Which X Men Characters Deserve Their Own Solo Movies Besides Wolverine

Which X Men Characters Deserve Their Own Solo Movies Besides Wolverine – Being a member of the X-Men is tough—and I don’t mean living in a horrible hate group or sharing a house with people who throw acid. More specifically, it’s a star-studded series and universe — big names like Wolverine, Gambit, and Magneto have wowed readers in their solo series. But there are plenty of other X-heroes/villains who deserve their time in the spotlight and who have heart, story and humor before they get their name.

So, in the name of spreading love and page time around, our staff has compiled a list of seven mutants who would kill a leading man or woman, and what these books are. Here’s hoping someone is willing to give these brave protagonists a real chance to shine.

Which X Men Characters Deserve Their Own Solo Movies Besides Wolverine

Layla’s whole experience is that the soul cannot be resurrected if the body can. Now we have already seen Jamie in Krakow, but not Leila and their son. The question is, what does he mean by resurrection protocols? It allows the X team to answer some lingering questions about the longevity of the protocols. If Leila doesn’t want to be a part of Krakow, what does her daily life look like for someone who doesn’t choose to go? As someone who has seen the future and tried to stop it, will he understand Xavier’s desire to do the same?

X Men Who Deserve Solo Books

Everyone is asking about a Moira MacTaggert book, but what kind of hell did Sabertooth go to after he was sent to prison? I thought it was a mystery

You could make a whole miniseries about what goes on there while introducing new types of monsters. In fact, this is a way to give the X-Men line a spin/traditional horror comedy element. That would allow Jonathan Hickman to add a new threat to focus our attention and then withdraw it months or years later.

With security promised, Dazzler can finally test the music industry that has been on and off for 50 years. Tourism is not easy, what with the big gates. There can be many cameras and players as well as bands of mutants as a support group, streets and a manager. As a result in Krakow, the different political aspects of his stake in different countries can spy on the company. Maybe on keys.

S, they are not only quickly forgettable – thanks to Pepe Laraz’s excellent character designs – but also give readers a chance to see the mutant from a different perspective. If Krakow is a place of peace, why can it only serve those who know war? Since the end of that crossover, we’ve seen some Arrakki like Bei the Blood Moon come to Krakoa, but with tough mutants like Isca, they’re unlikely to unite.

Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes That Deserve A Movie

. Will Iska be content to just hang out at the Green Lagoon, playing beer pong (she won’t lose, of course)? How about that Arrakko forum Hickman put up

#16? But most importantly: Will Krakoa and Arako find love again now that they don’t speak the same language?

Despite being in the title of the most important X-Men story of all time, the history of the Phoenix Force from that book is more of a print edition. After so many changes and bad Avengers books, it’s time to think about what to do with it, and if there was a time with the X-Men anywhere better, this is it. And let me mention that when I say Phoenix, I mean Rachel, who, like the Force herself, hasn’t had a chance to shine in a long time.

, but put him in the driver’s seat for his solo, and for God’s sake, let’s embrace his position as a non-power-obsessed Phoenix Force personality. Again, with

Movies Of The X Men Universe Ranked

Starting with the concept of time travel, other timelines, etc., it’s worth shedding light on a character with a unique position in time. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to be Marvel Girl or Prestige – Rachel has to be Phoenix. Phoenix.

One book, but I would like a mini-series that focuses on the relationship between Xavier and Magneto. I don’t want to learn the deep and dark secrets of Krakoa, or glimpse the plans Moira X is hatching – I want a mini-comedy about the lives of two octogenarians living in unromantic domestic bliss. I love the good old days of Skyping the kids (“Eric, come into the kitchen; Scott and Jean are on the computer!”) and afternoon tea parties complaining about teenagers. mutants (“He called me a boomer, Charles!”) in just one episode where they’re rocking a nice Polaris scarf or something while taking in all the information that comes from a no-sew school uniform (work-life balance is important).

Maybe Sinister showed up at some point to tease them about being housemates. (“He needs to put the ring on now, Xavier!”) Think about it

Unlike some of the other heroes listed here, Globe Herman, the favorite kerosene-based good guy, got a “solo.” Technically, he should star in it

Black Superheroes That Deserve A Solo Film

Confirmed, but it more than proves the point: Globe is a real star, baby. Everyone has a different personality there and you’ll want to root for them whether they’re playing the perfect goofy side character or showing their depth as a hero who’s always trying to get justice.

Globe is silly at its best, and then it’s time to tell some good X-centric stories about self-responsibility and facing the challenges of growing up, albeit with endless passion and wisdom. If he can shine while hanging out with the kids, Globe Herman can do anything.

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