What Is Total Protonic Reversal In Ghostbusters

What Is Total Protonic Reversal In Ghostbusters – “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopped suddenly and every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light.”

This conversation takes place between Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) and Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in the first Ghostbusters film. They talk about their proton guns being used to weaken demons so they can use their portable demon traps to capture them. Ghost hunting talk. We were all there.

What Is Total Protonic Reversal In Ghostbusters

Do not cross the river. Sounds like good advice. We don’t need “full protonic conversion” anymore, do we?

Old And New ‘ghostbusters’ Casts Crossing The Streams On Jimmy Kimmel

Some things sound the same, right? They seem so perfect that you would think the entire universe would fail because of the corruption of their natural intelligence. Sometimes it’s just things we believe shouldn’t go together. It can be as simple as adding a certain flavor to food or as powerful as combining culture.

It is true that some things are better in isolation. But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, the things you fear are not the same, the things that define your desire when they happen. Like putting hot pepper in chocolate. Or to be the father of the nation.

Everyone is looking for the secret ingredient. A piece of magic that will surprise and delight. It’s obvious when you see it but it’s not available.

Of course, you know that’s what saves the world at the end of Ghostbusters. With the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man about to bring NYC to its knees, the Ghostbusters decide the only way to turn back the terror is to cross the river.

Line Sweep Line

The second book is a collection of 41 of the most popular articles of 2014. Plus four bonus scripts. Click on the image to get your copy today. Cross Currents (also known as Crossing Currents) refer to when two or more protons cross paths.

Currents in the primary canon have been developed since Cross (1984) and: Afterlife. In: Video Games (literal versions), Second Canon, (1984) and Pre-Games II, : Games Facing Another World. Crossing the Streams (Prime) comes from the second canon of IDW comics, following (1984) and II, which includes: video games (real versions) and : video games (stylized versions); Also canonical is Tobin’s Spiritual Guide (Insight Edition). In Real, the higher canon, which has been developed since 1984). Cross the Streams appears in the 2016 film, a high canon, a continuation of the other films.

In 1984, Egon Spengler spoke twice, (and demonstrated once) Paths between uses. Aegon said “That would be bad.” Peter Venkman replied that he wasn’t clear on the whole good/bad thing and asked what he meant by “bad”. Egon explained with an example. He told them to try to imagine all life as you know it stopping in an instant and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Ray Stantz realized that he was talking about complete protonic conversion.

A few weeks later, in order to defeat Gozer, Aegon asked everyone to cross the river, at their peril. He told them that their chances of survival were very slim. They turned back the tide, banished Gozer, Zuul, and Vinz Clortho, and blew up the upper floors of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Gozer’s Temple, and 550 Central Park West.

Rpg A Day 2021: Stream

One of the projects Egon Spengler worked on in Summerville was a temporary solution to prevent the end of the world. He built a blocking system with four modified proton packs and P.K.E. meter, which was kept in the temple of Gozare. Whenever a P.K.E. The beam saw a spike due to the opening of the central gate of the temple, activated four proton cannons and crossed the stream, forcing the gate to close and prevent the psychokinetic effect. This process repeats itself every two hours and results in the generation of earthquakes every day.

In June 2021, Phoebe Spengler, Trevor Spengler, Podcast and Lucky Domingo explore the temple. They were there when the onlookers went to the top of the sacrificial death pit. A stream of protons shot out of the cell one after the other. All the currents crossed and fell on the watching crowd. This work was accompanied by an earthquake. The air in the pit responded clearly to the overcurrents and was forced. P.K.E. The meter no longer sees congestion. The cannons were stopped. Soon after, Vinz Clortho, who was owned by Gary Gruberson, entered the temple and used the pipe string to divert the proton path away from the sacrificial death hole and used it to create another one to destroy the other cannons. Continue the middle cross section to the desired end. Peter, Ray, and Winston Zedemore shoot Gozer and cross the river. However, Gozer used his strength to cross the stream and beat them. Speed ​​in Ecto-1.

Seven years later, on the Thanksgiving holiday of 1991, Evo crossed five streams to destroy Shendor in his Ultimate Destroyer form.

In theory, crossing the river at the gate of the Gozere temple on the right to the line of total destruction. For a moment, they are connected to all the facts at once through the Gozer portal. Every thought that came to his mind, the heart of his nature, was buried in the mind of the crowd. Similar versions of the Sangha adopted its concepts and methods.

Ghostbusters 101 #3 Subscription Variant

One spring, the nine crossed the river Tiamat in a battle above Dana’s house. They were returned to the physical plane and Dana Barrett and Louie Tully returned to their normal selves but Tiamat’s presence was still felt as blood rained down on them and senseless laughter could be heard.

At the end of the Dimensional Bleed event, both teams were able to capture the Bronx Spook but the breach remained unsealed. Erin Gilbert realized that they need a catalyst to close the breach and start a reaction that will work at the molecular level to separate the two dimensions. He suggested crossing the streams. Ray protested and gave it a terrible thought. Peter opened it more because he had read it several times. Aegon agreed with Rey but knew there was no other choice. After they crossed the river, Jillian Holtzman admitted that she was scared and felt like she was being pulled by a million things at once. As the proton transfer continues, the atoms of these two worlds spread, mix and separate. For a few seconds, the merged Universes and everything they encountered became one, then the fabric of reality shook enough that both aspects returned to normal. Egon thought there might be some leftover memories from the nuclear fusion. Rebecca Gorin compares it to Escher’s powerful description of kinship.

Captain Steele and Dr. During an episode of Destructo, Steele claimed to be a supervillain. Its leader vented his anger and bent the iron pole that surrounded them all. The manager picked them up and flew with them in his arms but Dr. Destructo unleashed a blast of steel. To save themselves from death, they aimed their spears into the water and crossed the currents.

This created a large body of water that reduced their influence. Egon Spengler later admitted that he did not know that he would save his life. During the first encounter with the Boogeyman, Ray claimed that using the Boogeyman’s pocket throwers would be worse than crossing the river, because the laws of physics are different.

Ghostbusters (pg 13)

Although he never tried, Egon Spengler warned his followers not to cross the river when he started training in 1997. Eduardo Rivera emphasized this until Egon compared the effect of crossing the river to a nuclear explosion.

Abby Yates prioritizes the need to reverse the portal but it requires extraordinary power. Erin Gilbert wondered what to do. Abby believed they had to shoot straight through the portal to get back. Jillian Holtzman ordered them to cross the river.

Erin remembered that he was so powerful that all their atoms could explode. Holtzman corrected him, thinking it would be more violent than that.

Abby believed that they had a very good shot at crossing the current into the portal and pulling the ecto ionized material back to the source dimension.

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Erin saw that they saved the world but suffered a very painful death

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