Who Is Panda Man In One Piece

Who Is Panda Man In One Piece – Pandaman is a cartoon character created by Eiichiro Oda and is one of the most important Easter eggs in One Piece.

Pandaman has gone on to make cameo appearances in many manga chapters, anime episodes, movies, and more. It is especially popular in many video games, even playable in the first Grand Battle! and its immediate sequel.

Who Is Panda Man In One Piece

Due to his status as a joke, most, if not all, hard facts about Pandaman are revealed in SBS and may be serious on Oda’s part.

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Pandaman’s most recognizable feature is his head, which is designed to resemble his name (sometimes engraved with the word PANDA). It is not known if it is a mask or his real face.

On the other hand, his body can vary a lot from scene to scene. Although most of the “official” images (including Oda’s original version of the tournament) show him as tall and muscular, many cameos in the manga and anime show him to be thin, if not perfectly placed, allowing him to hide well among people . videos.

Aside from the black shorts and lace-up shoes, Pandaman is usually naked and may have two heart-shaped tattoos on his hands. However, he was sometimes seen wearing civilian clothes, like a pirate or even a sailor.

Pandaman doesn’t always make physical camels. In fact, cameos with his name appeared scattered throughout both the katakana series and the romaji characters.

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Pandaman in digital color manga. Pandaman concept art from the anime. Pandaman’s body is usually different. This example is from the “alternate” cover under the dirt cover of volume 52. Pandaman as a crocodile on the alternate cover of volume 21. Pandaman as Wyper on the alternate cover of volume 28. Pandaman as a dragon on the inside cover of volumes 99, 100 and 101. Pandaman One Piece Image: Battle of the Gigant!.

Pandaman’s first appearance in the manga. “Pandaman” written in the Poneglyph of Arabasta. Pandaman on the cover of Chapter 272 (lower left corner). A very hidden panda man in the human auction house (lower right corner). Pandaman combined Bentham’s face. Pandaman charges the new fishing pirates. He can be seen right in the middle, holding a sword. Pandaman is a passage on the cover of Chapter 691. Pandaman in the Age of the Cross.

Pandaman’s first appearance in the anime (besides the opening) episode 16. Pandaman’s appearance in Baratie. Pandaman in Loguetown. With a t-shirt at Whiskey Peak. Pandaman in Jaya. Pandaman (later) in the crowd. Pandaman is one of the Skypieans. Pandaman at Water Pier 7 1. Pandaman at Thriller bark. Pandaman of the Sabaody Islands. Pandaman’s name on Impel Down’s prisoner list. Pandaman is one of a group that escaped from Impel Down. Pandaman on a naval ship. Pandaman appears on the reels of the slot machine. Usopp captures Pandaman in the fourth opening, BON VOYAGE!. Pandaman award poster for the ninth movie of One Piece. Pandaman as part of the Heart Pirates (far right). Pandaman is one of the Gifters. Pandaman parties with Roger Pirates (middle right, next to Taro in blue shirt). Pandaman in the land of Wano.

Little has been established about Pandaman’s personality in canon, except, perhaps, his cowardice in constantly running from debt collectors.

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In contrast, video games often depict him with the loud, sanguine bravado stereotypical of professional wrestlers. In addition to enthusiastically accepting all challenges that come his way, he often adds the sound of “sasa” (ササ?) to his speech, a reference to the word bamboo (笹, sasa?).

Pandaman is said to be in love with Pandawoman, but it is not known if this feeling is mutual.

Unfortunately, Pandaman is also constantly on the run from the Tomato Gang, a debt collector to whom Pandaman owes money.

Pandaman’s main rival gang, The Unforgivable Masks, has been hired by the Tomato Gang to track down Pandaman and recover the money he owes the Tomato Gang.

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Although Pandaman does not show any fighting skills in any of his appearances, according to Oda’s tournament report – he has a small form of attack:

The same article also mentions that Pandaman has “3,300,000 Chojin Power” after eating bamboo and before eating.

His playable footage of Grand Battle! and the great war! 2, Pandaman uses a variety of wrestling-based attacks, with the Giant Panda Deathlock in particular shown as a brutal back throw; In addition to these, he also has the ability to summon Panda Sharks against enemies. In the meantime, a big fight! he shows that he has the ability to ignite energy by crossing his forearms.

Pandaman is said to have been left in a bamboo tree as a child and later grew into a giant panda. Growing up, he was often targeted for claiming to have seen Princess Kaguya, and as a result trained to become a “Devil Chojin” (悪魔超人, Akuma chōjin?).

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After some time, however, Pandaman got into financial trouble with the Tomato gang, who began to relentlessly pursue him, even using the unforgivable mask of their rival.

Pandaman first crossed paths with the Straw Hat Pirates during the Baratie Arc, where he witnessed the confrontation between Sanji and Fullbody.

Since then, he has appeared in the background of every place the Straw Hats have visited (and many others they haven’t, such as the Kingdom of Lulusia).

The only exception is the female island Amazon Lily, where Pandawoman is seen instead; It is said that Pandaman fell in love with this woman, but it is not clear that she even knows of his existence.

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(The actual age of Pandaman remains unknown, although his first historical appearance is on the expeditions to Mont Blanc Noland, about four hundred years before the Great Age of Pirates.

Pandaman was originally uploaded to the New Chojin Contest (新超人コンテスト, Shin chōjin kontesuto?), a character design contest for the Kinnikuman wrestling series.

As such, his design is intended to evoke an expensive professional wrestler, with lots of exposed skin, vivid colors, and a general “alien” theme similar to those used by real heel wrestlers.

(Oda would return to wrestling in several subsequent drafts, including Jesus Burgess, Spandam and the Jeet-Abdullah duo.)

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Additionally, the story of Pandaman (supposedly) directly refers to the myth of Princess Kaguya, who is said to have been found in a bamboo trunk by a kind forest.

The anime portrays Pandaman more or less in the same way as the manga, as an original character who does not interact with the story and other characters in any meaningful way. However, the anime will often insert Pandaman cameos while the manga has none; In fact, the Pandaman anime made its first appearance during the Village Syrup Arc, mixed with the Black Cat Pirates.

The normal state of Pandaman is completely destroyed in the episode of Boss Luffy’s unique story, where he not only interacted with other characters, but he played an important role in the plan.

In the alternate reality of Jidaigeki known as Grand Jipang (をランドジパング, Gurando Jipangu?), Pandaman is a beloved citizen known as “Pop” (父さん, To-san?). This nickname caused him a lot of trouble when he fell ill, shortly after falling into debt with the leader of the Buggy gang. When they found him in the hands of a local girl, the Buggy gang believed she was his daughter and tried to sell her as collateral, even enlisting the help of a corrupt judge. However, this plan is thwarted by Chief Luffy and the aristocrat Vivi.

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After Baggy’s threat is over, his debt collector joins Boss Luffy and close friends to celebrate the exotic holiday known as Christmas.

All English translations generally faithfully preserve the sand of Pandaman, with the Viz manga accurately conveying all of Oda’s contributions to SBS and both the Funimation and 4Kids anime dubs leaving his appearance unnoticed. However, his name is usually written as two words (“Panda Man”) instead of one.

Great liberties were taken in the location of the video game 4Kids in One Piece: Pirates Carnival. This game originally featured Pandaman in a small role, with the core being a mini-game style Where Is It? The localization retained this minigame, but also expanded its role as a special minigame originally hosted by Blueno (since 4Kids did not prepare the Water 7 Arc dub). As a result, Pandaman has the powers of Blueno, as well as an unusually dark and vengeful personality, and claims that he trapped the Straw Hat Pirates in a burning fire to avenge him for choosing him from the crowd.

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