Who Are Some Awesome Anime Characters With Beard

Who Are Some Awesome Anime Characters With Beard – Facial hair has long been used to change the appearance of anime characters to make them stand out more or to suit their role in the story.

However, not all characters with beards are as memorable and great as others, and today we will list only the best bearded characters in anime.

Who Are Some Awesome Anime Characters With Beard

Yu-Gi-Oh was a very popular anime and card game. Even today it easily compares to other classics like Magic the Gathering and stands out among the best.

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In addition to the influence of the series, Yu-Gi-Oh also has one of the best anime ball characters Shimon Muran and his modern counterpart Solomon Muto.

Shimon was a member of Pharaoh Atem’s court and the original owner of the Millennium Key, which he eventually relinquished as Shada’s guardian.

Yugi’s grandfather, Solomon, is the one who gave the character the title Millennium Puzzle, and his beard is amazing.

During a trip to the King’s Valley as a young man, his beard gave him a tough, tough look that completely helped sell him as a traveler.

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Later in life, with his now gray hair and bushy beard, he looks like the wise, loving and goofy grandfather that fans have come to love.

One looks at Kogo and it is hard to imagine him without a beard. It would just look so different!

As a tall, extremely muscular man, his thick belts, half mustache and full beard make him more intimidating than usual.

He’s the epitome of the baby-faced type, and standing next to Kog made it easy to see who was getting smashed, even if you didn’t know what his powers were.

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Cha is an incredibly bearded armorer, and with his long messy hair, he sure looks like a rebel.

Together, they leave everything to be together, and in death Yurij is attracted to him because it reminds him of his lost love.

As the guild leader, he crafts weapons from earth using the weapon guild members’ memories from their lives.

Not only does Naruto have some of the best redheaded girls in anime, but Ohnoki is exactly what you think a wise old Japanese guy looks like in anime.

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With his short stature, triangular chin, long, thick mustache and cheongmaj hairstyle, he is instantly recognizable to the audience.

A really stubborn old man, Ohnoki has no respect for those younger than him, and at first he seemed cruel.

After retirement, however, he withdraws and adopts a smug attitude, even as his disillusionment with the world grows.

Finally, he decides that he must correct his past error in judgment and admit that he overreached and made mistakes that need to be corrected.

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Despite being named after the Greek god of the underworld, Hades looks a lot like Odin of Norse mythology, with his horned helmet, eye scar and impressive facial hair.

A tall, old man with a full mustache and white beard down to his waist. That’s amazing!

Originally known as Precht, Hades became the Lord of the Heart of the Grimoire, a master of magic with a desire to destroy anyone who stood in his way.

Although he is extremely powerful, he is completely ruthless and expresses remorse and sadness for fighting his former team.

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Whichever side he falls on, we can’t help but be a little jealous of his amazing beard.

A tall, thin man, Shiro would look small if it weren’t for his gray hair and dirty fashion. His mysterious personality also hides a good heart and protective tendencies.

Although he is a master of the 251st Order of the True Cross, he has no compassion for demons and takes Satan’s twin sons to raise as his own.

Despite the fact that fans are not always good, especially at a young age, fans love his relationship with his adoptive parents and cannot imagine him any other way.

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Kotetsu has a simple idea of ​​how to be a hero, focusing on justice and protecting citizens.

He doesn’t like to waste time on things like taking pictures, despite having the best groomed facial hair in anime.

His close-cropped goatee complements his spiky brown hair and gives him a unique look unlike anyone else in the series.

Truly selfless, he puts the well-being of others before his own, even if he often overlooks collateral damage. But he has a killer beard that would make even Tony Stark jealous!

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After battling the white-haired beauty in the series, the incredibly bearded Dark Guild member Mirajane Strauss began to realize just how powerful this legendary guild is.

This tall magical powerhouse has thick brown hair sticking out on all sides and a prominent chin that includes his impressive sideburns that frame his chiseled face.

With his sharp eyes and serious face, he is quite visible… maybe not at the opposite end of the battlefield.

Although he does not like to fight dirty when faced with strong opponents, he is not above using well-thought-out tactics to win.

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However, he has no honor and will accept defeat with grace, until he restores the magic of the fairy guild as he promised when he fought Erza.

His original goal was to create a round gray beard to build a bridge to connect the Land of Waves to the mainland to strengthen economic stability.

Having achieved his goal, he moved to Konoha to help Inari rebuild the village, a place where his knowledge would be of great help.

While you won’t see this character jumping or fighting giant monsters much, his abilities are universally valuable and he deserves some love.

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Juzo is exactly what you think a dashing old sea captain should look like. With his full white beard and iconic captain’s hat, he wouldn’t be mistaken for any other character from the spaceship Yamato.

A strong captain, Yuzo is completely dedicated to saving the world from the threat of Gamilus and is not afraid to give his life to do so.

Even after being weak and bedridden due to illness, Yuzo is still someone his team looks up to and his advice is valuable to them.

Just by looking at this old captain, you can see that he is a man who knows how to do things, and we can’t even imagine what he would look like with a haircut.

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Although Isshin doesn’t have a full beard, his rough stubble works well enough to give him the masculine look he needs.

Like Ichigo’s father, he often beats the child for small offenses in order to strengthen him.

Isshin is a staple of the show and we like to think it’s because of his comedic timing and technical 5:00 shadow hold.

Although King Vegeta only appears in spin-offs and movies of the Dragon Ball series, we have to give him credit for his impressive beard.

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His thick beard and eyebrows make him commanding and no-nonsense. You really look like a king.

He was the ruler of the Saiyans and was believed to be the strongest of his race, surpassed only by his son Vegeta.

Unfortunately, he killed the attacker Frieza, leaving the Dragon Ball series to begin without this character and his amazing beard.

From the same anime that gave us the gorgeous purple Fae Valentine, Vincent is a sight to behold, with his long, dark, unruly hair and close-cropped beard making him an appealing villain.

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After research goes berserk during the battle of the titans and he forgets his love for Elektra due to amnesia, he sets out to unleash a devastating nanosystem virus on the world that will leave few survivors.

Vincent is very different from Spike, as both have equal powers and consider themselves dead, driven only by their love for a woman.

Even though he is a villain, you can’t help but feel bad for his situation and that there will be no salvation for him or his big beard.

Former Edmond Dantes, a kind and compassionate sailor unjustly imprisoned on false charges, became a figurehead after meeting Gankutsuou, the ruler of the cave, where he allowed a demon to possess him for revenge.

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The Count is an incredibly skilled and manipulative fellow with long black hair, pointy ears and a pointy goatee that would make Dracula jealous, and is focused on revenge and uses those around him as pawns to get what he wants.

If you like dark characters with impeccable facial hair, Grof is one you should check out.

A sea warrior known for having several confrontations with the King of the Dead Sea, Garp is also known as Whitebeard from his time at sea.

With a name like that, you know he’s got a good beard, and it really helps to know he’s not a guy to obsess over: that and his big muscles.

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Except for Garp who serves as the main antagonist in the Post-Enies lobby, of course

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