Who Is The Egyptian God With A Bird Head

Who Is The Egyptian God With A Bird Head – Thoth (/ θ oʊ θ , t oʊ t / ; from Koine Greek: Θώθ Thṓth, borrowed from Coptic: Ⲑⲱⲟⲩⲧ Thōout, Egyptian: Ḏḥwtj , model of Egyptian ḥḥḥḥḥ. ḥ) is often called “Inci” because he is the head of the birds or the wind, the animals that were sacred to him. His female companion was Sesata and his wife was Ma’ata.

The main temple of Thoth is in the city of Hermopolis (Ancit Egyptian: ḫmnw / χamaːnaw/, Egyptian meaning: “Khemu”, Coptic: Ϣⲙⲟⲩⲛ Shmun). Later called el-Ashmunein in Egyptian Arabic, the Temple of Thoth was largely destroyed before the Christian era. Its main pillars were still standing in 1826, but they were demolished and used to fill the foundations of a sugar factory in the mid-1800s.

Who Is The Egyptian God With A Bird Head

Thoth played an important role in Egyptian mythology, the guardian of the universe, and one of the two gods (the other being Maat) who stood on either side of Ra’s escape.

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The Egyptian pronunciation of ḏḥwty is not known, but it could be *diḥautī, probably pronounced *[t͡ʃʼi.ˈħau.tʰiː] or *[ci.ˈħau.tʰiː]. This reconstruction is based on the Greek loan of Ancit Thoth ([tʰɔːtʰ]) or Theut and the name was variously translated into Sahidic Coptic as ⲑɩɩ ⲩ Thout,

ⲑⲱⲟⲩⲧ Get out. This spelling shows a change in the pronunciation known in ancient Egypt such as the loss of ḏ palatalization and the connection of ḥ and h ie. first dḥ > th > tʰ.

According to the Egyptian convention, which avoids the reconstruction of the vowel, the bones of the consonant dḥwty will be changed to “Djehuti” and sometimes the god will be found with this name. However, the Greek “Thoth” is more common.

The Egyptian name for Thoth spelled dwty comes from dhw, said to be the oldest name for the ibis, usually spelled hbj. The addition of -ty dotes has ibis meaning.

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Other forms of the name dḥwty using the old spelling are: Yehuti, Yehuty, Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, or Tetu. Many names of Thoth, similar to the titular pharaonic, are also known, including A, Sheps, Lord of Khemnu, Ast, Khti, Mehi, Hab, and A’an.

In addition, Thoth was also known in other aspects of himself, for example the Moon god Iah-Djehuty (j3ḥ-dḥw.ty), who controls the Moon with the wheel of the month.

Thoth is shown in many ways depending on the time and direction the artist wants to show. Usually, it is shown as a person with the head of a gre ibis.

In this example, time and season can be repeated with a head wearing a moon sign placed on a narrow moon on his head. Depicted in the form of Shu or Ankher, he is shown wearing the god’s head. Sometimes he also appears in paintings wearing the crown of Atef or the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt.

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He also appears to be a dog-like monkey or a wind-headed man like Aan, the god of balance.

These forms all represent and reflect the characteristics of Thoth. Thoth is often depicted holding the ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life.

Under the ground, Duat, he appeared as a monkey, Aani, a similar god, who said that the weight of the heart of a dead man on the wings, denied the idea of ​​Maat, that indeed ev.

The Greeks were also experts in astronomy, astronomy, mathematics, mathematics, geometry, research, medicine, astronomy, education, administration, literature, reading, writing, and speech. They also said that they are the true author of all works in all branches of knowledge, human and divine.

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According to Egyptian mythology, Thoth created the caldera for 365 days. In the beginning, according to the legend, the year was only 360 days, but Nut exploded during those days, not able to give birth. Thoth played the Moon for 1/72 of his light (360/72 = 5), or 5 days, and won. During these 5 days, Nut and Geb gave birth to Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys.

In the story of Osiris, Thoth gave Isis the word to restore her husband, allowing all humans to conceive Horus. After the war between Horus and Set, Thoth gave advice and imparted wisdom.

1275 BC) shows Anubis with the head of a wolf whose heart is measured by the wings of reality on the scale of Maat, while the head of Thoth has a heart of equal weight the wings allow him to go to the afterlife, but not balance. it leads to more food. Ammit, crocodilian malt. , the lion, and the hippopotamus.

Thoth is the moon god. Not only does the moon provide light at night, which makes it possible to measure time without the sun, but its size and popularity made it very important in the early days of astronomy. The cycle of the Moon also caused Egyptian traditions, both cultural and religious. As a result, Thoth gradually became the god of wisdom, magic, and the measurement and control of matter and time.

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He is said to be the scribe and counselor of the Sun god Ra, and Ma’at (truth / reading) stood by Ra’s journey through the sky.

Who also thinks he is the author of the world. For this reason, Thoth was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Many sages had a picture or image of Thoth in their “tofa”. In addition, one of the signs of these wise people are birds.

In pictures, Thoth is often depicted with the head of a bird, perhaps because the Egyptians considered the bird’s beak to be a symbol of the moon.

At the end of the Egyptian period, the cult of Thoth became popular because his capital, Khmun (Hermopolis Magna), also became the capital. Many of the dead monkeys were buried in his honor.

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Thoth is included in many stories as a wise and persuasive counselor, and his association with learning and measurement led him to associate with Seshat, the ancient goddess of wisdom, who said to be his daughter, or his wife. The goodness of Thoth also led the Greeks to identify their own god with Hermes, who combined Thoth with Hermes Trismegistus,

In the Papyrus of Ani, a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the scribe declared that “Thothay, I am your table, and I have brought you your genealogy, from evil to me.

Plate XXIX Chapter CLXXV (Budge) of the Book of the Dead is an ancient tradition said to be the work of Thoth himself.

There was also an Egyptian pharaoh of the sixth family named Djehuty (Thoth) after him, who ruled for three years.

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A modern view of an Achaemid cylinder seal from Iran, with a king surrounded by two lions and griffins and Egyptian figures that read “Thoth protect me”. (

Plato mentions Thoth (or Theuth) in his dialogue Phaedrus. He uses the myth of Thoth to show that writing causes laziness and forgetfulness. In this story, Thoth tells King Thamus of Egypt that writing replaces memory. Thamus says that it is a drug of memory, not memory, appearance but not the truth of knowledge. The future generation will listen without learning and appear to be wise but not.

Artapanus of Alexandria, an Egyptian Jew who lived in the third or second century BC, emphasized Thoth-Hermes as a historical figure and said that he was the same as Moses, depending on the role of the authors and author. law. . Artapanus’ History of Moses tells the story of Moses and Toth and explains many things.

Many later writers, from ancient times to the Renaissance, either identified Hermes Trismegistus with Moses or considered them to be contemporaries and explained similar teachings.

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The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt announced the discovery of the collective tombs of the Sior people and high priests of the god Thoth in Tuna el-Gebel in Minya in January 2020. The excavation work was led by Mostafa Waziri 20 different sarcophagi and coffins were said. sort of. and its size, including five anthropoid sarcophagi made of limestone carved with hieroglyphic writing, as well as 16 tombs and five well-preserved wooden boxes found by their team.

Thoth became the god of wisdom and is used in modern literature, especially since the beginning of the 20th century when Egyptian ideas became very popular. based on old photos.

Also spelled Nekhebit) was an ancient god of ancient Egyptian mythology, who guarded the city of Nekheb (meaning the name Nekheb). Later, he became the guardian of Upper Egypt and one of the two patron deities (along with Wadjet) of the ancient Egyptians.

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