What Is The Weakness Of Superman

What Is The Weakness Of Superman – When it comes to comic book heroes’ weaknesses, Superman is somewhat of an anomaly. Described as the Man of Steel, there is nothing attractive about him. With an indestructible body, soaps are invulnerable to any threat. However, a small stone from space can cause him unimaginable pain.

As a glowing green stone, Kryptonite is Superman’s greatest weakness. Clark Kent has lost many battles because of this, and the stone often renders him useless in battle. But why does this happen? This is an unknown question, but it still has a good explanation. So, let’s see how kryptonite affects the man of tomorrow.

What Is The Weakness Of Superman

The creation of Kryptonite itself is an interesting story. The series did not originate from the comics, but was created as a radio series

Superman’s New Weakness Discovered: Other Than The Famous Kryptonite

It dates back to the 1940s. When the Man of Steel voice actor needed a break, Space Rock was created so the actor could take a short vacation.

This was basically the beginning of Kryptonite in the Superman medium, and since then, we’ve seen the idea grow more and more. But why does it affect him and how does it affect him? The science behind it is rarely explored. However, there is an adequate answer to this.

Lex Luthor is on his way to buy this Kryptonite so he can use it to kill Superman: twitter.com/uhd2020/status…

The movie provided a good explanation for this reason. Although Kryptonite was not shown, the film was able to explain the science behind the Kryptonian body.

Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore

When Kal-El enters Zod’s ship, his body undergoes certain changes that make him weaker than Earth. This is because the ship had a Kryptonian atmosphere, turning Clark into Joe on a daily basis. On earth, he derives his power from the yellow sun. However, Kryptonite changes its physiology due to its Kryptonian origin.

It’s basically the only thing that can knock Superman down and hurt him. Even being close to it hurts him a lot. So, make it one of your biggest weaknesses. Clarke has made a lead suit even as she does her best to avoid it, and there are instances where other sources have done her a lot of damage.

Clark is also a victim of magic. Although not at the level of kryptonite, magic would be a big problem for him. Black Adam, Dr. Characters like Fate, Shazam and Zatanna are tough competition for Super.

Also, if he points at the red sun, Superman will also lose his powers. This is what kryptonite does, as it drains him of all his power and turns him into a normal human. So, it’s not just kryptonite that harms Clark Kate, but many factors can incapacitate her. In the most recent issue of the comic, Superman’s weakness like the Eternals was revealed. However, this is a big problem for them since they are now in the MCU. The world stopped when Marvel Studios announced that the Eternals were coming to the MCU. Of course, one of the many reasons is that they are literally the most powerful heroes we know. However, the last issue of Eternals: Celestia #1 showed them to be as weak as Superman. This would be a huge problem for them when they first created the MCU. Check it out.

Batman Versus Superman:

#1 (Cron Glenn, Kay Zama, John Lewis, Matthew Wilson, VC Clayton Quiles) takes us on a trip down memory lane. Revisiting the previous battle in the comics, it becomes clear that the Eternals have a strong weakness, much like Superman from the DC comics.

Their weakness is noted in a blunt comment when describing the battle between Ajax and the Avengers in 1,000,000 BC. When the Eternals first faced off against the Sorcerer Supreme, the narrative cited true magic as the Eternals’ “weakness”. Now, this comment shows that the Eternals, despite their many abilities, actually have a weakness that many Marvel characters can exploit.

This weakness is because he, like Superman, naturally gains his powers. Despite everything, he is a mortal. Now, when the “normal” side of her life is touched, she becomes vulnerable. The same principle should be applied to eternity from an existential point of view.

First, the Eternals are an entity of science that also follows in the MCU. They are created by celestial beings and through them the entire cycle of birth and rebirth is ensured. Another reason they cast magic was that no Eternal in this realm was deep enough to understand it. Now, the real question is, will we ever see Doctor Strange triumph in eternity? Well, who knows!

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