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What The Best Undertale Au

Shifting Realities is a Switch Up AU by CharWoof03! Characters retain their original personalities and interests as they settle into new roles in the Underground.

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A long time ago a man fell to earth. Their name was Chara. As Prince Asriel discovered, Chara became part of the Dreamor family. Toriel and Asgore were taken care of, as was Asriel. Chara really liked the monsters and wanted the best for them. They find a way to free Monsterkind once more. No one knows what happened that fateful day, but after Toriel and Asgore were killed and Asriel went missing, Chara became the Underworld High.

Alex is the eighth person to fall into the underworld. They are human resistance. They wear purple and pink shirts with dark purple pants, gray boots, and glasses. The notebook starts out like a gun, albeit with a few scratches from a fall.

Fuzzy is a soulless flower that tries to take your soul at the beginning of its underground time. It is a lavender fuchsia flower. It was the first flower to bloom after Toriel’s death, and was used by MK in the determination experiments, but one day the flower disappeared.

Betrayed that Chara went ahead with their plan and both parents died, Asriel fled. Every day he regrets his decision to leave, knowing that it would be better to be with Chara, yet he remains in his old home. Chara knows how to act, so she tries to stop all the humans from leaving the ruins; However, it is still very soft and still allows them to pass. Only one man had contact with him, and only one person remained to live with him.

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Sans lives in the falls but often visits the old house, but no one knows how to enter. He supports his brother in all his endeavors, and the last time some time has passed.

Undine is an anime fan who lives in Sundown. Living with Alphys, he believes that anime is the true history of mankind. She promised a young man beyond the gate that she would protect any man she met, and Undine never breaks her word. As Alphys’ condition seems to have improved with their arrival, he asks the man to stay a while.

Alphys lives with Undine in Sundown and loves anime more than him. The anime seems real because of how much Undyne loves it. He is very shy but tries to befriend the human to impress Und. Eventually, he feels bad about using them himself.

Frisk is the sixth man to fall into the underworld. They became good friends with all the demons they knew and begged Chara to save them and live in the underworld. Chara left them and Frisk became Chara’s boss, speaking for them and running the Underground for Chara. The monsters loved Frisk more than Chara, but Frisk assured her that their loyalty was to Chara, not them.

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After Chara saw their designs, MK became a Royal Scientist. MK built cars and crazy gadgets and conducted wild experiments in the lab. Chara instructed them to gather souls to make decisions. Although successful at first, it quickly went bankrupt and went back to making cool cars, hiding all evidence.

After being rejected from the royal guard, Papyrus continued to build his other dreams. It has become a great source of entertainment in the underground, providing contestants with quirky puzzles to solve. All the puzzles are designed by Papyrus and made by MK, and all his jokes are from Sans.

After directly causing the death of her parents and alienating her brother, Chara becomes the last Dreamer to take the throne to rule the Underworld. They had barely left the capital because it was so cold. People who were Chara’s friends started to fear them. But that didn’t stop their plan. Killed everyone in front of them. All but one.

The late queen of the underground. Everyone loved him and considered him the real mastermind behind Asgo. His death affected the monsters the most, and they built a statue in his memory at Snowlands Inn. Her dust ended up on some flowers that managed to get into MK’s lab.

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Asgore’s death affected the ogres less than Toriel’s, but his statue was placed alongside Toriel’s at the Snowlands Inn. He wanted to free the Monsterkind and his mind held the same ideology that one way or another they were going to be free.

A long-forgotten scientist before M.K. MK was used to build his projects DT car. Although grotesque and exaggerated, his works were profound and produced unique results. He disappeared one day, leaving behind a barely functioning machine in the lab.

Gaster is the brother of Sans and Papyrus who lives in the waterfall house. Papyrus isn’t much of them now, so Sans mainly looks after him. He raises Frisk so much that he wants to be strong.

People, especially the Fallen Eight, behave differently in this AU. In Undertale they are all the same people, but they all fall at different times and affect the story in a different way. All the humans (except Mercy) beg Asriel to leave the old home, and he lets them go because he is gentle. Chara, Frisk, and Alex are detailed above, and only relevant people will be discussed. Others have little impact on history.

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Integrity is the fourth man to fall after goodness. They head to the Royal Lab where Metta still works. There, they form a bond with Meta, inspired by his work and how he anticipates that work. They decide to stay with him and help him, even offering to test their souls with them. Their deaths broke Meta’s heart. He used his souls to build a prototype Determination Extractor, which malfunctioned and resulted in his death. However, Chara managed to regain the spirit of Integrity.

Patience is the seventh person to fall before Frisk and Alex. He loses his temper and suffers from severe amnesia and has no desire to return home. They live their whole lives with Azriel in the old home. Asriel made them a proper memorial after his death, keeping his soul.

The same mannequin that appears in UT. Frisk decided to decorate it with a fallen stick and bandages. The mannequin showed no emotion but was happy.

Royal Guards 01 – 04 seen outside Sundown. They all wear thermal cooling armor to keep cool. 01 and 02 are a pair and 03 and 04 are a pair. In both groups, one tries to show love to the other, but finds it difficult to do so.

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Muffet opened a restaurant in Sundown. His slogan is made up of spiders, spiders, spiders. Her pets sit outside, acting as pets and guardians.

Katie and Bratty run a small store near Muffet’s Diner. They sell the things they find (mostly from the trash).

Two rabbit sisters who run the Snowlands Inn. One has the front desk and directs people to the rooms, while the other runs a shop full of pastries.

Underground waste. Especially the light green color. Where all men have fallen and Asriel resides.

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Home of Undine and Alphys. Always bright and sunny, mostly grass and free beaches. Undine prefers the heat to the cold of the mountains.

A frozen subterranean area. The harsh winter continues. It’s where MK’s lab is, as well as where Papyrus does all his puzzles because Chara won’t let him develop anywhere else. It is also home to the Snowlands Inn, run by the Bunny Sisters, including the Dreamer Memorial.

The full story is below, which will take you to the prologue. Each subsequent chapter will get its own link. story

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