When Stating You Want A Career In Clinical Psychology Should Clinical Psychology Be Capitalized

When Stating You Want A Career In Clinical Psychology Should Clinical Psychology Be Capitalized – Take your first test and get paid to give it back to the medical community. Your first (or 40th) case is just a phone call away. Sign up now for a medical case review

Take your first test and get paid to give it back to the medical community. Your first (or 40th) case is just a phone call away.

When Stating You Want A Career In Clinical Psychology Should Clinical Psychology Be Capitalized

If you are a doctor or other licensed professional and want to review medical board cases for extra cash, on your own time, you can use your medical knowledge and critical thinking skills in medical board reviews.

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It doesn’t matter that the experts who win doctors all start the same way… just one case. Isn’t it time you joined other doctors learning how to supplement their income without the hassle and expense of starting a second career?

Dr. Green, a radiologist and expert witness who has been retained as an expert witness in nearly 200 medical malpractice cases, has taught hundreds of physicians how to start and grow expert witness businesses.

Medicine is still a great profession, where our daily work can literally save lives. But doctors are working harder than ever, often with less pay, mounting educational debt and an ever-increasing administrative burden.

Let’s face it. If you want to watch new TV series, you can do it for free. But if you have specific financial goals and want to earn extra money without moonlighting/overnights/weekends, look for opportunities to earn more in your spare time.

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You want to gain experience reviewing medical cases, but you’re not yet ready to jump into the deep end of the legal pool.

It took 4 years to finish med school and then another 3-7 years of training to do your job. You’re a champion at learning, but you take it one step at a time. You also learn to have a guide show you the ropes and walk a mile in your shoes. You want to try new options, but you want to “try before you buy.”

Waiting for a lawyer to call out of the blue can be a frustrating experience when you’re ready to put your skills to work now! You want to build a network without burning your marketing.

Even after years of being an expert, most of your work still goes to plaintiff’s lawyers… because that’s what you called it? Do you want more lawyers on the phone because it helps you develop expert skills when looking at cases from different angles? What if there was another option to rethink assumptions and actually train your brain?

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Are you ready to take your first medical exam? And get paid to give back, guilt-free? Register today for a medical case

Is the concept of writing an invoice the same as writing a grocery list in Latin? (And does the law also call you Greek?)

Do you know how much an expert review costs? (You don’t need a lawyer to negotiate this contract, do you?)

Aren’t you already working 24/7? (Where will you find time for more work, less exercise or reading?)

Medical Assisting With Phlebotomy

Need something else to try? (Is it covered by your malpractice insurance policy or is it printed somewhere?)

Doctors are trained to trust the work of our IS services. Getting paid to do our job should be treated as a privilege, not a right. And in an economy where about 2/3 of doctors are now employed, many doctors feel they have no choice but to work harder and trade time for money to meet the growing economic challenges.

Our work is very valuable. But physician burnout is real, and the real cost is the rapid loss of physicians from the workforce that ultimately hurts everyone.

Until we understand the true value of our time, that the consumption of our skills, education and experience is an important measure of our value, doing more with less makes no sense.

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Instead, working less in the short term can actually be a bigger investment in your future.

Reviewing the first medical board case opens the door to a world of opportunity. You can learn important new skills, using the knowledge you already have as a doctor.

By supporting your expert opinion with literature, consensus guidelines, and other resources, you immediately put this information to work in your clinical practice.

Your hospital and/or clinic may see you as a psychological asset – someone they can turn to as a resource.

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And best of all, patients benefit from doctors who provide better care when they are informed. Even when it’s not easy to think how something could go wrong with the work we’ve poured our heart and soul into.

By gaining an insider’s perspective, you can even help prevent potential health risks by learning from other people’s mistakes. If you have ever been sued, you can be a strong advocate for yourself with your knowledge of the legal system.

But first, you must accept guilt-free expert work to get paid for your time, giving back to the medical community and the larger world around us.

You don’t need to have a lawyer background or a marketing strategy to start reviewing medical board cases. (Here’s where the phone call part comes in…we’ll bet you already know how to reach your state board of health, but this lesson will teach you exactly what to do and when to say you’re ready to call. You start! )

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β€œThank you, Gretchen, for this wonderful tutorial

“This course is a neat and organized guide to starting and expanding expert witness work. Gretchen does a great job of providing framework and tools to help people of all experience levels. Highly recommended.”

Introducing the Medical Case Review MINI This mini-course provides maximum guidance for physicians preparing to complete the Medical Board Case Review.

Dr. Green has taught hundreds of doctors how to open and build expert witness businesses, some of whom have made $100,000 in their first year of business.

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Her proven, practical, time-honored technique will teach you how to successfully conduct a medical board review, whether this is your first case starting your specialist career or you are looking to develop your skills.

Even graduate school students who want to take their first (or next) medical board case without having to learn new things elsewhere will benefit from this course.

πŸ“‚ Shows you step-by-step how to start looking at cases as a gig in hours (not days, weeks or years).

πŸ“‚ This puts you in the driver’s seat of your expert journey, giving you the ability to decide how quickly you want to progress on the case.

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πŸ“‚ It gives you the tools to land the first case you’ve worked on and start your career as an expert witness.

πŸ“‚ It accelerates your already successful testimonial business by strengthening your various skills by reviewing cases from different clinical areas and different perspectives.

So, if you’re ready to finally start reviewing medical board cases expertly while maximizing the value of your time…

If you have never been involved in a medical board case review, don’t worry! You have all the health skills and knowledge you need. We’ll give you practical details so you understand the process and your role.

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I’ll also share my personal story of how I got into expert witness work, how I built a digital course business to teach hundreds of other doctors to create their own success stories, and how hard work and persistence really got me to the top. of the world

Doctors often ask me if they are qualified to serve as expert witnesses. This section will help you not only understand your abilities, but also identify the strengths you bring to your case review (and your clinical practice!).

These 3 R’s for medical board case review are much easier to remember than the old “read/write/”math” discipline – and probably don’t count for expert review!

This module teaches you how to think about case reviews as an experienced practitioner looking for unbiased, objective reviews that educate others and demonstrate your skills as a clinician.

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This section explains how to develop the mindset of a successful expert through powerful lessons that can inspire you to follow in the footsteps of other experts who have built successful and profitable businesses. By learning the exact details of your billing and how your time will be paid for, you’ll have the opportunity to see future growth possibilities beyond what you thought possible.

Case review rates at $175-$300/hour, this course pays off on your first case! (It pays off many times over if you use this knowledge to land a 5 to 6 figure gig as an expert! It’s all up to you.)

Whether it’s your first case or your 40th, the Medical Case Review Minicourse will give you exactly what you need to start reviewing cases to generate more revenue and give back to the medical community.

Here’s what else

Medical Case Review Minicourse

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