Who Killed Nagato

Who Killed Nagato – The characters Nagato and Hiko were both friends of Akatsuki, but it’s not always clear who became the infamous pain. This confusion probably stems from the epic dimensions of the series, both in terms of the richness of the world and the complexity of the characters. It’s easy to forget or get confused. It could also be because of the way the story is told.

Read on to find out who Pain is and why the confusion arose in the first place.

Who Killed Nagato

In a way, both Yahiko and Nagato are pain, but it takes a little recap to understand how that happened.

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Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, all orphaned during the Second Shinobi War, shared a vision of a peaceful world. Three young shinobi founded the Akatsuki organization with this common goal in mind. Their mission was welcomed and they attracted a large crowd.

When Hanzo, the village chief of Amagakure, attacked them, fearing Akatsuki’s power and influence, Yahiko was killed and Nagato was seriously injured.

Because it affected Nagato’s attitude about peace. Nagato lost faith in people’s willingness to accept peace and unity. Instead, he came to believe that only through the harrowing experience of war can people understand each other and truly desire peace. So he chose the word Pain to represent himself as the next embodiment of suffering.

So, after Yahiko’s death, Nagato and Konan began leading Akatsuki with completely new plans.

Nagato And Itachi Vs Obito And Kabuto

Nagato’s leg was badly injured during the fight with Hanzo, and he was also tied to the statue of Godo he summoned. So he became completely motionless.

Nagato’s lack of mobility clashed with his desire to avenge Yahiko’s death and lead the Akatsuki to war. So he used his Rinnegan to perform the Six Paths of Pain technique. By sharing his chakra, he could control six different bodies.

Nagato used Yahiko’s body, which became his public persona, Deva Path, and the other shinobi bodies for the other five.

Thus, Akatsuki, which originated as a desire to establish peace, became an evil organization that sought to create discord while operating as a professional mercenary group.

Nagato Uzumaki By Senjuclan On Deviantart

Most of Akatsuki’s evil actions seem to be done by Yahiko, with Nagato pulling the strings. So, for example, Yahiko and the other five paths take over the Amagakur and kill Enzo and his supporters. But Amagakur’s isolation helped hide the fact that Nagato won the spot.

Six knees later kills Jiraiya as he tries to find out what real pain is. Jiraiya died before he could reveal to anyone what he had learned. As a result, during all these events, it was not revealed that Nagato was ill.

There are so many characters with amazing backgrounds and the plot is so rich that it’s easy to lose track of the characters. We hope this article clarified what real pain is. Simply put, Nagato is pain, but he took over Yaike’s body and forced her to disguise herself as pain on his behalf. Yahiko was an Amagakure shinobi and the founder of the mercenary and later Akatsuki crime syndicate. He was best friends with Konan and Nagato, with whom he trained under the legendary Sannin Jiraiya as one of his first students.

Yahiko was born before World War II in Shinobi and lost his parents during it. Mistaking the orphans, he eventually met Conan, who he teamed up with to survive while they stole supplies. They also found a suitable place to hide, and eventually Conan brought another orphan named Nagato and his dog Chibi into their temporary home. Yahiko didn’t like it at first, but accepted Nagato into his group after hearing his dreams of peace, and the trio formed a close friendship that lasted until and after his death. One day, during a battle between Hanzo, the leader of Amagakure, and the Konogakura shinobi trio, Chibi is killed. After Yahiko and the others mourned the dog’s death, Yahiko, impressed by the power of the Konoha shinobi, then called the Legendary Sannin, and what they had seen, decided to lead Konan and Nagato to find them. As they did so, Yahiko approached them and asked for food, which Jiraiya provided. When Orochimaru asked if he should kill Yahiko and the others so they wouldn’t fall, Jiraiya decided to stay with them until they could fend for themselves. Although Yako asked Jiraiya to train them as shinobi, Jiraiya finally decided to train them only after he and Nagato were attacked by the Iwagakure Chunins, who killed him with their Rinnegan. After three years, Jiraiya decided to abandon Jahiko and his friends, believing that they were capable of achieving their goals. Over the years, news of their exploits reached Jiraiya, but he assumed they had been killed. In fact, Yahiko formed a mercenary group called Akatsuki, followed by Konan and Nagato, where they gathered friends who shared their views on peace. His team is even getting praise from Hans himself. One day, a masked shinobi named Obito Uchiha, posing as his teacher Madara Uchiha and his partner Zetsu, approached Yahiko and hid his friends. Yahiko questioned the masked man’s identity and threatened to kill them if they came near them again, leading Konan and Nagato away.

Her Death Was Very Tragic To Me. She Seemed Like The Only Akatsuki Member Who Didn’t Deserve To Be Murdered The Way She Was.

However, he was destined to fail when Hanzo began to see Akatsuki as a threat to his power and regime and conspired with Danzo Shimura of Konogakura to destroy the three main members. Hanzo lured Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato to the castle with an offer to negotiate peace, and took Konan captive, forcing Nagato to kill Yahiko to save him. Yahiko ordered Nagato to kill him despite Konan’s attempt to convince them to leave without her, and when Nagato hesitated, Yahiko stabbed herself with Nagato’s kunai to save him from trouble, smiling as he died, believing that Nagato would be the one to bring the peace Jiraiya spoke of earlier. It is officially known that Yahiko died during the Third Great Ninja War because we know it was the same war that Obito became a villain and he was the one who caused the trap by kidnapping Konan. Nagato then went on a rampage, saving Konan and killing all of Hanzo and Danzo’s men, only for them to escape. His body later became Nagato’s Deva Path for his Six Paths of Pain technique, which until Naruto Uzumaki defeated the technique acted as a representative of Nagato’s Akatsuki, which he took over after Yahiko’s death.

Yahiko was a very strict person even as a child who always taught Nagato not to cry and to be more like a man (even though he cried when Jiraiya decided to leave them). He always acted as the leader of his group, calling all the shots, and was the first to approach the Neenin when they were found, as well as begging for food for his group. At least as a child, Yahiko developed strong feelings of love for Konan, who returned his feelings. It is not clear if these were qualities that were transferred to adulthood. Yahiko hated the conditions of the land they lived in and what it had become, described the constant rain as tears, and wanted to become a god who would rule the world and put an end to all wars. Many of these qualities were passed on to Nagata after his death. After living with Jiraiya long enough, Yahiko began to act like him, exhibiting his haughty postures and facial expressions. He was still a very serious man and very protective of his allies, which was shown when he threatened to kill Obito Uchiha posing as Madara Uchiha and his partner Zetsu after the duo turned on him and his friends and told Yahiko to take care of them. . Yes, at least in his later years, the inn also believed strongly in Nagato’s power, believing him to be the abode of peace that Jiraiya spoke of, and killed himself to save Nagato from trouble and allow him and Konan to escape Hanzo’s trap.

While alive, Yahiko was a strong and capable shinobi, thanks to Jiraiya’s (corrupted sage) training, he was able to easily dispatch his shadow clone while working with Konan and Nagato. Yahiko was an experienced water release user and a natural leader who managed to found the Akatsuki mercenary organization, which even caught the attention of Hanzo, the leader of Amegacure, and secured the loyalty of all members who joined without issue. Nagato continues to tell his story and tells him how the fate of the three Ayame orphans led to the three legendary sannin and how Jiraiya offered to take care of them. Noticing Jiraiya’s Konoha Shield on his head, Nagato didn’t accept it as Konoha Shinobi killed his mother and father. However, after spending time

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