Why Do People Add Cito To A Lot Of Spanish Words

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People often use the diminutive form in informal conversations between friends, but it can also be used in formal conversations, depending on the context.

Why Do People Add Cito To A Lot Of Spanish Words

A minute…. instead of minuto En cinco minuticos llego… (I’ll be there in 5 minutes) Cafecito (or tintico)… instead of cafe (or tinto) ¿Vamos por un cafecito? (Can we go for coffee?) ¿Le puedo ofrecer un tintico? (Can I buy you a coffee?) Dianita, Carlitos, Andreita… instead of Diana, Carlos, Andrea Hola Carlitos, ¿Ómo vas? (Hi Carlos, how are you?

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The closest equivalent in English would be adding a “y” to the end of a word or adding a “little” to the beginning of a word.

Basically, diminutives can be used for anything; depends on how people talk. However, it is better not to abuse them in one sentence.

Diminutives are formed by adding the following suffixes to the end of the word depending on the gender and grammatical rules explained below.

You can also look for the suffix –ecito or –ecita and you may find cases where some changes need to be made. See the examples at the end of this section.

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1. If the word ends in O or A, drop the last vowel and change it to –ito or –ita

1. For all monosyllabic words (pronounced with one sound) their diminutive form will be built with -ecito or -ecita

2. The same rule applies to words ending in two vowels together, such as io, ia, ie, &c.

If words end in -GA, -GO -GUA, , you should add U after G for a smooth transition and correct pronunciation at the end, then add -ito or -ita at the end

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With time and a little practice, casual conversation will come more naturally to you. Our best tip for beginners is don’t use too many punctuation marks in one sentence!

If you want to improve your Spanish and learn more about Colombian culture, join our face-to-face or online classes.

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