Which Robin Was Beaten To Death By The Joker

Which Robin Was Beaten To Death By The Joker – Denny O’Neill was thinking about Larry the Lobster. O’Neill, who had served as group editor for DC Comics’ Batman series in the 1980s, was on a writing sabbatical in upstate New York in 1988 when he and other staffers began discussing the best way to reach a growing readership. . Disagreement with Robin’s current incarnation. Batman’s newest sidekick – a street urchin named Jason Todd – was a stark contrast to former protégé Dick Grayson’s jovial energy. The fans booed him. Necessary steps should be taken.

During the conversation, O’Neill was suddenly reminded of a 1982 Saturday Night Live sketch in which cast member Eddie Murphy threatened to cook a lobster named Larry on air if he didn’t call viewers and apologize. Or, Murphy told them, they could dial a special 900 number to vote for his death. The following week, Murphy announced that Lobster had won a stay of execution. He ate it anyway.

Which Robin Was Beaten To Death By The Joker

O’Neill wondered if the same trick could be applied to comics. If the fans hated Robin so much, O’Neill felt, they were wrong to kill him.

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Death was nothing new in comics. With decades of continuity and the risk of repetition, comic book writers often turn to tragedy to shake up the status quo. Comic book covers of the 1950s—the clickbait of the time—were often a misdirection, but often hinted at an inner doom. In 1973, Marvel let Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy die fighting the Green Goblin. (We’ll meet the Goblin aka Norman Osborn in the next issue

#357 (1983) As a trapeze artist who succumbs to the death of his parents, Todd is a virtual carbon copy of Dick Grayson, who first appeared as Robin in 1940. As the Dark Knight’s sidekick for over 40 years, here comes Grayson. He took on the role of Nightwing, another player in the DC Universe. This paved the way for a new Robin. Enter Todd, first found under O’Neill’s watch, trying to free the wheel from the Batmobile. Impressed by the boy’s bravery, Batman hires him to break a chain of crimes against children. After training as a superhero, he becomes an officially costumed sidekick.

The title — Killing Captain Marvel for Marvel — didn’t seem particularly appealing to any version of Robin; He liked to portray Batman as a troubled loner. Although Starlin had advocated for Robin’s death in 1984, this latest episode particularly bothered him, as Todd often ignored orders and constantly brooded. When DC came up with the idea of ​​one of their characters being infected with HIV, it was Starlin who repeatedly suggested giving Robin the virus.

The publisher didn’t accept it, but O’Neill’s idea that readers should vote for themselves gained traction with the company. Starlin was unconvinced and weaved a four-issue storyline called “A Death in the Family”, in which Todd learns that his biological mother is alive and working in Ethiopia. He travels to see her, but learns that the Joker has hired her to sell stolen medical supplies. Todd’s only choice is to confront the iconic villain – in the struggle, he is struck by a crowbar and dies in an explosion.

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In the brief at the end of the issue, readers are told that Robin’s ultimate fate is in their own hands. “Robin is going to die because the Joker wants revenge, but you can stop it with a phone call,” he wrote. Voted for its existence by dialing 900; Choosing someone else will help seal his fate. 50 cents per call.

On 16 and 17 September 1988, these lines were open for only 36 hours. Around 10,614 calls were received. Of those, 5,271 supported a second chance and 5,343 threw dirt in Todd’s face. Robin would die, executed by a margin of only 72 votes – even if that didn’t represent 72 people. At least one anti-Robin activist admitted calling the aide four times to confirm his death.

#428, coming in October, finds a bloodied Toad in the ruins of the Dark Knight. (Starlin and artist Jim Aparo drew the two ends; the triumphant conclusion was hurriedly printed.) To make matters worse, Batman reveals that the Joker has been appointed and is now appointed ambassador to the United Nations by Ayatollah Khomeini. diplomatic protection.

Starlin got his wish. Like most fans. But DC was not prepared for what happened next.

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With the mainstream media not fully understanding that death is not a permanent state in comics, hundreds of headlines appeared with news of the disappearance of Batman’s longtime sidekick. “Holy hair, Batman!” Read on

. DC’s office received calls from reporters. O’Neill gave interviews for three straight days and was finally interrupted by a DC public relations employee who feared that all the attention was reflecting badly on the company.

For most people, “Robin’s Dead” notices were scanned over, ignoring the fact that Robin had died—it was the eccentric toad who had met his maker, not the likable Dick Grayson. DC’s marketing department was shocked when thousands of lunch boxes, t-shirts and toys now doubled as a memorial to Batman’s late sidekick. (For better or worse, Robin wasn’t part of Tim Burton’s Batman , which would hit theaters seven months later.) Starlin later said, perhaps half-jokingly, that O’Neill credited the director with the idea. Angered, Starlin at that point becomes the man who killed the Boy Wonder.

#428 and other related issues are sold and available on the collector’s market for $20-$40 each. DC later used the death trope with 1993’s “Death of Superman” epic, which sold millions of copies and had some wear black armbands in appropriate mourning.

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Of course, Superman is back. So is Todd. He is later revealed to be Batman’s nemesis Red Hood, who would appear alongside original Robin Dick Grayson in the DC Universe series Titans. Still, Todd’s death seemed to teach a lesson about the enduring appeal of comic mythology and the responsibility that comes with it.

“It changed my mind about what I did for a living,” O’Neill said. “No, I realize that I am in charge of postmodern folklore. These characters are so long and ubiquitous that they are the modern equivalent of Paul Bunyan and the legendary figures of the past.

Just because O’Neill had the idea of ​​letting the fans decide Robin’s fate doesn’t mean he was in favor of his death. The phone lines were open for a brief window, and O’Neill picked up the phone. He called 900 for help to rescue him, but he was in a trailer that had been in the news for months. If you’ve seen the movie before, you know that there’s a scene in the Batcave where Batman discovers that there was a Robin. We know this because we see his costume hanging up, defaced with clown graffiti. The movie does not explain how Robin died or which Robin he was. Zack Snyder has dealt with a bit of history, but we don’t have much information yet. I thought it would be interesting to delve into the history of dead robins and see how robins have dealt with death in the past.

The original dead Robin was Jason Todd, who took over when the first Robin retired. This is an iconic image, a costume that hangs in the Batcave as a reminder of Jason Todd’s sacrifice. This scene was featured in Frank Miller’s movie “”.

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.” DC actually ran a phone campaign to decide if he would die and left it up to the fans to choose. A lot of people thought they wouldn’t make it through.

In the story, the Joker captures Jason Todd, kills him with a crowbar, and then releases him to explode in a building. Jason proves himself a hero in the end as he uses his last moments to save his mother who betrayed him. Failure to save Jason will haunt Batman for years to come. A great backpack! Funny about it.

Of course, in comedies, death rarely lasts forever. Jason would later be resurrected and return to literally haunt Batman as the Red Hood’s bloodthirsty avenger. DC was rumored to be in charge of the story,  “

Jason Todd has been brought back to life for a while now, but there was a significant period when he was dead longer than he was alive. His death, although later reversed, had a major impact on Batman comics that continues to this day. For the first time, we see how personal the consequences of Batman’s war on crime can be when he draws other people into it.

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It made a big impact, but Jason Todd’s death is really that moment

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