Why Did Cersei Hate Tyrion So Much From Birth

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After nearly a season apart, Jaime and Cersei Lannister reunited in the season six premiere. The King was in Dorne last year trying to save their daughter Myrcella, who had died on their ship, the second time a Lannister child was poisoned.

Why Did Cersei Hate Tyrion So Much From Birth

As Cersei noticed in the first episode, the prophecy – that her three children would die – that was prophesied to her as a child by “Maggie the Frog” – seems to be coming true.

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Although Jaime avoided this nonsense, it comforted the Queen Mother and left her weak and with an empty wine bottle (always).

Quick Summary: Maggie appeared in the first episode of the fifth season during her comeback. In the first episode, the Witcher allowed the young Cersei to ask three questions in exchange for blood.

Next, Lannister asked if she would marry a prince, and Maggie revealed that one day she would marry a “king”. Cersei thought it meant Rhaegar Targaryen, but it turned out to be Robert Baratheon.

Cersei used her second question to confirm that she would be queen one day, and Maggie said yes, but only “for a while” until someone “younger and prettier” took over, which she liked.

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We believe this person is Margaery Tyrell, married to Cersei’s last child Tommen (Margaery is now locked in a cell for Cersei’s sake).

With her third question—the one that concerns us most here—Cersei asked if she would have children. That’s when Maggie reveals that she has three children, and that any one of them could die while Cersei lives:

Unfortunately, in the show, this is where the shine ends. But in the books, the Wicked Witch reveals more.

This is the most interesting part and the viewer will not notice anything. “Valonqar” is High Valyrian for “younger brother,” so the prophecy suggests that one of Cersei’s brothers will strangle her after Tommen’s death.

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This leaves us with two possibilities for Cersei’s killer: Tyrion or Jaime (although Jaime is Cersei’s twin, it is often said that he was born before her). All her life, Cersei hated Tyrion not only for killing her mother in childbirth, but also for the prophecy.

Since Jaime and Cersei are so close, Tyrion seems like the obvious choice: beaten by Cersei all his life and imprisoned by her, he certainly has every reason to want to kill her. ? However, many readers feel that it is too obvious and that Jaime will be her killer in the end.

A few quick things to note: Tyrion is miles away from Mereen, and there’s even a scene in the first game where Peter Dinklage’s character says, “Looks like we’re going back to Westeros soon.” Even if she comes to Earth, everyone in King’s Landing is after her for killing Tywin Lannister, so how is she going to get close to Cersei again?

Remember, the only person who can get close to Cersei is Jaime. As the Queen Mother goes mad with stress and energy (or lack thereof), is it possible that she’s putting Jaime in a position where she has to kill him? For example, when the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen reigned, the reason Jaime betrayed his oath to the king and killed him was because all the residents of the King’s Village were in danger. Could we see the same situation?

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There are also Jaime’s famous words to Cersei: “We entered this world together, we leave it together.” If she chokes him, there’s a very good chance she’ll die either from Cersei or herself within minutes of him dying. Maybe so

So with the prophecy being told at this point and Tyrion across the sea in Meereen, could we be getting closer to Cersei’s death at the hands of Jaime? At this point it seems impossible, but there’s a chance it could make a big difference to the sixth season. This will probably happen for a long time to come. However, if Jaime were to open up to his sister to save King’s Landing, it would perfectly match Maggie the Frog’s prophecy and would definitely be Jaime’s ultimate redemption.

Other theories that have been suggested since the beginning of season six include one where Melisandre’s big proposal to Jon Snow as “the chosen one” matches.

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Cersei Lannister Death Valonqar Death Theory Finale

Refresh the page or go to another page on the page you need to log in to. Update your character to enter Game of Thrones, Qyburn is the new Master of Whispers in King’s Landing, and he has certainly proven himself in the job. from feeding News about Queen Cersei. When she says to Jaime after her secret meeting with their brother Tyrion, “Do you think there’s something important going on in this town that I don’t know about?”

The only question is, if Cersei knew that Jaime was dating Tyrion, who hates him for killing his mother, his son, and then his father, why? about Bronn meeting his brother?

The answer is something the late Tywin Lannister would be proud of – Cersei finds out she has to meet Daenerys Targaryen. . . not to face an even greater threat when the Night Lord and his army of the dead invade Westeros, but to win a war he cannot win on the battlefield.

After Dan kills the Lannister men at Highgarden, Jaime comes home and tells Cersei that not only are the Dothraki warriors great, but he saw a dragon burn hundreds of people and property with his own eyes – and it was just a dragon.

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“His dragon burned 1,000 wagons,” Jaime says. “Qiburn’s scorpions were bigger than you, they couldn’t stop them – and he has three of them. This is not a war we can win.”

At first Cersei thought they could hire finance workers with their newfound wealth, but at some point she realized that in order to get Daenerys out, Cersei needed the ability to work at home to defeat the Dragon Queen.

“If we want to defeat him, we must be smart. We must fight him like my father. Men, dragons and dragon queens – whatever stands in our way we will defeat it,” Cersei vows. She reveals them and Jaime has another reason to fight so hard. She is pregnant and this time she tells the truth about who is the father of the child.

It really says something about Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s characters that a man who has done terrible things finds out he has another child.

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And this is indeed a good moment. It’s heartwarming to see the emotion on Jaime’s face when he realizes he’s going to be the real father to this baby he can’t have with his other three children, all of whom are now dead. So thanks to Nikolai for making us worry about such a terrible situation.

But now Dany, Tyrion, Jon Snow and Ser Davos will enter the lion’s mouth as they head south to King’s Landing with the White Walkers if Jon and his raiders manage to capture one and bring it home. Will they all make it out of Cersei’s throne room alive? Or will you take a page from King Aery’s crazy book and kill everyone in gruesome ways? He already liked Aeri’s tactics.

It looks like at least one of the four won’t survive the encounter with Cersei, and Dany and Jon are too important to be killed at this point, so Tyrion and Ser Davos probably won’t be doing too well. We predict that Ser Davos will meet his end at the hands of Cersei, and then Jaime will have to sacrifice Cersei to save his brother.

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