Who Is Faster Sonic The Hedgehog Or Rainbow Dash

Who Is Faster Sonic The Hedgehog Or Rainbow Dash – Sonic the Hedgehog Vs. My Little Pony! Fast blue beasts entering the ring? Will Dasha’s loyalty to her friends help her kill the fastest creature alive?

Wiz: The fastest characters in fiction are known for reaching incredible speeds, but few can match the beastly duo of the two greatest dragons and pegasuses.

Who Is Faster Sonic The Hedgehog Or Rainbow Dash

Boomstick: BUT MLP FANS…OK. Rainbow Dash, G4 Pegasus speed and speed. He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.

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Wiz: And our job is to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who will win the mortal battle.

Wiz: Sonic is the greatest freedom fighter you’ve ever seen. Gifted with Santa-colored boots, Sonic can now spin at the speed of sound.

Boomstick: This wasp is a true sniper! He will joke about how hard this fight is! His punches and kicks are very powerful, constantly hitting robots.

Wiz: And he has several abilities that he can attack with. Thanks to the Electric Box, Sonic is surrounded by electricity. He can run faster than before. The Fire Box has similar effects, though the Bubble Box allows Sonic to burn and breathe underwater.

Rainbow Dash Versus Sonic The Hedgehog

Boomstick: He also has Spin Dash. Created by Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic can transform into a ball of spikes and attack his opponent. This is a really famous attack. And then when he pulls out Sonic’s Chaos Emeralds, he becomes his greatest form.

Wiz: Super Sonic turned Sonic gold. It defeats him, catches him faster and gives him the power to escape. However, this form only lasts a minute.

Wiz: Rainbow Dash is probably the most popular pony of the Mane Six. Loyalty Pony, Rainbow is one who makes friends, not enemies.

Boomstick: He’s the most athletic of his group and plays soccer whenever he gets the chance! And he never loses the game unless he loses, which kicks off the plot of the episode!

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Wiz: Dasha uses hooks to attack and delivers powerful punches and kicks. These punches are very powerful, trust me!

Boomstick: And his speed is almost amazing. She can race around, she looks like a bitch! This speed helped Rainbow kill Starscream.

Wiz: Unfortunately, Rainbow’s arrogance gets the better of her. He always underestimates his opponents and sometimes even his friends! At one point she even stole the spotlight from her teammates even though the whole team was supposed to be singing… save the world? I don’t understand the plot.

Boomstick: And cash and kicks are pretty much ALL he does. Still, it’s a force to be reckoned with!

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Wiz: And he still has his strongest attack, Sonic Rainboom. This attack causes Rainbow Dash to be surrounded by a rainbow aura. Therefore, it rushes forward at top speed and destroys everything in its path.

Sonic travels around Equestria and discovers a new land. Finding what he needs is always difficult, and this particular adventure even brought Sonic to a land full of ponies. But Speedy Hedgehog had to if he really wanted to stop Eggman. When you are a freedom fighter, you have to do as much as you can. Worried about how to get the most out of Sonic, he decided to speed things up. Sonic ran faster than you could see and outran all nearby ponies and horses. Seeing where he was going, Sonic ran right into Farmer Applejack, knocking a basket full of fresh apples to the ground. All the apples fell out of the basket, cut and bruised.

“Hey you!” Applejack called out to the Blue Blur. Sonic stopped when he heard his name and quickly turned to Applejack.

“Yes?” Sonic asked, not sure what he had done. Applejack pointed pointedly at the sliced ​​apples. Sonic rubs the back of his head. “Oh, sorry about that. Well, I better go! Good luck with your farm!” Sonic turned to continue running but Applejack grabbed Sonic’s arm firmly with her elbow and spun him around.

Sonic The Hedgehog Vs Rainbow Dash By Nebula_stargarden Fur Affinity [dot] Net

“Ooh, no. You don’t get off that easily. I have to teach you a lesson.” Applejack cried. Sonic laughed softly at her boldness. For example, who can match Sonic the Hedgehog? She soon finds out when the shiny blue pony Rainbow Dash comes over to see what Applejack is up to.

“He bumped into my perfect apples! It took me four months to get them!” Applejack growled. Sonic Hedgehog raised his hands in defense and took a step back.

“What did he do?! Oh, this is just unforgivable.” Rainbow Dash raised her head to look at the Living Being. “Okay Blue Porcupine… That’s it. It’s over.” Rainbow looked at Sonic. Sonic looked at the little pony, knowing that he wasn’t going to get out of this anytime soon.

“My name is Sonic the Hedgehog, known throughout the world for not kicking any little ponies. No, that’s a lie. But that’s about to happen… Come on! Or are you too slow?” Sonic growled, even more stunned than before. This only angered Rainbow.

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“I’m Rainbow Dash and I stand for loyalty! So I’ll be loyal to Applejack and I’ll punch you right in the body!” Rainbow Dash was ready for the fight of her life. Applejack and all the other ponies around took a few steps back but kept their eyes on the battle that was about to begin. With a growl from Sonic and a grunt from Rainbow had both warriors ready.

Rainbow immediately flew up into the sky and attacked Sonic. Sonic leaned down slightly and grabbed Rainbow by the tail. After a few turns, Sonic threw Rainbow into Applejack’s barn. As a result of the impact, the wall of the warehouse was completely destroyed.

“Rainbow will pay you for that too!” Applejack pushed Sonic aside. Rainbow Dash stood up, quickly scooped up her straw, then returned to the fight. Rainbow Dash flew at Sonic, this time surprising him, and punched him right in the jaw. Sonic staggered. Before Sonic could get up, Rainbow delivered a powerful forearm strike to Sonic’s chest. Sonic fell to the ground and shook his head wildly to get attention. Sonic jumped as he punched Rainbow Dash right in the face. Rainbow Dash winced in pain as she dodged another attack from Sonic. Sonic installed Lightning’s power and became faster. In a hurry, he started running around Rainbow as if to mock her. Rainbow, however, was no stranger to speed and struck with her back legs at the perfect moment. Sonic was hit and lost his Lightning powers.

“Guns don’t work like that!” Sonic shouted. Sonic followed his shout and punched Rainbow in the chest. Rainbow was thrown into the air causing Sonic to climb up and perform a high speed attack. Rainbow hit the rope next to her and she fell to the ground. Rainbow Dash didn’t move so Sonic stood over her body and smiled. But Sonic was interrupted when Rainbow stood up and kicked Sonic hard in the leg. Sonic’s leg was full of pain so he grabbed it and jumped back.

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“You have to be about 20% cooler to stand a chance with me!” Rainbow screamed, venting her rage. Sonic put both feet back on the ground and sent out another beam. Rainbow Dash smiled. Sonic lunged forward with an attack, but Rainbow Dash knocked him out of his ball form. Sonic jumped at Rainbow and used a stomp, but Rainbow Dash moved out of the way with her wings. But Sonic the Hedgehog was fast, as soon as he hit the ground he jumped up and did a homing attack. Rainbow took minor damage, but to Sonic, minor damage is better than no damage. “It’s not working as planned… He’s too hard to hit… So I think Sonic Rainboom is my last hope. Rainbow sighed. Unfortunately for Rainbow, Sonic also knew it was time to end it all. After extracting all the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic began to use their full power. Equestria was glowing white and Sonic’s blue hair was now yellow. His eyes changed color from green to red. This can only mean one thing; became Super Sonic! Rainbow Dash gasped at the sight of Sonic’s God form, but she knew it wasn’t over. A rainbow aura surrounded Rainbow Dash as she ran towards Super Sonic at incredible speed. As she flew, Rainbow Dash followed a streak of rainbows.

– It is sad. Does he think he can hurt me when I’m like this? Super Sonic crossed his arms for a second and ran towards Sonic Rainboom’s Rainbow Dash at incredible speed. The two collided and there was a huge explosion in the area. Almost nothing survived. All that was left of the grounds was Applejack, her barn, and the other ponies in the stands. Sonic and Rainbow were lying on the ground, both dead. It should be dead until someone wakes up

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