Where Can I Safely And Legally Practice Drifting If There Are No Designated Tracks Or Race Clubs Anywhere In Or Near My Country

Where Can I Safely And Legally Practice Drifting If There Are No Designated Tracks Or Race Clubs Anywhere In Or Near My Country – Drifting is one of the most amazing and challenging ways to drive. It’s a job most of us motoring journalists think we’re good at. Spoiler alert, there isn’t.

Toyota Racing recently hosted a “Learn to Drift” event at Old Bridge Township Raceway in England, NJ to teach our team how to drive the GR86 rear-wheel drive sports car. Here are the basics of drifting so you can drive wheels like me.

Where Can I Safely And Legally Practice Drifting If There Are No Designated Tracks Or Race Clubs Anywhere In Or Near My Country

When learning to drift, it is first important to understand how the car reacts to basic maneuvers such as turning, acceleration and braking. This is best described in the grip circle, which shows that your tires can only handle braking, acceleration or cornering well at the same time – more input reduces grip. So drifting is unusual in the sense that you push the car sideways without spinning and crashing.

Drifting Cars & Safety Measures

When driving, the driver tells the front tires where they want to go and uses the throttle to spin the rear tires to get the car out of the corner, said Formula Drift car builder and engineer Stephen Papadakis. Then you will find that drifting requires good steering and throttle coordination to keep the car on the side without spinning out.

Unlike other motorsports, drifting doesn’t require a lot of equipment or space to get started. All you need is a rear wheel drive car, tires and a safe (and legal) place to practice where you won’t upset anyone. You can really improve your driving skills if you’re not ready to buy a set of wheels.

However, if you’re looking for a self-driving car, you’ll want rear-wheel drive (RWD). because the simple answer is that drifting (or power sliding, if you’re so inclined) is the easiest of all RWD setups. Of course, you will be able to use the handbrake and remove the anti-steering gear in a front-wheel drive car, but you will not be able to hold the skid.

Once you’ve found the right car, or if you’re brave enough to use it as your daily driver, turn off the traction control and drive it at your own risk. When learning, it’s very easy to start by making donuts around a set of cones. Otherwise, you may end up driving your pride and joy against the wall before you have any serious knowledge of driving.

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Modern tires are designed to stay on the road when cornering – good news for all of us. Driving the Toyota GR86, I used almost all of the tire clearance power in first gear. Even with a standard set of Michelin Primacy tires (not designed for active traction), the car is one sticky pig. It’s important to note that we were in a controlled environment, at a racetrack, not on public roads.

This safe and unique setting was perfect for showing the difference between understeer and oversteer – drift is the perfect balance between the two.

Turning the steering wheel without enough throttle to start causes understeer. However, too much throttle results in oversteer where the car just goes out. Completing the drift is more three-dimensional than it seems and requires a delicate balance between throttle and steering angle. In other words, it takes some practice.

Basically, you have to drive and apply pressure on the throttle at the right time to make the car go. Start with a nice circular path around the central cone at about 10 mph. If you drive a car with a manual transmission, make sure you are in first gear. Feel free to experiment left and right to see what works best, then stick with it. While maintaining the steering wheel angle, press the throttle hard (almost full throttle) until the rear of the car starts to come out. You have to push the accelerator more than you think – it’s better to go around quickly here and click again later.

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Drifting is like finding balance on a bike, you’re always flirting with being in control and out of control. Not enough energy and you will end up where you started. Too much and you’re out. Fortunately, spinning around in a cloud of tire smoke is less painful than falling off the back of a bike.

Once you turn off the back of the car, you will have to turn to avoid spinning. Imagine a circle following your path as it goes around the cone; The goal is to cross this line with the front wheels. This is best seen in the slip angle, which refers to the amount of front wheels turning where the car is actually going. This counter is likely to feel out of place if you don’t spend time in line. Like Lightning McQueen’s fight in Cars 2, it took me a few tries to get it working.

Therefore, when you turn left, you must turn right as soon as the rear of the car comes out, or vice versa if you want to go to the right corner. When you’re sideways, the throttle and steering wheel are separated. Too much throttle and you’ll have to turn the steering wheel more into the skid position. The opposite is true if you use a small throttle. While it sounds easy in theory, finding the right balance of the two takes some practice.

The last thing is to collect everything and adjust the car after smoking the tires. More often than not, failed drivers cause all the crashes you see in YouTube videos. The correct technique involves turning the steering wheel by releasing the throttle. The worst thing you can do here is oversteer when the car goes sideways; Also called overcorrection, it pushes the car in the direction you want it to go and is usually a one-way ticket to an accident. This is another big reason why you should learn to drift in a controlled environment, away from any obstacles.

Elliott Heads To Back Of Pack

Meanwhile, there was a competition between journalists to see who could do the longest contest before the launch. After all was said and done, I took the win home

I felt like a driving god after that. That was until I finished the day with professional Formula Drift competitor Ryan Tuerke as he ripped his 1,000 horsepower Toyota GR Corolla drift car around the racetrack. This is one of the most interesting race cars I’ve written about at length. It was quite violent, but I was very impressed with how comfortable it was. Even with such impressive power, Tuerk’s direction changes during the demo were smooth.

Seen by Turk – A.K. “Hampshaa” – I was impressed with the precision with which he tracked the car completely sideways in the Formula Drift competition. It’s absolutely amazing to see these guys fighting just inches away from each other. The goal of drift racing is to get as close as possible to the other driver while keeping close to the many “cuts” made on the track. If you’re a car enthusiast who hasn’t followed drift racing, give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Matt Krissara is an Australian with an unbridled love of cars and motorsports, both domestic and foreign, and is the Motoring Editor.

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He writes most of the automotive coverage in digital and print formats. He was previously a writer for Motor1, after an internship at the American Circuit F1 Track and SpeedCity, an Austin radio station focused on the world of motor racing. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona School of Journalism, where he rode a bicycle with the university club team. When not working, he enjoys sim racing, FPV drones and outdoor recreation.

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