Why Am I So Unmotivated At School

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In today’s blog, I share some tips on how to study when you feel motivated, so you can procrastinate.

Why Am I So Unmotivated At School

Often, when we are unhappy, it is because we are overwhelmed. All these crazy to-do lists can make our minds heavy and fix us in inaction.

Ways To Engage Your Unmotivated Learners

So instead, I encourage you to grab a sheet of paper, your planner and a pen. Think about the most stressful tasks you do and make a list of no more than 5 items. Slide the most important elements of the planner onto this sheet and check off one thing at a time.

This is useful because it gives you the most important task and you don’t have to look at all the things on the horizon while you study. Yes!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes I get inspired before I even start working. Just thinking about a job can make me freeze, and I know you probably feel the same way. So, in my experience, starting to work for at least five minutes helped.

When doing this, it’s important to take your five minutes seriously. Work hard full time and don’t or don’t do it on social media!

Schools To Blame For Unmotivated Students

Chances are you’ll feel a lot better since you started working out. In addition, there’s a good chance you won’t want to get up after five minutes.

Sometimes we need a nice break from school work, but social media and everything else can distract you for hours.

Last week I had a hard time concentrating, so I went into my room, fell asleep, put on a podcast and covered my eyes with a sleep mask. Although I didn’t fall asleep, I listened to a podcast in the dark and cleared my head for a while.

It helped me regain focus and step away from the bright light of my computer screen for a while.

How To Get Motivated To Do School Work

I wouldn’t spend more than an hour on your break, although you don’t want to ruin your day, you want to take some time to gather your thoughts.

It is very easy to “study” in your room, sitting on the bed. Alas, you have to change it every blue moon.

So I would look for some alternative locations from your preferred place of study to campus, your residence or across town.

When I was in college, I liked studying in my room, but if I wanted to change that, I would go to the library, the student union, behind Starbucks, on campus (if it wasn’t too windy), or inside. The building where I had all my classes (shout out to all the days I’ve spent in Irby Hall!).

Engaging, Motivating, & Managing, Hard To Reach & Uninterested Disruptive Students

In graduate school, I mostly studied in my apartment, but I often changed where I studied. So sometimes I studied on my bed, at my desk, in the living room or at the dining table. When I lived on campus, I often studied in my office, in the library, or in an informal room in the student union.

It’s about finding the place you feel most comfortable with and going through your favorite places until you find the place that inspires you the most.

Your treatment should not be in vain. But therapy can help you stop what you’re doing.

I know we’ve all seen pictures of people putting a gummy bear in each section of a textbook so they get a gummy bear for each section. I don’t think you should. It will take a long time to set up, and all the gummy bears are probably worth watching while you read.

How Can We Motivate Students Who Are Unmotivated Possibly Due To Previous Deficiencies In Math?

Whatever you decide to do, make a plan ahead of time to help you focus. If you do this, you should be able to point to the reward you set up to explain why you should do it. Working hard all week is easier when you know you’ll treat yourself to a well-deserved mani/pedi at the end of the week!

I mean: get your hair out of the way, put on real clothes instead of a big t-shirt and a sweater, and put on some lipstick.

Often, when I feel inspired, it’s because I look inspired. Get your ideas together and you can conquer the world. Look hungry and you’ll likely feel worse.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to buy a fancy dress, braid your hair or do a lot of anything. It will take up a lot of your study time.

Why You Can Be Motivated And Unmotivated At The Same Time

As you all know, I love the Pomodoro technique. Heck, I’m using it right now as I write this blog post!

If your study method isn’t working for you, change it and find a new way to manage your time and study more effectively.

I like the Pomodoro technique because it has lots of breaks so I know I’m not always studying hard. This method gives me some time to eat, buy food, go to the bathroom, go on social media, etc. It gives me some time to focus on other things, so my very distracted brain can do something else for a while.

It’s hard because we all have different times of the day when this happens, and most people don’t want to feel like a complete slacker if we don’t work when they feel the urge.

Psychological Reasons Why You Feel Lazy All The Time

At the end of the day, we should work when we feel we can do the most. It could be 3am or 9pm for you. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get the right amount of rest and you get the job done.

If you’re not sure when you work the most, try studying at different times. Remember to write down what you do during this study session. Also study when you feel those little flashes of inspiration and write them down when those flashes happen. After a while of watching them, you will easily be able to tell when you feel most inspired. Then you can work the many hours so that you can get more done.

Maybe you don’t study well because you try to study in a way that doesn’t work for you. If you are trying to learn by reading, but you are a kinesthetic learner, this will not help you.

Find your learning style so you can study in a way that works best for you, or ask your professor for advice on how to learn the material in a different way.

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If you do this, you will feel very motivated to study because it will not be out of your comfort zone.

Last but certainly not least, remember why you are doing it in the first place. I hope your answer goes deeper than what my parents wanted me to do or what I had better things to do. Even if it is, we can work on it.

Make a collage of all the things that inspired you to do it in the first place

Whatever the “why”, take an afternoon to find images that represent them. Find a sheet of paper or poster board and glue these pictures to the board. Then you can hang it above your desk or anywhere else you can find it when you want to add inspiration and motivation to your life.

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Clearly articulating your “why” will help give you the motivation you need to succeed and thrive.

I hope this article has given you some inspiration and ideas on how to get your motivation back when you’re not feeling it.

Motivation isn’t always easy, but I hope this article helps you get back into the motivational mood when you need it.

Amanda is the real voice behind Happy Arkansans. She is passionate about helping others, marketing and red/purple lipstick.

It’s Ok If You’re Feeling Unmotivated

I’m a 20-year-old blogger, freelancer, and content and social media manager. I create materials that help young people in classrooms, careers, and lives. Many children and teenagers struggle with motivation. These are children who are slow to start class work, often do not start homework, and even refuse to attempt any task they find challenging. This can be very frustrating, especially since these students are often bright and talented in their own ways. Here are some strategies you can use to help in the classroom

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