Who What Is The Most Interesting Character In Skyrim

Who What Is The Most Interesting Character In Skyrim – Not all of the characters on this list will be well known, but they all bring something unique to the table. Some of the characters on this list can make the story more complex, while others just have an interesting personality. A witty tongue, a ruthless villain, or just someone who stands out…

When Hitagi first appears in Bakemonogatari, you think she’s going to kill the main character, but she actually shows that she’s afraid to let people get close to her. After a few scenes, he’s all dressed up. Gola walks with a boy she doesn’t know. In those moments, you saw him at his most vulnerable, at his weakest. Most characters would freeze after this, but Hitagi grows and grows.

Who What Is The Most Interesting Character In Skyrim

There’s never been a character that you put your whole soul into and still manage to surprise you for the next 80 or so episodes.

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If Haruko were real, this world would be a rundown city, but also a huge amusement park.

A really selfish character who just does what he wants. Even if you can’t reach it, it keeps reaching for the stars.

A demonic personality, but mostly an observer of life. Everything that comes out of his mouth is fascinating. When he feels that life is boring, he will find a way to eliminate the chaos.

I love how he really cares about the little things sometimes, which shows a more human side of him.

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The company that knows the most about anime, and even if you want to tear your hair out the first time, you’ll understand where it’s coming from later. She is a very caring girl, but tries to hide it behind a tsundere act so that she can keep people at a safe distance. I love his witty comments when he’s with Sakota.

Faye is absolutely amazing. The perfect embodiment of the femme fatale. Charming, mysterious and often finds himself in threatening, dangerous and deadly situations.

I love how they drew it now and how it was before. It’s very interesting character development and one of the few times I don’t mind the concept of “getting past the past”.

An ancient vampire hiding in the shadow of his master, and I’d almost venture to say that his take on vampirism might be one of the best.

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Shinobu is the only adult allowed to do the girl act despite being 800 years old. He is handsome when he walks as a little boy, bright when he grows up, gentle in his youth. and cruel when a grown woman.

He is protective, well-groomed and a very classy owner. It’s admirable that she tries to be there for Simon despite facing the same pain. He always appears at the right time.

Yoko is just bad throughout the show, she’s had the chance to fall in love twice and still hasn’t gotten the happy ending she deserves, but she’s still there to support her boyfriend to the end.

An idle attitude, even listens to God and his sons, if he does not agree… let’s be real, will is needed.

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A stoic and socially awkward elf who is fiercely loyal to those who trust him and will always be there for them when trouble lurks. He works as a waiter, but is actually a skilled adventurer with a huge bounty on his head.

Stoic, but thanks to Sir and Bell, begins to show emotion. Her relationship with Sire is like a little sister trying to protect her big sister, while the big sister flirts with the idea of ​​seeing what the little sister will do with her naughty games. Bella, on the other hand, makes him feel like a woman, but he doesn’t know how to act since he’s known for being adventurous.

One of the dumbest characters in anime. For someone who can’t say anything, he does a pretty impressive job of getting his message across through text and body language.

The character concept alone is impressive without the helmet, but this helmet adds a whole new layer of mystery to Celtic.

Character Choice Is Everything

He’s a bit of a quirky character, but that’s what makes him so interesting. A bisexual girl who likes to mess with her girlfriend’s boyfriend.

He likes to read male-male erotica, a bit masochistic and a bit voyeuristic. Honestly, we all wish we had a friend like Kannabaro.

Kanbaro is one of those characters who goes through a roller coaster of emotions, but you know he’s always going to take control because he just can’t let go.

He always understands his surroundings well and knows exactly how to make everything work in his favor. He has a sass that is really charming and sly.

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Cyr is always at the center of things, and his biggest secrets are yet to be revealed, but it’s clear that this will have a huge impact on the Danmachi universe.

Probably one of the more underrated characters on this list. He brought some humor to an already established show.

She comes across as a tough and indifferent male character, but when she finds herself in an awkward situation, she becomes the most fragile woman on the planet.

The most interesting character Angelio has to offer, but he will always be overshadowed by Shinji, Asuka, and Rei. She struggles to fulfill the motherly role that belongs to Shinji (she does a very poor job), but manages to drink away her insecurities behind closed doors to run a military organization called NERV. She can relate to Shinji because she’s been through it all herself, but she struggles with what she should really do to help because no one was there for her when she needed it, so she’s still struggling with the same insecurities inside. himself.

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I feel like I relate to Haruna a little too much and I don’t think many people understand what’s going on with her. She looks like a mad lady with no conscience and trying to carry out her plan, but there is more to it than that.

He wears a silly mask to make people think he’s having fun, but he’s always watching everyone and everything around him.

She gives her sister a lot of love, but mostly because she wants her to make the right decision and follow the path that will lead her to happiness.

Adopted siblings? He doesn’t care, he’ll die for them to make sure they stay safe. Just a gentle soul who wants everyone to be happy.

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Plus, her character is absolutely adorable. The red scarf also stands out against her short brown hair and blue uniform.

Fuck this guy, fuck this guy, fuck these guys… No socks on the list because everyone knows socks are where the fun is!

You want me to fight 6 billion people? No problem! Do you want me to wear this lightly? Of course, whatever you say!

He just doesn’t care! Another character who acts first and speaks second. If you get in his way, he will flatter you!

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A wise man who acts as a guide to help people in need. He gives you knowledge but wants you to solve your own problems. The epitome of cool, calm and compact.

It’s a real shame that he was replaced by Izuku Gunn in the show, I still love Izuku Gunn but this is the only time I wish a male character wasn’t replaced by a female character.

He will play dirty if necessary. It was very impressive that Shinobu was able to capture his heart.

I hate to admit it, but I see a lot of myself in this crazy girl. I never took the time to think about what the people around me really wanted because I was too busy having as much fun as possible.

House Of The Dragon Won’t Have Mushroom, But His Story’s Still Important

Durohdoro has some great characters and it’s hard to pick a favorite because all of the characters bring something unique to the table. There are three characters (Noi, Nikaido, and Shin) vying for a spot on the list, but I’ll go with Nikaido. Shin and Noi are probably the best couple you’ll find in anime, but Nikaido just happens to be the best friend.

The journey we embark on begins as something we don’t really like, but the more we learn about it, the more invested we become. His relationship with Thorpin is also interesting because he becomes a mentor to the person who hates you the most.

The man looks like one of the greatest villains ever created, but he’s just a big old man

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