Why Do People From Britain Call A Bathroom The Loo

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Why Do People From Britain Call A Bathroom The Loo

If you live in America and ask where the blind are, chances are you’ll be met with funny, confused looks. Where is the toilet if you ask? It appears a little too uncomfortable. First, we all have different ways of requesting favors.

This Is Why We Shouldn’t Take Our Phone To The Loo With Us

In America, a toilet is called a bathroom. In fact, using the word toilet is considered somewhat bad form. But where does that word come from? This begs the question, why is this so special to us Brits?

There are many theories about the origin of this strange word for the toilet we use in Britain. The most common reason we use the word lo is because it sounds like “gardiloo!” It derives from the declaration. It comes from the French expression “regardez l’eau” which literally translates to “beware of water”. In the Middle Ages servants shouted this as they poured their chamber pots into the street. This is very good, because it is often done from the upper windows of the building.

But although this explanation is convenient, it is not correct. The term “Gardiloo” seems to have fallen out of use a long time ago.

Another word of French origin, it comes from “le liu”, meaning “the place”, and is used as a euphemism for going to the toilet. But again, the evidence for this is sketchy at best. This can also be the case with people who work earlier. Find the description and try to match it.

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Another common explanation is that it comes from the word “Waterloo”, which was written on many outdoor swimming pools in the early 20th century. This seems tentatively plausible, but again there is no clear evidence. It may go back to a specific incident with one or more people named Louie, but we don’t know.

There seems to be no clear explanation as to where the word comes from. Sometimes it makes the words catchy. The term appeared somewhere, but no record was kept, leaving a puzzle to solve.

The word toilet should be mysterious. This is absolutely true; But this is not something we really want. As they themselves go on the field.

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The throne John. donkey A large white telephone. There are endless ways to display a prominent balloon at home, in any office or public place. There are equally colorful ways to explain how to use a tool, from answering the call of nature to blowing up a bladder and going to see a person about a horse.

All the ways people have developed to talk about bathrooms and what goes on in them; Most of us have shown that we can handle our business well and respect other users wonderfully. Unless you’re a hermit living in a remote mountain cave. You will have to share a bathroom with other people from time to time. Proper bathroom etiquette is part of being a member of society. Follow some simple rules; You can make the experience of calming down easy and pleasant. Or at least a little less for everyone involved.

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Good chair work is a two-step process. If you are standing while using the toilet, raise the seat before releasing the power and lower the seat after you are finished.

How a person handles the toilet seat is not only dirty; It is a window into the human mind. Like the man who gets up from the sofa after drying his main vein, leaves clean clothes in the dryer, and uses his Bluetooth device when he needs it or when he doesn’t. In other words, he must not believe.

Good chair work is a two-step process. If you stand up while using the toilet, lift the seat before flushing and put the seat back when you’re done. This technology serves two purposes: it prevents accidental splashing of the seat and prevents the next user from falling into it.

As with most rules, there are some exceptions. Requests to change plans in cases where men’s toilets are exclusively used. Every time I use the john I lift up the chair. Instead of multiplying sleep, your more lazy friend; Take the chance when a colleague or roommate forgets to leave a mark and move on. sit down Don’t get used to it.

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No matter how many times I tell you that simple decency doesn’t work, some people won’t lift the toilet seat to relieve themselves. If at least you can’t help your bathing brothers before you pee. Then the least you can do is make sure the seat is dry.

Think of it as a game. Your goal is to hit the target directly, and jump over a drop from the edge. Congratulations if you win. If urination accuracy were an Olympic sport, you would undoubtedly be at the top of the list of potential contenders. If you lose, your punishment is to clean up your mess. Yes, you can avoid this problem by lifting the seat before starting the target size.

Women who choose to sit on the seat for a while should do a quick dust check after they’re done to keep moisture and bacteria out. Both sexes should wipe the seat with some TP if there are any stains.

Think about your phone picking up germs while you talk on the toilet – not to mention the risk of dropping it.

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“Use your words” is one of those phrases that comes up as advice to people who don’t say how they feel, but express themselves through physical actions like hitting and biting. (This includes kids and soccer games.) This is generally a solid approach and reduces stress in many other settings, not just on the playground and at the table. A shared or shared bathroom is not one of these settings.

If someone forgets to put the seat down and you can’t call for help, hold the phone until the job is done. You don’t want to overhear your neighbor gossiping about you in the next store while you order meals or sit down. And the person on the other end of the line won’t hear you or your neighbor flushing the toilet. That’s not the mental picture they want when they talk to you. This brings us to another item on our list.

Think of the toilet as a sanctuary. For many people, it is one of the few places where they can take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. For others, it is a place to take care of the most essential and purely personal matters. Both groups would like you to please check the conversation at the door.

This applies especially in the urinary tract. Stupid thoughts don’t start running through your head just because you’re standing next to someone and staring at a blank wall in front of you. However stressed the title, it is not a place of business. First, you never know who else is behind a closed stable door. If you’re the one in the cage,

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