criticized by sasaeng fans for her close relationship with the BTS member. There were even reports of some fans sneaking into BTS’ hotel rooms.

Overall, sasaeng fans are clearly endlessly obsessive and dangerous, and despite the lack of strict laws prohibiting this behavior, sasaeng fans are inadvertently limiting their freedom to exist. It is no longer legal. Idols and celebrities are people too, and they should live their own lives and develop their own careers in peace.

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Latest Bollywood News Telugu News Only For Entertainment Gossip For Movie Reviews Etc Follow Website And YouTube Channel Or Twitter Facebook Go To Our Social Media Platforms Like Instagram. We have many types of variants. Consider “idol culture”. Having unhealthy attachments. It feels so good to be a fan. Your artists are not only inspired, they can literally light up your life and make you a happier person. To support them, you buy albums, have MVs aired, go to concerts and meet and greets. It’s all amazing and really shows your love and respect for the artist. But for others, these so-called fans take their love to the other extreme. These types of “fans” are called sasaeng.

The K-pop industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, especially in the past year and a half.

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