When Did Jeff Bezos Get So Jacked Not Many Billionaires Look Muscular

When Did Jeff Bezos Get So Jacked Not Many Billionaires Look Muscular – Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez during the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Miami at the Miami International Circuit last month. Photo: Cleve Mason/Formula 1/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are busy turning muscles into men – even figures are growing

When Did Jeff Bezos Get So Jacked Not Many Billionaires Look Muscular

Is it because they know most people hate them? Are they afraid that a revolution is coming? Are they preparing for an apocalyptic future where artificial intelligence will be evil and they will have to fight robots barehanded? So are billionaires obsessed with being lovers?

Why Ripped Abs Are The New Power Trip For Ceos

A few billionaires, as you can see, never stop showing off their muscles. I’ve seen Jeff Bezos bare-chested more times than I’d like (that’s zero times) because the Amazon founder is always seen shirtless on a yacht. Okay Jeff, we got it. You have a six pack. You can crack a nut with the shell. Very impressive. How about paying a little more tax?

Bezos’ transformation from weed e-commerce nerd to dollar store Vin Diesel seems to have inspired his peers. Mark Zuckerberg has definitely been in the gym: Last week, the Facebook founder celebrated the Memorial Day “Murph Challenge,” which involves wearing a 20-pound shirt, doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and more. . Longitudinal endurance. He did it in forty minutes, elite time. Zuckerberg revealed that he had won gold and silver medals in a Brazilian ji-jitsu tournament just weeks before boasting about his Murph days. Apparently he got into jiu-jitsu during the pandemic while we were all baking bread and bingeing on Netflix.

Zack and Bezos aren’t the only ones getting pumped. We are in the “age of the hobbyist tycoon,” as the New York Post declared last year. According to El Pais, “Ripped abs are the new power for CEOs.” “Today’s billionaires are simply cheerful,” noted the Guardian. Today, the size of your biceps has become a status symbol, the size of your bank account.

There are many reasons for this, including the technological world’s fascination with biohacking and treating the human body as a machine that can be optimized. More broadly, we live in an image-obsessed culture that has led to an increase in body image issues among boys and young men. Muscles have always been associated with masculinity, but in recent decades the ideals of male beauty have changed: the ideal male figure has become much larger and more difficult to achieve.

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For example, a 2006 study found that productivity has increased over the past 25 years. “Physical body size may contribute to the multifactorial development of an idealized body type that focuses on a lean, muscular body,” the researchers write. A related 2018 study found that both boys and girls “preferred hypermuscular male figures over normal muscular figures: [e] belief that children internalize the muscular male body ideal.”

Superheroes have also grown up. Health writer Sarah Berry noted that Hugh Jackman’s 2000 Wolverine was far less ripped than his last portrayal of the character: “Jackman’s physique has changed so much over the years that the current Wolverine looks nothing less than dough.”

That’s not to say that Bezos and Zuckerberg have body image issues—the rise of muscular billionaires needs to be seen in the larger context of defining male muscle mass. Even tech titans seem to have caught on to the idea that bigger is always better. At least when it comes to everything except the amount of tax.

A new study published in Nature shows that… wait for it… giving money to poor people actually improves their lives. An analysis of the impact of cash subsidies in 37 countries found that cash transfer programs reduced mortality by 20% among women and 8% among children under five.

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The program trains visually impaired women to become medical researchers and bring breast cancer screening to more women in India.

According to the CDC’s annual survey, one in 10 Americans will not take prescription drugs in 2021 to save money. More women than men give up medication: 7% versus 9.1%.

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A media content analysis found that Fox News spent more than two hours promoting LGBTQ+ products for Pride Month. “By comparison, the most recent report by the Illinois attorney general, Fox, revealed in 22 seconds that Catholic priests and religious brothers had abused nearly 2,000 children in the state since 1950.”

No prizes for guessing that these digital models usually have small waists and large breasts. “Many Chinese women say the images are disturbing and fear AI fashion will reinforce toxic, unrealistic beauty standards,” English-language Chinese media outlet Sixth Tone reported. “Male bias is definitely a problem for AI models,” says one expert.

Aido’s father was a pioneer, but this is not a surname. “I think just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be,” writes Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the Guardian’s books podcast. “And a lot of her work is about women… She writes not only about women, but about women… When you have people with literary leanings and things they can’t accept. you talk about it and then it will be difficult to know you. “

Scandi-noir fans have a strange new Scandinavian mystery to sink their teeth into: the case of the spitted potato. A lorry driver has been arrested after a large quantity of potatoes were thrown across the main bridge connecting the two Danish islands. Was it an accident? Was it a protest against new trucking laws? No one knows. “It seems strange,” a police spokesman said. Without a doubt, they will quickly enter his heart. At 58, Jeff Bezos is as stressed as his $142 billion bank account.

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In recent years, the co-founder and former CEO of Amazon has gone from meek to movie star. Now in the best shape of his life, his transformation stunned the internet when he first discovered these bicep pythons in 2017 at the billionaires camp in Sun Valley, Idaho. Bezos has doubled in size, getting skinnier and chubbier every year because there are too many adorable memes.

Jeff Bezos, past and present, is literally “you against the guy who told you not to worry about memes.” pic.twitter.com/NNA2LlFxy8 — Yoni (@OriginalYoni) July 14, 2017

It’s no wonder she’s interested in achieving optimal health. Those who are members of the Triangle Club have longevity and anti-aging; The ideal way to enjoy bigger bank accounts is to live longer. (Bezos recently invested in several “rejuvenation clinics” aimed at preventing death.)

Even though the entrepreneur and occasional astronaut has unlimited capital to hire personal trainers, nutritionists and celebrity chefs, you can’t achieve her body, especially after 40.

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It takes dedication and willpower to eat those Pillsbury cookies and hit the gym a few times a week.

Photos of Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, in St. Barts in 2021 show his shirtless physique, heavy arms, six pack and extremely large muscles.

An architect behind the gun? Famous coach Wes Okerson. Okerson’s list includes Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler.

Known for his varied approach to training, Okerson told The Week that he thinks it’s important to mix up his training regimen. This allows customers like Bezos to combine it with outdoor sports like paddleboarding and rowing on top of their regular workouts.

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Before Bezos began a full strength training program, Okerson had him develop his own weight, lunge and push-up form. “I keep things simple until the movements are right,” Okerson said

After Bezos perfected the technique, Okerson added weights and encouraged him to lift more weight over time. The procedure, which combines heavy resistance and metabolic stress to maximize hypertrophy (or muscle size) (1), is the exact method Okerson uses to build Bezos’ body.

The secret to Bezos’ upper body: gravity. “The deadlift is the best exercise for your abs and abs,” says Okerson. One practice Bezos uses is evident in his clear press.

When he’s not stuck at work, Bezos can create

Meet Jeff Bezos’ Personal Trainer, Wes Okerson

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