Why Do Guys Eat Ass

Why Do Guys Eat Ass – Grace, a 23-year-old advertising executive in Boston, recently had a nasty conversation with her mom that she accidentally posted NSFW. Fortunately, things were not as they first appeared.

“I realized twice I misread it and immediately knew it meant something else,” Grace wrote in a DM.

Why Do Guys Eat Ass

Curious, he asked his mother what “donkey-eating season” meant. The mother responded with the simplest answer.

What’s The Funniest Tweet About Eating Ass?

Grace explains that her mother thought “donkey eating season” was a synonym.

“I didn’t say anything, but he shouldn’t have said that, he shouldn’t have been looking for her,” Grace said.

As for the mother, Grace “laughed and said she didn’t mind” when she found out that she was eating donkeys.

Grace tweeted a screenshot of the text, which has since garnered over 30,000 retweets. People on Twitter loved the innocent confusion.

I Eat Ass

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Brian has worked as a culture reporter and online culture service since 2014.

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