Why Did Peter Pettigrew Betray Lily And James

Why Did Peter Pettigrew Betray Lily And James – There are many ‘irrational’ things you can say in the literary and cinematic universe; After all, we are talking about the magical world. It is a world where people can teleport by walking into a fireplace with a burning flame. It’s a world where dragons are real, giant spiders talk to giants, and centaurs not only exist but are somehow kind enough not to kill Senior Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton). It’s a reality where a completely crazy person thought Dudley Dursley (Harry Melling) would be released from the books and Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) — yes, it really happened (via.

However, despite the nonsense, a lot of things in Harry Potter don’t make sense based only on the concept of the wizarding world. But there are also things that aren’t based on magic, things about certain characters that don’t quite add up, regardless of whether it involves magic or not. For example, there is something about Peter “Wormtail” Patty Grave (Timothy Spell), a fictitious friend of Harry James’ father, who is actually a servant of the Dark Lord, Voldemort, that is really disturbing and Harry’s credibility. can spoil it. Mentioning Potter’s entire timeline is called into question.

Why Did Peter Pettigrew Betray Lily And James

Fans of the Harry Potter books and movies know that Peter Pettigrew betrayed Lily and James Potter and gave their positions to Voldemort, who in turn came to kill the child Harry based on a prophecy that he or Neville Longbottom would defeat the Force. Will have the power to give. dark lord Wormtail, as he is also known, has long been presumed dead because only his finger was found, part of a conspiracy to fake his death so that the blame for his betrayal would fall on Sirius Black. It made sense – Sirius came from a long line of dark wizards – and it worked; As a result, Harry’s godfather spent years in Azkaban, believed to be Voldemort’s servant. In the book of the third movie, we learn that Wormtail, an animal turned rat, lived with everyone and lived as a pet with the Weasleys.

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But how in the name of Merlin’s beard did Peter Pettigrew ever become a Gryffindor in the first place? The Sorting Hat – described on the Wizarding World’s official website as “one of the cleverest magical objects most wizards and witches will ever encounter” – somehow this treacherous, disloyal and cowardly (symbolic and literally) has succeeded in saving the mouse from a witch. The house appreciates it. “Courage, boldness, sadness and arrogance” despite the fact that he exhibits the exact opposite of these characteristics. Since his primary interest was self-preservation, Wormtail was a natural fit for Slytherin. But if he had gotten to where he belonged, he would probably never have gotten so close to his fellow bandits – James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin – and he would certainly have been in a position to know Lily and James’ location. I wouldn’t have. can submit Betraying them, without which there is no franchise. The math here is a little fuzzy. Although Harry Potter is marketed mainly as a children’s book, it’s not all whimsical magic and mischievous adventures; Books also have a dark side. Voldemort may be the greatest evil the wizarding world has ever known, but he’s not the only character to wreak havoc. There are plenty of other dark wizards and witches out there, but one that surprisingly seems to do the most damage doesn’t immediately spring to mind: Peter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail.

Not only did Pettigrew betray his friends to Voldemort, which directly led to the deaths of James and Lily Potter, but when confronted by Sirius Black and cornered, the cowardly villain had to create a huge distraction to escape, which was death. who was the victim . 12 mints at the same time. In the books, it is said that Wormtail shouted to everyone that Sirius was the one who cheated on the Potters before taking his wand out of his back and kicking a section of the street with a powerful curse, so powerful that As a result, the gutter was left. Drainage pipes are visible.

The massacre became one of the worst in recent wizarding history, as the wizarding authorities accused Sirius of betraying the Potters, landing him in Azkaban for 12 years, where he was tormented by demons. How can anyone do this to friends who have supported them throughout their school life is a moral question. Another question is: How did Pettigrew, a seemingly great magician, cast a spell that caused so much destruction?

Peter Pettigrew was a liar, but how on earth did he kill thirteen muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Still quite impressive from Hariputra

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Many spells are estimated that we have already heard in books, although Avra ​​Kaboom is new …

Comment from discussion Lazy-Adeptness-2343 Comment from discussion “Peter Pettigrew was a good bastard, but how in the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Pretty impressive.”

On a more serious note, this user thinks it could be ray-based or reduction-based spells.

Comments from the discussion from ecrur’s comments “Peter Pettigrew was scum, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Pretty impressive.”

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After seeing Umbridge blow a hole in a brick wall with her spell, many thought that Bombarda Maxima was most likely based on the gutter left on the street.

Discussion Comment Jacob_Nelson’s Discussion Comment “Peter Pettigrew was scum, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Very impressive.”

Discussion Comment B1SQ1T’s Discussion Comment “Peter Pettigrew was a good bastard, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what spell is worth it? Very impressive.”

Many people reminded us that we should not limit ourselves to the mantras that we know only from books. There are many more that Wormtail can use.

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Comment from pizzarat218’s discussion “Peter Pettigrew was a piece of shit, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Pretty impressive.”

Some wonder how a magician with no ordinary skills can accomplish such a feat, although you don’t have to be very clever to destroy, as this user points out.

Comments from the discussion MaeMoe’s comments from the discussion “Peter Pettigrew was fine scum, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Pretty impressive.”

Comment from pran_anak’s discussion “Peter Pettigrew was scum, but how the hell did he kill 13 muggles with one curse, what magic is worth it? Very impressive.”

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Pettigrew is a complex character in the book, who we hate for his cowardice and treachery, but his downfall comes in his reluctance to kill Harry. Harry felt sorry for his father’s old friend and saw how he had been afraid for most of his life. But Pettigrew’s fear led to the death of thirteen others, including Cedric Diggory, and eventually his cowardice led to his own death.

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A ubiquitous and utterly pointless remake of a chilling classic with over 30 unofficial sequels is coming to Netflix next month. Things could have been very different if the Potters hadn’t changed their secret keeper from Sirius to Patty Grave.

“Harry…I’ve killed them too,” he growled. “I convinced Lily and James to switch Peter at the last minute, I convinced them to use him as a confidant instead of me… I’m guilty, I know…” Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban

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It was not Sirius who had betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, but he had convinced them to make Petty Grave their confidant. It’s a choice that will eventually haunt him – so why did Sirius suggest it? We did some research to find out why all this happened.

Being a confidant means using a fidelius spell – ‘the magical concealment of a secret in a living soul’. Such magic was used to hide Lily and James Potter from Voldemort, after which the dark wizard marked the pair as his next prey. Using a secret controller meant the Potters didn’t need one

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