When Eating Cereal With Milk Do You Pour The Cereal Or The Milk First

When Eating Cereal With Milk Do You Pour The Cereal Or The Milk First – The disclaimer comes from an article published earlier this week titled “How to Build a Casual, Slate Pop-Up Blog.” According to author Susan Matthews, the right method is:

“I start with a very small amount of cereal. Then I add a lot of milk. Too much milk for that amount of cereal. The cereal floats, I eat it, then I fill the bowl with a smaller amount of the same amount. About four to seven times the cereal, depending on how hungry I am, then I drink milk.”

When Eating Cereal With Milk Do You Pour The Cereal Or The Milk First

Matthews says this brewing method helps the grain retain its freshness and the milk’s smooth flavor without being disturbed by the moisture. Fruit can be placed at the bottom of the pond – “the right size of the whole grain” – because it is not a disappointment. And the milk, some of it should remain, should be separated and drunk at the end.

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This reporter finds it very satisfying to pour a large bowl of cereal and prefers to pour a little milk only on the top layer, then shake to slightly moisten the cereal. This process also keeps the crunch, but with the added bonus of knowing exactly how much grain to eat (which is more than a serving, but at least I know) and without the usual filling to break the habit of eating grain. , which is meditation.

Related: The Best Way to Freeze and Heat Breakfast to Save Time in the Morning Sometimes, when a movie or TV show wants to show how weird a character is, they’ll show him pouring a box of cereal into a bowl and adding a little disgusting liquid – orange juice, water, coffee, maybe alcohol. It is an easy way to show that someone is not clean, because everyone knows that only milk goes into cold cereal. Without exception. Even warm milk, enjoyed by few people, should taste better.

But is milk accepted over cereal because it’s so good, or because of something else? Is there a reason why we don’t crush Frosted Flakes in water and call it a day?

The condition of our grain bowls can be matched to the origin of the wheat. In the year In the mid-1800s, Americans enjoyed hearty breakfasts that included bacon, eggs, meat, and other foods that could easily appear on their dinner plates. Many complained about stomach upset, health professionals (most of them called themselves) started calling

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. This ill-defined disease was thought to be the result of a large breakfast. Advocates argue that breakfast should be simple and healthy, with what they believe to be simple and digestible foods.

One of those converts was James Caleb Jackson, a vegetarian who ran a hospital called Our Hillside Hospital in Dansville, New York. At that time, health sanatoriums were considered a retreat and a way to achieve healthy eating habits and physical activity. Jackson was an admirer of Sylvester Graham, the inventor of graham crackers and a man who believed that crackers could help curb the libido of carnivorous animals. In the 1870s, he began marketing what he called the Jackson product

– Baked gram flour, ground and baked a second time. The small powder stones are filled with hearts.

Whether it was Jackson or his mother Lucretia who invented the pills is disputed. From 1867 Lucretia published recipes for the same thing in her daughter’s magazines. But Jackson came up with it, there was a problem: the pills, eaten dry, were like trying to swallow construction debris. Lucretia warned in this magazine that the cereal should be soaked in milk or warm water to make it taste better. For some capsules, consumers soak them in milk overnight so they can be chewed. Sometimes people call it “wheat stone”.

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The cereal built a following, but not until John Harvey Kellogg, another sanatorium owner, imitated the recipe. Kellogg, owner of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, offered pills for its health benefits, but called it quits.

To avoid any conflict with Jackson. By 1889, Kellogg’s was selling two tons of granola a week. In the year By 1903, over 100 grain companies were operating in Battle Creek. Of course, Kellogg became famous for his beloved cornflakes (which he invented because he thought they would prevent masturbation).

Even if the cereal is prepared and softened, the trend of soaking it in milk has not left the people. Milk was the perfect way to add moisture to dry food without making it completely wet. Like cereal, milk was synonymous with health, full of vitamins and calcium. In the year In a 1922 cornflakes newspaper ad, Kellogg’s announced the wonders of the combination.

They even found that milk fat sticks to the surface of the grain, preventing moisture and causing the grain to shrivel more if it is soaked in water.

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Yes, no more milk is needed to soften the bricks that Lucretia and John Jackson used to trade. Traditionally, we are still expected to include milk and cereal in our two-hand breakfast options. Things might have been different if Lucretia had encouraged coffee, orange juice, or something else. And very wet. Two intersecting lines form an X. It shows how to close the connection or opt out of the notification.

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The trend started when Twitter user @Vidarrina tweeted in June asking if anyone enjoyed eating the cereal served with cold milk, according to Yahoo News UK.

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Since then, the message has been repeated more than 1,000 times. Many people are encouraged to add a cube to their breakfast every day.

Intrigued, I decided to try it myself. I was worried that the ice cubes would only water down the milk, harden the cereal and ruin a good breakfast.

At first I didn’t notice the temperature difference between the milk and the cereal. It tasted like any cereal bowl with cold milk.

It wasn’t a life-changing experience, but it was nice to eat from a bowl where the milk was always cold. In addition, it was very pleasant to drink the milk left in the box because it did not warm to room temperature while eating.

Woman Hands Pouring Milk Into Cornflakes Bowl. Woman Eating Cereal At Home. Stock Photo

My concern about water milk was no problem. The cereal was not as moist as I expected. At first the snow melted slowly. However, like ice water, when the milk cools, the melting point decreases. That gave me plenty of time to enjoy my breakfast.

A colleague of mine suggested that you can make your own milk cubes if you’re worried about the frozen milk spoiling your milk.

The cereal I chose was not too sweet and I used 1% milk. A sweet alternative like Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles served with whole milk can feel like eating ice cream for breakfast.

Although the ice cube trend has gained popularity on social media in recent months, people have been talking about this breakfast for years – celebrities like Jennifer Hudson in 2009.

Healthy Fruit Cereal

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In what seems like some proven history, the milk vs. cereal conflict goes back to around the 1860s (or maybe the 1870s), when the first person was a breakfast cereal called pellets. Like eating dry capsules

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In summary, it was “trying to swallow construction debris.” In fact, Lucretia Jackson, who created the capsules, warned that milk or water is a necessary addition.

From there, Milk stuck to their story. Even breakfast

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