Why Did Usopp Leave The Straw Hat Crew During The Water 7 Arc Of The Series One Piece

Why Did Usopp Leave The Straw Hat Crew During The Water 7 Arc Of The Series One Piece – Usopp was born 19 years ago in Syrup Village, the son of Yasopp, a pirate who joined the crew of “Redhead” Shanks and sailed away, leaving his wife and child behind. Usopp starts to lie that the pirates are coming. He first started this practice when he started yelling to his sick mother that pirates were coming, hoping it would give her enough strength to stay alive. After the death of his mother, he continued it only because of the pain of losing both parents in one way or another and alone.

Many villagers chased him and threw things at him as he ran through town, but they were used to his antics. Some villagers even used his daily run to town as a kind of alarm clock. Besides his cries about pirate attacks, he also invented adventure stories to entertain Kaya, a girl he met who was sick and had to stay in bed all day.

Why Did Usopp Leave The Straw Hat Crew During The Water 7 Arc Of The Series One Piece

Usopp calls himself a pirate and takes the three younger sons, Ninjin, Tamanegi and Piiman, as his “crew”, which he calls “Usopp’s Pirates”.

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The Straw Hat Pirates stop at the village of Syrup and search for the ship. Overjoyed that the real pirates had arrived, Usopp greeted them with a clever design to fool the pirates into believing he was the commander of his own massive pirate fleet. The ruse fails and Luffy and friends continue to Syrup Village unhindered. Usopp quickly becomes friends with the Straw Hats when Luffy discovers that he is the son of Yasopp, one of the pirates on Shank’s crew.

Later, Usopp overhears a conversation between a pirate named Jango and his captain Kuro, who has been posing as Kaya’s guardian for three years in order to inherit her wealth. He planned to kill her without anyone suspecting that he was behind it.

Kuro allowed Usopp to escape because no one believed him as he lied to the townspeople every day, which was proven when the villagers didn’t believe Usopp’s warnings.

When she tried to warn Kaya, she thought Usopp was trying to kidnap her. Armed with a gun, Merry chased him away. Usopp then lies to his men to protect them from harm. However, the Straw Hat Pirates were aware of the situation and decided to help Usopp and Kaya and prepared to set a trap.

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This was a miscalculation of the Black Cat Pirates’ landing area as Usopp assumed that the place where Kuro met Jango was the arrival point, not knowing that the real landing site was on another beach. This leads to Usopp and Nami fighting the pirates alone at first while Luffy gets lost and Zoro gets hit by Nami and an oil painting they put down earlier when Nami realizes that the Pirate landing point is if where are their fleets and their wealth.

Jango hypnotizes the crew to increase their powers, but accidentally hypnotizes Luffy with them. Jango is forced to hypnotize Luffy back to sleep, but accidentally knocks the crew over due to the ship’s mast holding Luffy while he falls asleep.

The swordsman stopped Usopp from helping him by hitting his Guiding Star to keep him out of the fight. Kuro arrives, terrified as the children beat up the Black Cat Pirates, and gives his crew five minutes before killing them all.

Kaya later intervenes after hearing the truth from Merry after Kuro almost kills her. He kept Kuro in his sight, trying to remind him of the happy times they had. However, Kuro reveals that he never cared for her. All he wants is money and he’s just waiting for the day he can kill her, causing Kaya to be shocked by the gun. Usopp tries to attack Kuro to defend Kaya, but Kuro seriously injures Usopp in retaliation. Kuro is then attacked by Usopp’s men when they arrive, but Kuro easily deflects their attack. Usopp later orders his men to take Kaya and escape, and the three take Kaya into the forest. Kuro followed Jango.

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Usopp then decided that the news of a real pirate attack would greatly devastate the villages and affect their peace of mind, as pirates don’t usually come to a remote village. So he orders everyone to keep it a secret, to which Kaya and her team agree. Thanks to the Straw Hats, Usopp gains the confidence to disband his fake pirate crew and set sail as the real pirate himself. However, Luffy invited him to join the Straw Hats. With a new crew and a new ship from Kaya, the Going Merry, the Straw Hat Pirates leave Syrup Village and continue their journey along the Great Line.

The crew meets Johnny and Yosaku, Zoro’s former bounty hunter, and they go to the Baratie Restaurant to find the chef.

After Baratie is injured, Luffy starts working as a waiter to pay for the damage he caused to Zeff, the owner.

Gin, a crew member of the famous Don Krieg, returns to Baratie with his equally hungry captain, who is once again fed by Sanji.

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However, Krieg betrays the Chief when he regains his strength and attacks Baratie, despite the Chief’s efforts to stop him.

Here it is revealed that Chief Zeff is a great pirate known as “Red Leg” Zeff who traveled the Great Line for a year.

Gin explains the disaster that Krieg’s fleet experienced on the Grand Line when they encountered “Hawk-Eyes” Mihawk and Krieg tried to take control of the Baratie. Mihawk arrives to finish the job on the Krieg Pirates,

However, Zoro challenges him to a duel to achieve his dream. Unfortunately, he suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of a swordsman.

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Mihawk leaves after defeating Zoro, allowing Krieg to continue his raid on Baratie. Meanwhile, Johnny and Yosaku, along with Usopp and an injured Zoro, chase after Nami, who has stolen the Going Merry.

Moments after Yosaku left to inform Luffy of Nami’s destination, Usopp, Zoro and Johnny arrived at the island Nami had gone to. When they get close to the island, they tie Zoro up to prevent him from attacking the fishermen, who are said to be 10 times stronger than humans. When they reached the shore, they noticed three fishermen. Usopp and Johnny quickly left the ship, leaving Zoro defenseless. While taking Zoro to Arlong, Usopp encounters another fish man and is quickly defeated by the woman. When Usopp wakes up in his home, he informs him that Nami is a member of Arlong’s crew and has been deceiving him all along.

Soon a group of fishermen led by Arlong arrived in the village of Cocoyasi. Arlong informs the villagers that he has come for illegal gun possession. He tells them that Genzo has been found guilty and will die as an example to the villagers to never challenge his kingdom.

Usopp intervened and fired an explosive shot into Arlong’s face to distract him from hurting the old man. Usopp soon finds himself in hot pursuit as the fishermen begin chasing Usopp around town for his disrespect to their leader.

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When he was introduced to Arlong, Usopp asked Nami for help. This leads to more questions about Nami’s loyalty as she has a similar experience saving Zoro. Nami tries to prove her loyalty to the Arlong pirates by killing Usopp. From his perspective, he stabs Usopp and throws him into the sea to die.

After escaping from Arlong’s grasp, Usopp meets Luffy in his group. Then Nojiko came to them and explained Nami’s story. Seeing Nami’s sadness and fear for her village, the Straw Hats head to Arlong Park.

While trying to pull Luffy off the pavement, he accidentally knocks Chew over. Chew, frustrated by this, lunges at Usopp as he flees.

Chew noticed the townspeople and thought to kill them, but was set on fire by Usopp. The sniper informs Chew that he is his enemy, but he runs away again.

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Usopp took a long run, hoping to carry Chew, but to no avail. Instead, he uses ketchup and pretends to hit him, causing Chew to turn back to Arlong Park. Usopp chooses life over fighting and begins to rub himself in the dirt to prove himself that he is fighting. Remembering how big Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji’s lives are on a daily basis and how much Nami needs him, Usopp stands up and yells at Chew that the battle isn’t over yet.

After taking heavy punches and kicks, Usopp overpowered Chew and hid in a nearby group of trees. Chew started knocking down the trees and Usopp screamed in fear and accepted it

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