Who Is Savitar And What Are His Powers

Who Is Savitar And What Are His Powers – “You’re just a shadow beneath my throne. You’re the past, while I’m… I’m the future Flash.”

Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen (March 14, 1989 – May 24, 2017) is a temporary remnant of the original Barry Allen, from the future who was removed who became a powerful armored speedster named Savitar. Savitar’s life is the result of a cycle that involves the death of Iris West, because the remaining time is avoided by the members of Team Flash after its creation. Broken and all alone, the remaining goddess wants to end her pain. He renamed himself after the Hindu god of movement and declared himself “god of speed”, the fastest known speed in all the multiverse; also known as “The Dark Lord” in his religion. When fighting a younger version of his alter ego, Savitar is subtly called “Future Flash”. When Julian introduced Albert as the high priest of his religion, he called it “Alchemy”.

Who Is Savitar And What Are His Powers

Seeking to kill his alter ego, Savitar is defeated and captured by the Speed ​​​​Force. He spent an eternity in the Speed ​​Force and planned his escape by tricking Wally West/Kid Flash into his place in the Speed ​​Force, allowing him to resume the war with Flash and kill Iris to ensure her survival. Savitar later formed an alliance with Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, during which time his identity and the history of his life became known to Team Flash. Savitar then killed H.R. Wells (disguised as Iris), slowly disappeared from life. He then continued his ascension to God by having Cisco Ramon/Vibe modify the force to divide time and exist in every moment of history, but his plan failed and he died after a short battle; From Iris before she was removed from life.

The Flash: Secrets Of Savitar

In the end, Eddie Thawne ripped Savitar from his timeline and teamed up with Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, and August Hart to kill Barry and his team. Savitar attacked Nora West-Allen, who was controlling him, and Savitar was restored to his rightful place in the timeline when Eddie stole his powers.

Savitar shows the same past as the present of Barry Allen until the time of Iris West’s death. However, Barry and his team continue to use the brain inhibitor against Clifford DeVoe.

Savitar’s life is the result of a cycle that has no beginning and no end, but only the culmination of the events that led to his creation. From the potential time after Iris’ death at the hands of Savitar, Barry created the remaining time to help stop Savitar sometime in 2020/2021. However, Savitar killed most of the rest of the time, but he only saved one time to live, because that time will become Savitar at some point in the future. Later, Team Flash escaped the time warp because he was an aberration and not the “real Barry”. Alone and troubled by his painful memories, he strives to overcome his pain and finally realizes that “God” does not feel pain and finally decides to become himself.

At some point, the Time of Time found the Philosopher’s Stone, which he used to create the armor, and both became part of his power, giving him name and worship Savitar, ‘God of Speed’. his new power comes from heaven.

Respect Lord Of Speed

Seeking revenge for escaping from him, Savitar traveled to 2020/2021, during which time he created the rest of time, including his younger self. Savitar killed all the remnants of time, but spared his children so that he could do so, thus continuing his cycle of life. Two of her former friends fell out with each other, resulting in Killer Frost being imprisoned in Iron Heights Prison, but in the hands of Cisco Ramon. At some point, Savitar was attacked by Wally West/Kid Flash to avenge Iris’ death, but Savitar defeated Wally, breaking Wally’s spine before Wally went into catatonia (which Wally remains until 2024).

However, to his surprise, his mutant self finally defeated Savitar by trapping him in the Speed ​​Force, causing Savitar to become trapped in a time loop where he has returned to the most painful period of his life, driving him into madness and madness. that’s why he really wants to destroy his life.

He lied that his power was the first speeder ever to be powered by the Speed ​​Force, so he became the fastest of all the speedsters, challenging other powerful speedsters to threaten to challenge his power before going. Before each meeting, he used the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to force a medium that used the name “Alchemy” to arrive, creating a meta-human to guide him.

While imprisoned in the Speed ​​Force, Savitar sensed a change in timeline, leading to the Flashpoint era. Knowing that he could change the situation to his advantage, Savitar waited for the moment to return to his original form and begin to implement his plan. After the Flashpoint era is canceled, Julian telepathically appears to Albert in the form of the man’s dead sister, Emma, ​​​​and tells Julian the Philosopher’s Stone, which can bring Emma back. . Julian spent many years searching for the philosopher’s stone and in 2012 funded an exhibition in India and found the box in which the item was sealed. After Julian opens the box, Savitar is released and possesses Julian, killing another of the exhibits. As Julian tries to escape Savitar by fleeing to America, he continues to have Julian and his host unwittingly become the newest of Alchemy. Over the next few years, Savitar recruits followers of his faith to kill the young, weak version of his true self.

The Flash’ Recap, Season 3 Episode 15: The Wrath Of Savitar

He also learned something about meta-humans from the Flashpoint timeline, which made him disagree with the way back.

As an act of alchemy, Savitar began tracking down meta-humans in the Flashpoint timeline, restoring the humans’ memories and blackmailing them into finding him. When they do, Savitar promises to restore their power in exchange for their loyalty. He did that with Shade and Clive Yorkin. Savitar then seeks out Frankie Kane, a young woman who is suffering from an identity crisis due to flashpoint flashback memories, and convinces Frankie to see her. After Frankie did, Alchemy gave these resources back in exchange for favors. When Frankie refuses, Magenta’s personality changes agree and Alchemy regains these powers.

Savitar then communicates with Edward Clarice and returns the man’s life to Flashpoint and he remembers the speedster named Rival and tells him where to find him.

When Clarice arrives, Alchemy is asked to stop the vision, but Alchemy asks if Clarice really wants the vision to stop, or if Edward wants the vision to come true and faster. Clarice admitted that she needed speed, and Alchemy promised to return that power in exchange for justice. The Philosopher’s Stone was used by Clarisson, and Clarisse was a rival again.

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Alchemy watched as the opponent fought Flash, which ended in a draw, although Flash did not know that Alchemy was watching the two of them. Later, when Flash faces a challenger at the Prescott Sawmill, Alchemy attacks Flash. When asked what he wanted, he asked to help people reach their potential because that’s what the world was designed for. The Rival then fights the Flash again, but the Rival is defeated by the combined power of the Flash and Vibe. When Clarice was imprisoned in Iron Heights Prison, Savitar berated Clarice for her failure and Clarice asked for a second chance, but Savitar appeared in Clarice’s cell and attacked Clarice.

Alchemy later confronted Magento, angry that Frankie kept showing up, as Alchemy promised his freedom from Frankie and his birth father. Alchemy tells Magenta that if she ever wanted Frankie to go, Magenta must tell her who is in control, causing Magenta to almost destroy the hospital full of innocent people to avenge Frankie’s birth father. However, Frankie was attacked by this by the Flash and left Central City as a result.

Alchemy then tries to restore Wally’s Flashpoint memories and his meta-human powers. Knowing that Barry will do anything to keep Wally from seeing him, he sends Shade to distract him while he talks to Wally and tells them to find him. When Wally locked himself in the sewers, Savitar began to torture the youth to bring him to him, but to no avail. When Shadow was captured, Savitar only began to torture Wally more until the boy finally sought him out.

To arrest Alchemy, Team Flash and Team CCPD Strike

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