Who Is Curie In Fallout 4

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One of the newest additions to Fallout 4 is the variety of companions you can get. One of the most famous and perhaps the most interesting is Curie. It’s basically Mr.Handy’s robot and one of the most popular Fallout 4 companions in general. Besides being armed and good at science, he is also handsome. This makes this partner an excellent choice for so-called “low intelligence buildings”.

Who Is Curie In Fallout 4

Let’s look at how to engage Curie and what to do to improve your relationship with her.

Fallout 4: Curie Custom Vault Suit Wip

To find Curie, you need to go to one of the warehouses. Specifically, it is Vault 81, which is on the lower level of the secret vault area. That said, here are the important things you should know about it.

His abilities are very interesting compared to other members. First, he is armed with a laser pistol that has infinite ammo and deals a lot of damage. In addition, he has medical and scientific abilities that are very good for people with low intelligence.

In terms of perks, if your health drops below 10% once per day, Combat Medic will heal you for 100 HP.

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Curie The Sweetie Synth…im Love Her I’m Accepting

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It is possible that our partners have already done this. In the meantime, read other stuff or stay on this site.” My entire life has been spent in this warehouse. I’ve explored and learned all there is to know. Now I need to see the rest of the Commonwealth. Scientists’ advisors. Discovery more data to to challenge my assumptions. »

She is a nanny found in Bodega 81 on 4. He may be the partner of the only survivor.

The modern Curie is meant to be the guardian of Vault 81, responsible for preserving the knowledge gathered by the Vault 81 scientists, as well as making sure that each one of them knows the importance of the work being done in the mission halls. warehouse.

Curie: The History And Secrets Of Fallout 4’s Best Companion

However, the current Curie is not the same robot as when it was put into storage. Due to the watcher’s sabotage, none of the scientists received a training message that allowed them to enter Vault 81 in time to perform the experiment.

However, three explorers came out: Kenneth Collins and Jim Flint reached the Fens Reservoir with the public, and M. Holan was set. They report to the research area and are sealed inside. This means that residents are still at risk.

Although there are only three of them, a generation-long research program can ensure eradication, they have state-of-the-art equipment, centuries-old materials, and a robotic hospital engineer (CVRIE) that is susceptible to infectious diseases, meaning they have limited capabilities. manpower they can still threaten the population.

To compensate, Collins upgraded and transformed Curie, changing her from a custom Mr. Suitable for the perfect laboratory assistant.

Fallout 4 Curie Companion Guide

He gave her a personality inspired by two of his acquaintances, Lisa and a French woman from Versailles whom he had met decades before, and also filled the databanks with all his good works (Kant, Einstein, Born, Darwin, Curie). , Faraday, Turing, Brown) to make it livable and humane. So CVRIE became Curie.

With his help, the work gained momentum and Phase I trials began immediately. When it was reported, the supervisor O. Olivet was angry and played all the time,

Trying not to reveal his intentions while maintaining an aura of friendship. Although the spirits of the three scientists were strong thanks to Collins and Curie, they still managed to get through the holes and were able to release the germs before III. level research or more. When the small setback of the mole rat population was resolved and II. level developed rapidly, Olivet made a decision.

The supervisor personally damaged faucets in each building and side room of the warehouse. Then, when the researchers began to notice (especially the hole), they cut the only terminal that could communicate with the science team and dropped it in the reactor, near the closed security entrance of the science section.

Day 29 With Fallout 4: I Provide Aid To The Enemy, Power Some Armor And Curie Loves Me Because Science!

Sealed in the research wing, the scientists no longer see the light of day and continue their work sadly. Curie replaced them,

Finally, in 2204, Curie completed an extensive regimen capable of treating all pathogens developed and tested in captive mice.

He spent the rest of his time scanning the four walls again and again until a single survivor arrived, allowing him to exploit a loophole in the programming and escape enslavement in the vault.

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Fallout4] Curie ! The Assaultron Medic

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Fallout 4: Curie In The Faction Outfits By Spartan22294 On Deviantart

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What Outfit Looks Better For Curie I’m Stuck And Need Help ?

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