What Was Your Reaction When Beth Died In The Walking Dead

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Season 5 of Yellowstone is sure to bring plenty of action and drama when the Paramount Network show returns on November 13th. However, fans are demanding that the writers not let Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) get into any trouble.

What Was Your Reaction When Beth Died In The Walking Dead

The official Instagram page shared a short clip of Beth and Rip talking about their birthday. “Hide Rip Wheeler today and always,” read the Instagram video’s caption. “PS: Brace yourselves #YellowstoneTV fans. Something big is coming. 👀.”

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But while the post was intended to honor Rip with an emotional message, fans took the Instagram to mean something entirely different. Responding to the second half of the statement, people immediately began to prepare for the worst. Some Yellowstone fans have been quick to conclude that the show is teasing a happy ending for the newlyweds who tied the knot in Season 4.

“’Big things are coming,’” one person wrote in the show’s Instagram comments section, “hmm, spoiler. He would probably die to ruin it. 🙄.” The note started a domino effect of concern for Beth and Rip’s future.

“If she dies I will break my screen and I will never watch a Taylor Sherida script again,” replied another. “I [don’t] care what happens next season, but don’t take it from Beth!” another fan said. “Let’s stay positive [because] if they kill him I’m done with the show 😂,” said someone else.

Creator Taylor Sheridan plans to take Beth and Rip in separate directions. Theories aside, the caption on Instagram saying “big things are coming” could be related to Yellowstone’s official Season 5 trailer that dropped the next day.

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The heartwarming trailer shows Beth taking on the role of John’s (Kevin Costner) right-hand man as his ongoing rivalry with marketing executive Carolyn Warner (Jackie Weaver) heats up. But will Rip be caught in the crossfire?! I guess we’ll find out very soon.

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Walking Dead fans will need a pad before Sunday’s midseason finale, and we weren’t ready for those thrilling final moments. Nearly 15 million viewers tuned in to watch the action-packed episode, which saw a deadly twist when a bullet went through the head of pretty Beth (Emily Kinney).

Like all of you, we have many questions about the heartbreaking death and when it will happen

It finally came back on February 8, 2015. To help curb your zombie urges, we spoke with executive producer Gail Anne Hurd about the implications of Beth’s death for the chapter, the new revelation about Daryl’s sexuality (Norman Reedus) and more. !

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Gail Anne Hurd: That was one of the things that [showrunner] Scott Gimple and the producers and the writers really discussed about the arcs of the characters. The hardest part is when it’s time to say goodbye to a character we all love and cherish, especially one we’ve grown up with so much. Beth would have been fine if she had been willing to let Noah sacrifice himself for the group, but her arc found the strength to act and allow things to happen around her.

Beth’s final words, “Now I get it,” are touching. Can you explain what revelation he had in mind at that time?

GAH: When he left at dawn, he realized he was the one who made the rules. He will do anything to survive, but to keep his power. Do not negotiate with such people and never be fair. You cannot predict what such people will do, and you cannot trust them. So I think on one level, and then on another level, “I get it” is talking to myself, to Bette. – I understand now. The world has changed, and I will no longer be a spectator. I will act.’

Beth’s death will certainly have a big impact on the group, but how will her absence affect Daryl going forward?

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GAH: It obviously affects him a lot because he was one of the few characters least affected by the zombie apocalypse. Even when she manages to maintain her innocence, even when she feels desperate — like when her boyfriend, Zach, dies running to a department store and then chooses not to feel anything — it’s her defense. But at the same time, he felt that things would get better one day. If you lose that spark and find a character this authentic and confident, even with the zombie apocalypse going through it, it’s going to be a long road back for Daryl.

Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) heartbreaking reaction is even more terrifying as she gives her sister a glimmer of hope that she’s alive. How will Maggie deal with the loss of her sister?

GAH: Considering what Daryl said about Beth being taken, and their recent encounter with cannibals, I’m sure Maggie was convinced Beth wasn’t being taken to a good place. I think he, like Beth, tried to shut down any feelings around Beth and what happened to her. And then knowing that she was alive, that she was there, that she was only with him for a few minutes is the worst thing. He wasn’t dead weeks ago, he was here moments ago.

Will this tragedy in Maggie’s life damage her relationship with Glenn, or will this loss strengthen their bond?

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GAH: We’ll see what happens. It strengthens the relationship, as you said, otherwise it would be like the death of a child. “Why didn’t I do something?” “Why didn’t you do something?” It’s the hardest experience to live with when one partner is trying to get over it and the other is trying to feel the sadness.

Creator Robert Kirkman explained the rumors behind Daryl’s sexuality, describing him as an honest man. Are you surprised that fans took to Robert’s comments in the first place and made them so valuable?

GAH: I don’t think I’m surprised because everything about Daryl’s character has that reaction. Honestly, with Daryl, you can see how sensitive he really is when he gets close to someone – like he lets Beth get close to him and Carol close – it feels vulnerable. So I can see that it would be difficult for her to take the next step of being physically involved with someone.

Was there a discussion in the writers’ room about whether Daryl was supposed to be gay or if that was just an overstatement?

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] Sunday night we had a gay character that we were planning to introduce [later this season]. He’s the one who inspired the comics, so we wanted to not harm those characters by giving them one of those. to take land. [Those properties] are for characters that are already in the show so that there’s an arc for those new characters to play.

Now we are in D.C. It was a scam, what is our group’s new goal for the second half of the season?

GAH: I can’t say, but I can say that they always think of a safe place if things don’t go as planned. They always think of a place where they can rebuild human society and do it right and do it better this time. It’s their backup goal to find when all else fails.

GAH: Oh yes

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