What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable To Some People

What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable To Some People – We all have a friend of a friend who tried anal sex in high school with disastrous results. If you are interested in anal sex, the first step is to get the right anal sex advice. This means putting aside the stigma and sexual folklore associated with anal sex; If this interests you, go exploring without fear of any tedious taboos.

Here are some realistic anal sex tips to explore this new territory or enhance what you already know as an enjoyable sexual experience.

What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable To Some People

Like most things, practice makes perfect – and not just because you’ll have an idea of ​​what steps to take before the heat of the moment, but also because practice gives you the opportunity to learn what works for you and what doesn’t work. No. For anal specifically, it can help to start with a small anal sex toy that you use yourself, says Russell Stambaugh, PhD, an AASECT-certified sexologist in Michigan. He says once you’ve mastered a toy, you can move on to exploration by getting involved. It is not only good for you, but also for your partner. You will be able to give pleasure with complete confidence and teach your partner how to best please you.

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We all know the punchline to a friend of a friend’s high school anal story — and it’s not pretty. (Spoiler alert: It’s poopy.) If you’re nervous about the “side effects” of returning, Stambaugh says giving yourself a warm water enema a few hours before will do the trick. But there’s one very important caveat: “Give your body time to expel excess water so it doesn’t escape during your big moment,” she says. You should also avoid scented lotions or soaps which can cause irritation.

With your trusty anal beads and your new enema, you. Oh. It’s ready. We are happy for you! But let’s be a little determined. Whether you’re giving or receiving anal sex, relationships and sexuality professor Logan Levkoff says, “As with everything we do with our bodies, it needs to be consensual and slow to ensure everyone is comfortable.” ‘easy. » We hope this is obvious, but regardless, it’s a good reminder to communicate openly with your partner when trying new things in the bedroom.

Also, don’t try any fancy anal stuff in the first round. Stambaugh advises: “The idea of ​​stretching your sphincter may sound appealing, but unless you’re serious about extreme thrill play, leave the dangers of fast play until you gain more experience . Give.” “Remember, porn is fantasy, not technical training,” he says. so be it.

Fun fact: “The anus doesn’t automatically lubricate itself completely,” says Stambaugh. She recommends not only using lube, but also using a lube that you already know and like. Levkoff agrees and points out that anal sex should also be protected. Use a condom. Every hour.

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We know this goes without saying, but it’s important: whether you’re giving or receiving, check in with your partner several times. “Having a partner who can get feedback and hold back if something feels uncomfortable,” says Stambaugh, “is just as important as preparing anal toys before the partner begins play.”

How do you feel ? What did you like? What seemed different to you? Did you feel safe and comfortable before, during and after?

“Exploring new sexual territory means being able to say both ‘stop’ and ‘go,'” says Stambaugh. “Pain is a signal. If you don’t feel good, back off.”

If you want to learn more about anal, or if you already know you enjoy it, put sexual stigma and traditions aside. This does not necessarily reflect reality – and certainly does not reflect your personal experience. Levkoff said: “Anal sex should not be a shameful practice. Many people enjoy it.” This may or may not suit you. Either way, no one has the right to decide what is right for you. 9 Ways to Make Anal Sex More Enjoyable Take it easy and remember that lubrication is your friend. Once you calm your mind, your sphincter will follow.

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Anal sex may seem scary, but in reality it can be as pleasurable and liberating as it is exciting and fun. There are many reasons to experiment with it. It may take some effort, but with determination you can achieve great rewards. Here are nine ways to make anal sex more enjoyable.

The anus has one main purpose: to expel waste. But that’s not exactly something we want to mix with sex play. To avoid embarrassing accidents, it’s best to do a little preparation. Enemas can help remove most waste. Showering is another option. This responsibility lies with the recipient. But that doesn’t mean the maintenance stops there.

The tissue around the anus is delicate and can easily tear if not handled carefully. So anal penetrators take note: shorter, smoother nails are less likely to cause damage. Take a minute and drop.

But accidents happen, and when they do, it’s important to keep a sense of humor about these things. As sexologist Suzanne Block told me: “Sex should be a comedy, not a tragedy. »

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There is no room for shame in the bedroom. If you plan to have anal sex, you have to put up with the idea of ​​someone looking at, touching, licking, or penetrating your asshole. And while you might not consider this your most aesthetic feature, I promise you that whoever makes this pie will find this little wrinkly thing sexually attractive, hair and all. So breathe. You should rest. Once you calm your mind, your sphincter will follow.

There are few things less appealing than the idea of ​​putting something into yourself when it doesn’t work. If you’re going to experiment with anal sex, it’s best to make sure you’re comfortable and aroused before doing so. If you’re willing to admit it, you probably already know what turns you on. But there are things we can do to make this process easier. Languages ​​can be particularly useful.

Rimming has attracted a lot of attention recently. And it was time. Whether you’re a man, a woman, or somewhere in between, it feels good to get your ass licked. The anus is filled with nerve endings. Stimulating them can help intensify feelings of excitement and get blood flowing to the right places.

Of course, not everyone is very adventurous when it comes to butts, and some people aren’t willing to take their tongues south. Block said of this group: “I think [these partners] are not as good partners

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Do this. I’m saying that if you’re going to approach a donkey with your penis, you need to be prepared to send a reconnaissance mission with your tongue. »

The vagina provides natural lubrication when stimulated. For the ass, it’s another story. This is why lubrication is important when it comes to this type of play. And despite what porn shows, spitting really isn’t the best option. Saliva doesn’t always provide enough moisture, and when it does, it can dry out quickly. Most experts recommend water-based lubricants. Apply generously. Your partner will thank you.

There are certain things that we are advised to adopt with caution. Anal sex is one of them. Not all surprises are good, so if you’re considering one, ask your partner to take it without hesitation. A little warm-up can go a long way. Fingers and toys can be especially helpful in preparing the area for full penetration.

As Block notes, it’s important not to focus too much on any one area. He told me, “Some people focus so much on the asshole that they forget about the rest of the butt. It’s all connected,” he added, “if you really [as a donor].” you want to comfort [your partner], you have to soften the whole ass somehow, and as your lover likes it, whether he squeezes it, kisses it or hits it .

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Differences should be celebrated. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next person. When it comes to anal sex, finding the right position is important. Some people like to lie on their stomach. Others like the spoon position. Being on top allows the man to control the speed and depth of the thrust. The only way to find out what works for you is to play.

Anyone who has ever had sex should know that lying is not the best approach. As Block explains, “sex is friction.” Anal sex is no different. He told me, “Tense your sphincter muscles and relax…you will find that relaxation opens you up more.”

And it’s not just about getting there. This type of squeeze and release technique can be pleasurable for both parties during sex. But the first step is finding those muscles. Then you can figure out what to do with it.

If you’re not a marijuana smoker, avoid this one. But sexually adventurous people who like to smoke occasionally know how powerful the smoking experience can be. It is also true that marijuana has amazing powers to reduce pain,

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