Who Is The Angel Amenadiel 1

Who Is The Angel Amenadiel 1 – The general power of an angel; First, Malachi, who is now the Cherubim, because they are now stronger than before

There was a time when I thought I knew everything myself. At that time I was still an angel and I spent all my time looking down on the world. But you see, I realized that you need to see to get an idea. It’s a great reminder of how much we don’t know.

Who Is The Angel Amenadiel 1

Amenadiel is the elder angel Malakim of the heavenly guests, thus one of the many younger brothers of Lucifer. He came to Earth, arriving in Los Angeles, to convince Lucifer to return to Hell after being cast down by the Fallen Archangel. Failing that, he tries to get Lucifer back in various ways. Unlike people like Lucifer and Michael, Amenadiel always obeyed God’s commands.

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However, because of the sins he committed, Amenadiel temporarily loses his power and loses his place in the heavenly council as a punishment, becoming not only a human, but also a fallen angel. After spending more than a year as a human, Amenadiel not only regained his powers, but was also given the status of a cherub, making him more powerful than ever.

Amenadiel was one of the millions of angels that God created. He is the first and oldest of Malachi and is billions of years old.

Like his brothers, Amenadiel worships God. During Lucifer’s rebellion, Amenadiel was one of those loyal to God and Michael. Therefore, he fought against Lucifer’s rebellious angels. Amenadiel was one of the many angels born to the Turok-Hans.

Around 1981, for reasons unknown, God asked Amenadiel something he had never asked before. Come down to earth and bless the couple who cannot have children. That couple was John and Penelope Decker, who would later give birth to Chloe Decker. This was the first and only time God asked Amenadiel to do such a thing.

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Amenadiel is a powerful, wise and caring heavenly being. He is very faithful to God, showing great determination to accomplish everything entrusted to him by his father; For this reason, Amenadiel is very similar to Michael. This, coupled with his reluctance to take the mantle to look after Lucifer, leads him to go to great lengths to bring back the fallen Archangel from Hell, Dr. Linda caused Martin to lie and manipulate and even awakened the wolf. Malcolm to do it. However, Amenadiel has no regrets. When he tried to deceive Lucifer, Dr. Befriended by Martin, he truly considered him a friend, and when he realized that the consequences of his actions were starting to hurt people, he felt guilty and tried to make things right.

Like the first Malakim, Amenadiel is very old, very strong and very powerful. He already has superpowers and supernatural abilities common to all Malachi, and since he is the oldest, he is shown to be superior to the Malachi, and even stronger than demons like Maze. However, he is known to be less powerful than higher level angels like Lucifer. However, because of his actions on earth, Amenadiel was punished and became a fallen angel, losing his power as a result. Furthermore, when Amenadiel was weak and his wings were damaged, he was stronger than normal people, like when he took out three hospital guards.

More than a year later, after Charlotte Richards died to save Amenadiel, his angelic power was restored and thus he was able to take his soul to heaven, but Amenadiel was also promoted to the position of cherubim. and young people. there is more power, making him stronger than ever, as he said, “I am new and improved.”

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As an angel, like the first and foremost Malakim, Amenadiel is subject to the common weaknesses of angels. Falling is how people learn. That’s how I learned. Look, I’ve lost my wings, my strength. I fell again and again. do you know And coming back… well, it was the most powerful experience of my life.

Amenadiel is God’s greatest angel and acts as a mediator. Initially the main antagonist of Season 1, he begins his journey of growth and eventually becomes one of his closest allies. As the head of the family, Amenadiel was God’s great enforcer and messenger for most of his life as he would be instrumental in fulfilling his father’s most important commands; These actions ranged from overseeing the banishment of the goddess to Hell, cursing Cain to kill his brother Abel, and traveling to Earth at God’s command to return Morningstar from Hell to her homeland. he used to do that. Get bored and leave your post. Finally, he was commissioned to bless a woman who could not bear a child, which led to the birth of Chloe Decker.

Before 2011, during a trip to Amenadiel’s land, he lost his necklace and had to make a deal with his brother to help retrieve it to give it to him. Five years later, Amenadiel returns to take her back, but she repeatedly refuses to sacrifice her life in Los Angeles. Refusing to leave voluntarily, Amenadiel felt compelled to resort to extreme measures. He used therapist Linda Martin to get information about her, saw her having sex with Mazikeen, and even woke up Malcolm Graham to kill her to force them back. which ultimately failed. Realizing that he had gone too far, Amenadiel sought help to return Malcolm to Hell. While hunting down a rogue soldier, Amenadiel is stabbed by a demon dagger before using his wing to save the table.

Knowing that the goddess has escaped from Hell, Amenadiel joins his hunt to bring her back. He soon found that he had lost his strength and believed that God was punishing him for what he had done the previous year. After Uriel’s destruction and learning that Chloe, his LAPD colleague, is the child of the woman who blessed him, Amenadiel is angry at his father for deceiving them all without explanation. As he becomes her husband, he helps his mother in her quest to return to heaven using a flaming sword, only to find that God has given him the last piece; his necklace With this revelation, Amenadiel restored his faith in his father, believing that he was his beloved son. He also begins a friendship with Dan Espinoza and temporarily regains his powers in order to slow down the time to save Linda when she is badly injured by the goddess.

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In his place with his mother, Amenadiel is determined to prove himself to God in order to regain his strength and wings. He believed that this was his test. Help the foolish son of God find salvation, and by helping him, he will be able to go home. He begins a secret romantic relationship with Linda to prevent Maze from finding out, but eventually it is discovered and they break up. Amenadiel confronts Cain face to face, and, through fear and deceit, comes out to prevent him from helping him break his curse. She eventually learns that Charlotte Richards, Devi’s former boss, is alive and befriends her, spreading her wings and revealing the heavenly world to her when she senses that she is going mad. After his conversation with Charlotte, Amenadiel realizes that God never punishes or tests him, that he is actually responsible for punishing himself, and that the angels do it. When Charlotte was killed, Amenadiel regained his wings and flew her to heaven where she belonged.

A month later, Amenadiel returned to Earth and decided to stay in Humanity, realizing that Earth was more like home to him than Silver City. Despite a difficult start, Amenadiel discovers that he will have a son with Linda, which would have been impossible if he had not become the right person after losing his powers. She is soon visited by Remiel, who intends to take the child to heaven, but Amenadiel wins the battle against his younger sister. But Amenadiel’s feelings changed when he saw the racism and violence directed at him and Kabe Mayfield. He intended to take Charlie to heaven for safe keeping, but Linda’s confession about her concerns about having an angel child made him reconsider. After the demons capture him, but he frees him, Amenadiel decides that his son will be okay while Linda is ready to let her son go, believing that they will both protect him on Earth.

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