Who Was Kaguya

Who Was Kaguya – Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (大筒木カグヤ, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya) is a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan and the mother of a branch of her clan family, including Hagoromo and her sons Hamura. Long before the secret village was founded During the endless war Kaguya ate the fruit from the sacred tree and became the first chakra wielder on Earth. before merging with the tree to become the Ten-Tails

Both Kaguya and Isshiki are sent to plant sacred trees on Earth and harvest the chakra fruit.

Who Was Kaguya

According to Amado Sanzu, Kaguya was a low-ranking member of the clan who was chosen as a sacrifice to the Ten-Tails to support the construction of the God Tree.

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In the anime, Kaguya is discovered by the inhabitants of the Land of the Ancestors when she arrives on Earth. which brought her before Emperor Tenji. Kaguya introduces herself as the guardian of the God Tree. Using her abilities to erase Tenchi’s memories of that encounter. Then he agreed with his people. Admitting that she was his wife While living among humans, he gradually becomes attached to the planet he intends to destroy. As she grew closer to the emperor She finally got pregnant. When other lands began to threaten their ancestral lands due to border disputes. Tenji tries to prevent war by declaring that anyone who attacks the representatives of the big nation will be killed. He disobeys this order when he is threatened. As a result, he and his assistant Aino were chased to their land to be killed.

Kaguya has lost faith in humanity but still yearns for peace. Kaguya believes it is necessary for him to gain divine power to end all of mankind’s conflicts. Therefore, even though his group was waiting to harvest the Divine Tree from this world,

He broke the taboo surrounding the fruit and ate it. In doing so, he awakened the Rinne Sharingan and became the only person in the world equipped with chakra. Using her newfound powers, Kaguya single-handedly ended the war.

For her actions to stop the conflict She is blessed by the people and is worshiped as the Rabbit Goddess (卯の女神, Usagi no Megami).

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After creating peace and change Kaguya then used Infinite Tsukuyomi on people to transform them into the White Zetsu Army for many years.

Fearing that his clan would return to take his chakra in the anime, not wanting humanity to perish. He then released some of his victims’ genjutsu and erased their memories.

This makes this pair the first to be born with the chakra. Ruling alone and often using violence His dojutsu and jutsu are treated with fear, admiration, and respect by the people. at an unspecified time The rabbit goddess became known as the demon (鬼, Oni).

In the end, Kaguya is ruled by her desire to gain all her chakra. She eventually became enemies with her children after developing a plan to absorb their chakra. He merged with the God Tree and became the Ten-Tails himself. and challenges the twins to a fight.

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Thinking that the Ten-Tails were the incarnation of the Sacred Tree that attacked them to regain chakra from the stolen fruit. Hagoromo and Hamura sealed the monster’s chakra into the former’s body. Using its size as the core of the Six Paths – Shibaku Tensei, the celestial body that became known as the Moon. Hamura later took over as leader of the Otsutsuki Clan. and travel to the moon to protect the remains of monsters. Meanwhile, Hagoromo remains on Earth to spread chakra to humanity. and teach them the concept of ninshu.

However, that was before her children were able to finally seal her away. Kaguya then manifested her will in the form of an artificial human called Black Zetsu. In order to revive his “mother”, Black Zetsu manipulated Hagoromo’s eldest son, Indra, and his descendants. of the Uchiha Clan and his brother’s descendants of the Senju Clan in an attempt to get one of them to awaken the Rinnegan and break the seal. Madara Uchiha finally received the Rinnegan. Black Zetsu begins secretly manipulating world events to revive Kaguya.

As Hagoromo Her son pointed out. Kaguya used to be a really good and caring person. This is expanded on in the anime. which despite showing a carefree personality But she yearns for peace and falls in love with Tenchi, who has similar dreams. Even if you don’t openly express your feelings towards him. He also cares deeply for his servant Aino. Although he shows no emotion until Aino dies, he is nevertheless treacherous and ruthless towards those he doesn’t care about. As he betrayed another clan member, Isshiki, and nearly killed him. Amado thought it might be personal hatred or a desire to have his own chakra.

After gaining the ability to control powerful chakra from the fruit of the God Tree, Kaguya also became a dictator and developed both the god clan and the messiah clan. Believing that the chakra is rightfully his and that only it can protect and unite the world. Black Zetsu notes that Kaguya tries to love people for the sake of peace. But her distrust of them is too great as she believes all they do is fight and destroy the world. Even though she wished for peace at first Like her children, grandchildren, and, in the anime, her lovers, Kaguya also falls into corruption and loses faith in humanity’s ability to do what’s right. Kaguya has lost faith in humanity and has decided to use her great and terrifying power to subdue everyone to her will. As Hagoromo said During this time, humanity began to fear him like a demon. When he talks about himself He uses the ancient pronoun “warawa” (ワラワ), which is a symbol of an ancient noble.

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Kaguya also shows some level of affection. Because she seems to care about the world. Seeing it as a nursery that she doesn’t want humanity to destroy further.

In the anime, although she has feelings for her boyfriend Tenji, she is not strong enough to stop him from imprisoning her in Infinite Tsukuyomi when she betrays him in the name of her own pursuit of peace. Although he openly stated that he hated his own son for using his inherited chakra against him and creating the Ten-Tails to control him. But he openly cried while looking at Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, which reminded him of them, hinting at that part. As for him, he still loves his children.

In the anime, Hagoromo and Hamura realize that their mother did something immoral to protect them from the group she once ran away from. And they still feel for her because she’s just a mother who does everything for his children. Even Kaguya herself told her children before the battle that she was only providing them with undivided care and protection. condition and willingly shared her chakra with them. before their betrayal forced her to try to get her chakra back. However, his love for his children That’s so little. As shown in the anime where he was willing to take Hamura captive. and forced him to fight Hagoromo to regain his chakra. Although Kaguya says that Hagoromo’s love will stop her from killing Hamura. This indicates that she wants to regain her chakra without killing her children.

It is later revealed that she is on a mission to give chakra to her clan. But after falling in love with someone and giving birth to her children, she created the White Zetsu Army to fight them and protect not only her children, but also as the inhabitants of the world. This indicates that if it were not for his lineage, He will be a merciful ruler.

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Although, his belief that chakra should be his alone made him obsessed with reclaiming it from others. But he was willing to heed Black Zetsu’s advice to kill to prevent him and Sasuke from shutting it down. Even if he shows no reluctance he will have to destroy. A large reservoir of chakra to maintain his freedom.

Despite her grief, Kaguya is taken aback by an unexpected turn of events when one of the perverted shinobi catches her and leaves her to deal with him.

He said that unlike all previous enemies, He couldn’t sympathize with Kaguya. Because he felt that she was lacking in heart. Hagoromo wasn’t sure why Kaguya was like that. But he believes eating the chakra fruit may have something to do with it.

Hair (grey in the anime) Kaguya has white-brown eyes. Her eyebrows are very short and round. which is the symbol of the royal family And she puts red lipstick on her lips in the anime after eating the forbidden fruit. His hair grew longer, trailing on the ground, and his nails were long and black.

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