What Part Of Your Body Is The Warmest On The Outside

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What Part Of Your Body Is The Warmest On The Outside

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The erogenous zone (from Greek ἔρως, érōs “love”; glish -gous “to beget”, from Greek -γενής, -gḗs “born”) is an area of ​​the human body characterized by high sensitivity and excitability that can induce a sexual response such as relaxation, sexual feelings, sexual arousal and ejaculation.

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There are erogenous zones on the human body, but the sensitivity of each of them is different and is limited to muscle positions that can provide pleasure and stimulation. Touching another person’s genitals is a sign of physical affection. Whether a person finds motivation in these areas pleasant or unpleasant depends on a variety of factors, including the level of motivation, circumstances, cultural context, and the nature of the partner-to-partner relationship. “Personal history.”

Erogenous zones can be classified according to the type of sex they produce. Most people feel intense excitement when their eyes, forehead, temples, shoulders, arms, hands and hair are touched. Touching or stroking these areas stimulates the lover during play and increases the arousal level. A gentle massage, belly rub, kissing or just touching the floor can also be a form of stimulation.

Specific areas are associated with sexual response and include the lips and breasts, as well as genital areas, particularly the glans penis, clitoris and other glands, and perianal skin.

These areas have high internal density, may have effective wound healing and the ability to stimulate the brain.

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In these areas, the skin looks like normal hairy skin and contains many follicles and hair follicles. These areas include the sides and back of the neck, inner arms, armpits (arms), and sides of the chest (chest).

The penis can be stimulated by stimulating the sides of the glans and penis, the top of the glans, the inside of the scrotum, the skin of the scrotum and perineum, and near the anus.

Although the vagina is not very dense overall, its lower third (the area closest to the anus) contains vascular channels that can provide pleasant sensations during sexual arousal; It is also called the inner wall of the uterus or the outer third of the uterus and contains most of the uterine cavity, making it easier to touch than the inner two thirds of the uterus.

In the inner wall of the vagina is an area of ​​hard, ribbed tissue with a texture that is sometimes described as resembling the palate (roof of the mouth) or vagina and can feel spongy when a woman is sexually aroused. . This is the urinary bladder, which may also be what some say is the erogenous zone; This is sometimes called the G-spot. When aroused, it can cause sexual arousal, orgasm, or female ejaculation.

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The presence of G- and whether it is a special condition is a matter of dispute among researchers, as information about its location varies from woman to woman and it appears to be absent in some women, and experts often believe that this is an exaggeration. From the clitoris.

The lips and tongue are sensitive and can be stimulated by kissing and licking. Lip biting can also add strength.

The neck, collarbone area and back of the neck are very sensitive and can be stimulated by slapping, kissing or light strokes. Some people like to be hit hard in these areas, to the point of creating a “hickey” or “love bite.”

Some people find whispering or gentle breathing into their ears soothing and comforting, as well as licking, biting, caressing and/or kissing them, especially around the back and behind the ear.

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Areola and nipple contain Golgi mazoni, Vater paccini and globule. There are no Meissner bodies and few organized nerves persist.

There is a set of growth spaces in the canals and bundles of smooth muscle. Hair around the areola adds more beauty. The abundance of smooth muscle and glandular duct tissue in the nipple and areola prevents the development of normal skin ducts commonly found in other genital areas and the growth of abnormal organs. Breasts contain a network of muscles and have the same number of muscles regardless of breast size, so larger breasts may require more effort than smaller breasts.

Nipple stimulation can also cause an increase in the hormones oxytocin and prolactin, which can have a significant effect on an individual’s sexual desire, so some people of both sexes can achieve performance through nipple stimulation alone. Breast, breast, and breast stimulation using hand (hands), digital (fingers, fingers) and/or oral (mouth, lips, teeth, tongue) is an appealing metaphor for many people of both sexes.

Many people find stimulation (kissing, biting, scratching, caressing, caressing) in the abdomen pleasurable, especially in the genital area. It can stimulate the uterus and womb and in some cases is more powerful than guitar stimulation. The cervix is ​​one of the many sensitive areas that have increased sensitivity.

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In a 1982 study of erotica in fashion called “Skin on Skin”, Broadus-Glynn said the groin symbolized virginity and was the first place a man would touch a woman, “which is below common decency”.

Touching the head and bottom with a finger or the tip of the tongue produces soti.

The skin of the hands, especially the soft skin on the forearms and on the sides of the mid-thigh covering the ventral side of the elbow, is very sensitive to stimulation from the fingers or the mouth. Finger or tongue tapping, deep cuts, and butterfly kisses can stimulate arousal and in some cases cause vaginal, genital, or vaginal discharge or piles without proper end-to-end contact.

The middle shoulder is especially tight due to the soft skin, which makes the muscles more accessible.

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Sensation in the hands may decrease or decrease to a very low level due to increased muscle mass or obesity on one side, or it may become an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and excessive volume on the other side.

Some consider the arms an erogenous zone, even though they resemble the armpits (arms) and the skin is normal for muscle and hair density. Excessive or expected stimulation (fingers and toes) or oral stimulation (mouth, lips, tongue) responsible for the above reaction.

If pheromones exist in humans, they are probably secreted by a mixture of fluids from apocrine glands and other organic materials in the body.

George Pretty, a biochemist at the Monell Chemical Center in Philadelphia, and Winifred Cutler of the University of Pennsylvania, a psychologist, discovered that the uterus has a peculiar disorder that has always been associated with male offspring.

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They said the only explanation is that the fingers contain pheromones, as no other explanation for the effect has been provided

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