Where And When Did Sirius Black Get His Tattoos

Where And When Did Sirius Black Get His Tattoos – The black sheep (actually… the dog) of his family, Sirius is the kind of brave, thoughtful and loyal person anyone would want as their godfather.

Unfortunately, we’ve only had the pleasure of hanging out with Sirius for three books, with his fierce, complex, cunning and truly wonderful personality captivating us on multiple occasions. But in what chapter does Sirius stand out? Well, it took a while to pick one, but…

Where And When Did Sirius Black Get His Tattoos

In “The Noble and Oldest House of Black”, Harry realizes how dark Sirius’ life is. As if Azkaban isn’t enough, the roaring hero also has to contend with a rocky childhood with a pureblood-obsessed family.

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All disclosures have been made in this particular case. While the group is holed up in Grimmauld Place and Mrs. Weasley is at odds with Mundungus Fletcher, Harry examines an ancient tapestry in one of the rooms. Sirius explains that it represents his family tree – but like most family trees, many of the names were brutally burned.

“You’re not here!” Harry said observing the lower part of the tree. “Before,” Sirius said, pointing to a small, round, dark hole in the carpet, like a slight cigarette burn. “My dear old mother abandoned me after I ran away from home—that’s what Kreacher likes to rant about.” Harry Potter and the Phoenix

Sirius explains why his family, especially his parents, clearly exhibit bigoted behavior, wanting their children to be completely pure blood and strictly follow the traditions of the black family. Although not a cardholder, they share many of the same ideals as Voldemort.

Sirius then reveals that his brother, Regulus, was once a Death Eater, much to Harry’s surprise. Of course, this was before Harry discovered Regulus’ twist.

Funko Pop! Sirius Black

Sirius explained the interconnected nature of magical families and his relationship with Nymphadora Tonks and Bellatrix Lestrange, not to mention the Malfoy family. As well as being a shocking revelation, it helps Harry better understand the relationships between wizarding families and how every pureblood wizard is somehow connected to each other no matter how far apart.

In many ways, Sirius is a lone wolf – or rather, a lone dog. He spent most of the series alone. Imprisonment in Azkaban has cut him off from others, but “The Noble and Ancient Most House of Black” shows that Sirius’ relationship with his family makes him feel like an outsider.

Black went against family trend by placing Sirius in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin like the rest of his family. This set him apart from the norm, and the fact that he was a Gryffindor – with a significantly more sympathetic personality – led to a rocky relationship with his family.

His dissatisfaction with living at Grimmauld Place, the house where he spent many of his early years, made Sirius even more bitter. He did not hide that he did not enjoy his childhood.

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“I hate to come back here,” he said, looking across the hallway. “I never thought I’d be stuck in this house again.” Harry understood completely. He knew what it was like when he grew up and thought he was going to escape this place forever, come back and live at number four, Privet Drive. Harry Potter and the Phoenix

This is an important chapter not only in the development of Sirius, but in a wider sense: it outlines the close-knit fabric of the magical community. And of course, Sirius planted the seeds for R.A.B.’s discovery by mentioning his brother Regulus. The pendant – and the truth about Regulus’ tragic end.

“No, no, but believe me, they thought Voldemort had the right idea, they were all about purifying the magical race, getting rid of muggle-borns and getting purebloods to the top. They’re not alone.” , there were also those who, before Voldemort revealed his true nature, thought he had the right idea about things… cold-hearted at what he was willing to do to gain power. , however. But I bet my parents thought Regulus was the right hero to join in the first place.’ Harry Potter and the Phoenix

Sirius Black taught us that your biological family is not necessarily your real family. For Sirius, he found a family in Harry and Remus Lupine’s father. Sirius taught Harry many things, but the most important message he gave his son was that even if you don’t have a family, you still have a family among your friends.

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Brought to you by Wizarding World Digital in association with Warner Bros. And Pottermore. Bringing you the latest official news and products from The Wizarding World and our partners. We know that the main character of the Harry Potter series has not had the easiest time in his life, when we first meet him, he is sleeping in a closet. But when Harry grew up, became best friends, and truly became a great wizard, it felt like these other poor characters definitely got the short end of the stick.

Even though he was blessed with rugged beauty, a cool Animagus form, and some awesome childhood friends (except for the not-so-great ones), life wasn’t all that fun for Sirius. And all this injustice still stings.

First, he grew up as the rare and lonely Gryffindor boy in a Slytherin-loving family, obsessed with purebloods, including decorative decisions like mounted elf heads. . After this, he was criticized by his family for a different dare.

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Then: He was imprisoned in Azkaban for over a decade for the murders of 12 Muggles and his former best friend Peter Pettigrew, who actually tricked him and faked his own death. He then had to deal with the excruciating pain of the deaths of his best friend James Potter and his wife Lily, which everyone in the wizarding world believed was caused by his betrayal.

When he finally escapes, he lives a life of loneliness, endless hiding, in ruins, and finally ends up in his hated family home, where he must live with the memories of his despised childhood and his eternal incarnation. Mother cried, not content to hang on the wall.

Later, after finding a promising new life outside of Azkaban, working with the Order of the Phoenix and forming a good relationship with his son, who reminds him of his old best friend James, he is killed by his own grumpy cousin. . , Bellatrix.

Speaking of beautiful fictional witches who died before their time, here’s another case. Poor Cedric Diggory has it all: good looks, popularity, Hufflepuff pride, and enough magical talent to be elected Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard Tournament. So far so good.

Harry Potter Characters Who Died Final Words

Alas, this special time for Cedric was tainted by the truth when Harry Potter’s son also entered the tournament due to a secret conspiracy hatched by Lord Voldemort. Now, the conclusion of the new tournament has resulted in the Triwizard Cup, which has been turned into a portkey, which will lead Harry directly to the Dark Lord.

Cedric’s reward for winning the first trophy? Totally unjustified, random killings. It’s sure to be a cash prize and a fantasy trophy.

Suffice it to say, Cedric’s death is one of the hardest and most shocking losses in the entire series.

Poor, young Colin Creevy is just a naïve, muggle-born Hogwarts student with a passion for magic and a passion for photography that characterizes Harry Potter. He drew a small snippet of his life at Hogwarts. In his first year, Colin was one of the few petrified victims when the Chamber of Secrets was opened, his muggle-born status making him easy prey for Salazar Slytherin’s basilisk.

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After that, things went well for a while, Colin joined Dumbledore’s army and stayed with his hero. Appreciation!

However, when Voldemort returned, we got a terrifying snapshot of life for Muggle-born wizards under the Dark Lord’s rule. IN

While Harry hunts Horcruxes, poor Colin is banished from Hogwarts for being Muggle-born, and then dies in one of the most tragic and unexpected deaths in the book, in the Battle of Hogwarts.

The worst part: Colin wasn’t supposed to be there, but he probably came to support his idol Harry.

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Harry looked down and felt another twinge in his stomach: Colin Creevy, although a teenager, must be the same as Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. He was dead young. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

She’s the younger sister of one of the wizarding world’s most beloved national treasures, but as it turns out, Ariana Dumbledore is one of the saddest characters in the series. Attack by one

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