What Was Pablo Escobar Like As A Kid

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Juan Pablo Escobar has discovered many memories of his evil father, the late Colombian gangster Pablo Escobar. He is aware of the crimes, but also that he was a loving father.

What Was Pablo Escobar Like As A Kid

SANTIAGO — In the 1980s, Juan Pablo’s father, Pablo Escobar Gaviria, became the world’s number one gangster, the international Al Capone of his time. In his native Colombia, the name evokes the senseless violence, bombings and executions that spread fear throughout the country and made the nation synonymous with drugs and crime.

Pablo Escobar: Ruthless Drug Lord Or Loving Father?

There is a word: “terrorism”, as the gangster’s son has admitted in the past. However, she remembers a loving father and a childhood filled with all the luxuries one could buy: dirty money, as she later realized.

Juan Pablo finally delved into his memory to publish a book, My Father, Pablo Escobar, published in Latin America last year, for which he used his birth name, not Sebastián Marroquín.

: Like the best dad in the world. This was my experience. I feel unconditional love for him, and that didn’t stop me from seeing and acknowledging his acts of violence. I am not his judge, because I am part of him.

What do you think Pablo Escobar meant to Colombia? And you all as family? For the Colombian oligarchy, he was the worst enemy – for the country’s institutions, democracy, media and leaders. Their worst nightmare. But for the poor, he was a humble man who never lost sight of their needs and fulfilled them through thousands of decent homes, health and sports centers, schools and public works that he paid for with drug money. You will find many contradictions in the book about such things. He built football fields with drug money, in fact, to keep children from poor neighborhoods away from drugs. He was a devoted father, husband and friend to my family.

I Grew Up In Pablo Escobar’s Colombia. Here’s What It Was Really Like.

How does it feel to not even feel safe in your own family, with betrayal swirling around your father? I thought there was a limit to the wickedness of men, but the betrayal of my father’s family makes the story of Cain and Abel seem like a fairy tale. It was sad to reveal how my uncle Roberto was an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). I find it almost inconceivable that Roberto and his brothers, and even his mother, should have sold him to his enemies in such a miserable and cruel way. Not content with this, they then sought to take away from us, his wife and children, our life and liberty, for he has given them all that they have until this day.

How did some of your father’s enemies become your “allies” while your friends turned against him? About 95% of my father’s enemies were not people who opposed him, but people who started out as allies and friends. Everyone knew each other in the 1980s, when there were no territorial wars, because the demand for cocaine in the West was always far greater than the supply. My father’s enemies know that I am a man of my word. I promised not to avenge his death and I kept my word. 21 years have passed and the promise will never be broken.

But those who claim to be his friends or some “rightists” betrayed him from the beginning. And his destruction was not enough. They want to erase any trace that can tell the world of their betrayal and deceit, just like me. It’s sad to know that if something bad were to happen to me, it would come from my father’s family and not from his most vicious and bloodthirsty enemies.

What was your mother’s role here? She fell in love with the son of a neighborhood watchman and went with my father to marry him when he was gone and had no money. She remained faithful to her marriage until the end of her days. He always called for peace, which earned him respect throughout his life. She was a brave woman who finally had to face this dark legacy from a place of love and make peace with my father’s worst enemies.

Remember When Pablo Escobar And His Son Visited The White House?

Apart from the financial situation and the betrayals, what was more difficult when Pablo Escobar died? Learn to enjoy the privilege of being nobody.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Things happen for a reason. And I hope the reason is to learn a lesson properly so as not to repeat this painful history. I can’t change the past… but I can correct my course and reinvent myself as a person, which can ensure that history has a better ending.

How do you see your life if your father had not died? We’d probably all be dead, shot and living on loan, even under state surveillance.

How do you see the future of Colombia in terms of drugs and guerrillas? I think we are finally tired of the violence in Colombia. All warriors are tired of defending their ideas by force of arms. Anyone who needs a weapon to defend their opinions needs to revise their ideas. I believe in dialogue and that peace is absolutely possible and will bring more prosperity, peace and dignity to our people. I think Colombians as a society lag behind when it comes to forgiveness. We all deserve a second chance.

Pablo Escobar’s Daughter In Hiding: The Manuela Escobar Story

Drug trafficking will continue to exist and consolidate its corrupting and destabilizing power on the planet. More prohibition will mean more profit, more violence, more war and more sales of poor quality weapons and drugs. If tomorrow all the drug dealers in the world are jailed or killed, do you think that will be the end of drugs? We all stand to lose if the world does not revise the policies it inherited from Nixon, who declared a war on drugs and left us with rivers of blood. We are killing each other for a product for which the demand is even higher than the supply.

You must declare peace against drugs, with education, culture and reliable information. Only in this way can the world win this never-ending battle for survival and fueling every drug lord and cartel. Those who prohibit it deliberately feed a company that destroys the foundations of Latin American and world society – because it is illegal.

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Manuela Escobar From Narcos: Who Was Pablo Escobar’s Daughter In Real Life?

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Pablo Escobar Mugshot Kids T Shirt By Digital Reproductions

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