Which Mobile Phone Company Has The Best Coverage

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This year is full of smartphones, so we’ve found the best Android and Apple smartphones you can buy today.

Which Mobile Phone Company Has The Best Coverage

We all love little squares in our pockets. Cell phones play a huge role in our daily lives, but buying the right smartphone can be a daunting task. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you buy the perfect smartphone.

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We’ve carefully listed all the best mobile phones in the UK to help you make a buying decision. Our best mobile phone review is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often.

Named the best smartphone of 2022 in our list below, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a very popular phone. The S22 Ultra is Samsung’s most stylish phone to date with a stunning display, S Pen support and impressive cameras. Usually set back north of £1,000, you can pick up the Burgundy S22 Ultra for £830 – its lowest ever price.

Finding the right smartphone for your budget can be difficult, especially when there is a lot of money to spend. To make things easier, we’ve put together everything you need to know about buying the best smartphone, and what you need to know about choosing a contract.

In most cases, buying an unlocked and SIM-free phone is the best option, as you can use any SIM you like and sell the phone when you want to upgrade, but you’ll need money up front. If you can’t afford the upfront cost, go with a contract, but consider the total cost to make sure you don’t miss out: if you can pay a little more up front, you can save the length. of the union. to die

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You will only get iOS on your Apple phones. Most of the time, iOS gets apps first and it is the most amazing OS. It’s not as flashy as Android, but there’s no doubt that it’s easy to use.

Android is more popular than its Apple counterpart and is available on most phones in the market. However, there are several types of Google operating systems. In most cases, you’ll want a phone with Android 11 or newer, as older versions will be outdated. Manufacturers often change their Android versions, which means that the experience may differ between phones.

Since most mobile phones are controlled through their screens, the size and quality of the touchscreen is very important. A large screen makes everything easier to read and is great for browsing the web, but a large screen makes for a bulky phone that can be difficult to carry.

The pixel density of the screen, measured in pixel inches (ppi), gives you an idea of ​​how clear and sharp words will appear on the screen – the fewer pixels that are stretched across the screen, for example, at the edges. . Screen technology can also be very important, with AMOLED and IPS screens being the two main technologies, each with their own pros and cons.

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Most mobile phones today are powered by octa-core processors. As a rule, the clock speed of the processor (measured in GHz) shows how fast the phone is and will give you an indication of how well the operation sounds, and how well the phone works with programs and games.

Alternatively, battery life is one of the main things you should look for when buying a new phone. Our battery test will help you make the right decision on the mobile phone that is right for you, but in general, the size of the phone’s battery (measured in mAh), is longer for one price.

In general, at least 64GB of online storage is fine if there’s a MicroSD slot, but you’ll quickly find that internal storage fills up quickly. With the increased emphasis on smartphone cameras in recent years, your Instagram photos are bound to be your storage hog, which is why we recommend at least 64GB as a starting point.

When a phone comes in for review, we test it using a number of evaluation methods. We usually start with the performance of the CPU and GPU, using the Geekbench 5 and GFXBench programs available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – this gives us a list of the features we use compared to competitors of the same price. The phone screen is measured by the DisplayCAL software and the display colorimeter. This gives us a more accurate reading of how the screen produces colors, as well as more brightness and contrast.

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Next is battery life. This is where we used our indoor video download test, which included a video with an aerial view and a display of 170cd/m2. We just play the video and record the time stamp when we turn on the phone first when it dries. Cell phone cameras are tested in a variety of recording environments, including high-resolution shooting, indoor and outdoor photography, and fast video editing in a variety of ways.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is an affordable smartphone. The most complete device the company has made so far, it might cost you more than some of the other devices on this list, but the S22 Ultra is the best Android smartphone on the market right now.

Samsung’s latest beauty has seen a bit of a splash this year, with a new Burgundy color and the introduction of new cameras. The internal upgrade of Samsung’s Exynos 2200 processor also makes this the most powerful phone we’ve ever tested. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras continue to impress with stunning shots.

But perhaps the most innovative addition this year is the inclusion of Samsung’s S Pen stylus. Borrowing from the Note series, the dinky doodler is a great tool and well worth the splurge.

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If you’re looking for the best Android you can make, make no mistake, it doesn’t get much better than the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Other key features – Processor: Octa-core 2.8 GHz Samsung Exynos 2200; Display: 6.8 inches, 3,088 x 1,440; Camera: 108MP, 10MP (10x zoom), 10MP (3x zoom); Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB; Operating system: Android 12

Cell phones are getting better, but with the new features above comes a higher price. Paying almost four figures for a modern smartphone is not possible for most consumers, but luckily, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 offers experience at a very low price.

Xiaomi’s low-cost phones also define in depth what you can expect from a smartphone. Powered by the super-fast Snapdragon 680 processor, the Redmi Note 11 outperforms smartphones that cost twice its price and then others. Its quad-camera is also good for the price, as is the large 6.43-inch FHD+ display with 90Hz refresh rate.

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In fact, the Redmi Note 11 doesn’t fail anywhere, especially when you consider how much it costs. If you’re shopping for a new phone and don’t have a huge budget to spend, the Redmi Note 11 is where your wallet should go.

Key Features – Processor: Octa-core 2.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 680; Display: 6.43 inches, 2400 x 1080; Camera: 50MP, 8MP (wide), 2MP (macro) and 2MP (depth); Storage: 128GB, 2556GB; Operating system: Android 11

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 – Smartphone 4+128GB, 6.43” 90Hz FHD+ Amoled Dotdisplay, Snapdragon 680, 50MP AI-Quad Camera, 5000mAh, Graphite Gray (UK Version + 2 Year Warranty) with Alexa Hands Free

Cheaper than all the other phones on this list, the Google Pixel 7 is a true Android browser. Not only does it significantly undercut the competition in terms of price, but it outperforms them in terms of image performance. Once again a big contender for the camera crown, the Pixel 7’s dual cameras are flawless, beating the competition in clarity, detail and color reproduction.

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It’s also the best version of Android 13. There’s no better display than Google’s latest version of its mobile operating system, so if you’re a keen photographer or just looking for the best Android has to offer, give the Pixel 7 a go. no.

Other key features – Processor: Octa-core 2.85GHz Google Tensor G2; Screen: 6.3 inches, 2400 x 1080; Camera: 50MP, 12MP Ultrawide; Storage: 128GB, 256GB; Operating system: Android 13

If you’re on a budget and are happy to spend more than the standard Pixel 7, then its bigger brother is a good choice. For £250 extra you get the same cameras as the smaller ones, albeit with a third 5MP telephoto unit.

The screen is large (6.7 inches), high resolution (3,120 x 1,440) and

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