What Is The Point Of Using The Kunai In Naruto

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What Is The Point Of Using The Kunai In Naruto

Kunai is one of the most popular weapons used by Ninjas after Shiruken. It is also a popular weapon used in many episodes of the Japanese manga and anime series Naruto, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimo.

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Originally designed for use with stones, kunai evolved from short kunai (小苦無 sho-kunai) to large kunai (大苦無 dai-kunai), as well as thinner, saw-toothed types. and broad sides. Originally used by farmers as a tool for many gardening tasks and by masons and stonemasons, the knife was made of mild steel and was not sharpened except at the tip, as the edges were used to break soft materials such as plaster and wood. it is also used for drilling holes and boring objects. Despite being the main weapon used as a weapon by shinobi or ninja, the kunai is a multi-purpose weapon of a very dangerous kind. Ninjas use kunai to punch holes in walls, among other things.

Kunai is a piece, usually made in the shape of a leaf, 20 to 30 centimeters long, with a ring for tying the string. The cords serve as a spear for attaching a kunai to a stick, used as a handle, a body cord for concealing a weapon, a climbing iron, and a Chinese arrow cord.

Most of the weapons used by ninjas are processed from agriculture. Kunai were cheap and widely available farming tools, their size and weight were useful, and they were easily sharpened, making them easy to convert into weapons. The kunai is larger and heavier due to its grip compared to the shiruken, making it ideal for hand-to-hand combat.

Kunai can be a functional harpoon when attached to a rope or metal chain, which is the main weapon used by Scorpion, the famous undead ninja character in the Mortal Combat franchise.

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In the Naruto anime, young Naruto finds a special takigakure kunai with a blade on the other side before being chased away by Taki Kunoichi himself. A different version of kunai had two thin blades, one big and one small, similar to hachiwara.

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KCP International Japanese Language School has been teaching students since 1983. Join students from all over the world for a comprehensive Japanese experience. Kunai (クナイ, Kunai) is one of the most common ninja weapons in the shinobi world, along with the famous shuriken. .

The kunai is a black blade with a handle wrapped in bandages and a small hole attached to the tip. A special kunai designed to push and stab opponents, but although it is not intended for that, it can cause damage when thrown and can reach the length of a person’s arm.

Shinobi can use kunai in specific areas of attack, targeting vital organs or brains like Itachi Uchiha who can kill people with kunai at close range without throwing. People like police and security guards use kunai like regular knives, but not without proper training beforehand.

Kunai can also be held on a spring wire at the top of the user’s arm, as seen in Naruto’s brief encounter with Sai for the first time.

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Kunai can be channeled by the flow of the five types of chakras, and kunai thrown at a target can cut through solid wood and even solid stone, as demonstrated by Asuma Sarutobi during Naruto’s brief training and before his tragic death. Asad is a curious Capricorn. , with his endless love of learning, he can always read, research or write something new. Of course, he is not too busy watching anime, playing league of legends, growing ancient fruits in Stardew Valley, and reading manga, novels and articles. His history with anime and manga dates back to the early 2000s. He grew up watching anime like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade G-Revolution, Pokemon, Naruto and more.

Ninjas have always been famous and admired for their calmness and aloofness. In addition, ninjas can also perform amazing stunts. These physical abilities strike fear into people’s minds. Although they are spies and not warriors, the Western media has turned ninjas into warriors with their fast movements and dark shadow behavior.

Naruto is a manga series featuring ninjas. But since Naruto is set in Japan itself, it is more realistic than the western versions of ninjas. But Masashi Kishimoto, the writer, tries to infuse the ninja character with shinen creativity. He achieved this by expanding the role of the ninja, giving him personality through his many powers, and using a wide range of weapons.

Although the weapons used by ninjas are the same, Kishimoto has adapted them through his skills. One of the tools is called kunai. The humble kunai blade is often converted into a throwing knife or used as a knife.

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Different players have different weapons to give them an edge on the battlefield. This document shows how kunai are shown in the series. Again, how the course of events changed. First, let’s take a look at the original Kunai blades and compare them to the Kunai blades we’ve all seen in the Naruto universe.

Kunai is an ancient Japanese sword that dates back to the Tensho period. Kunai is handmade of high quality steel and is thick and shiny. The process begins with making Japanese Wakugi nails and shaping them into kunai. Since the kunai was designed as a weapon rather than a throwing weapon, it comes in many different sizes and shapes. Most kunai are 20 to 60 centimeters long, with an average of 40 centimeters.

Kunai was a multi-purpose plant used by ordinary people such as stonemasons and artisans. Kunai is not a sword, but a blade that destroys. Ninjas used their knives to break mud and wood, dig holes, and seal them, so they were metal and boring.

As a rule, only the tip of the device is installed. Unlike the knife, the kunai is used as a knife or club. Also, most kunai are blunt and heavy, making them more effective at knocking an enemy unconscious than killing them.

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The kunai had the tip of a leaf with a hook on one side for tying the rope. The cord can be wrapped around the edge of the kunai to serve as a handle, or it can be tied to a pole to serve as a blunt spear. It can also be attached to the body for protection and used as an anchor or python. Contrary to popular belief, kunai knives are not good for throwing because of their weight.

There are three types of kunai. The first is a collection of ancient documents used in feudal Japan, and the second is for sale. The third is the type most commonly seen in anime and manga.

There are seven positions to hold the kunai. There is a normal version and an inverted version of these positions. A summary of the common positions is given below:

In Seigan, the blade faces the enemy’s eyes, and one foot is in front of the other. This is also a common sword position. It is shown in the back view, while the finger points to the opponent’s eye.

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Gedan is similar to Seigan, but the blade is aimed at the opponent’s legs. In return, the index finger points to the foot.

The user points to the kunai at the ceiling with an outstretched hand. The forearm can also be on the side of the body. Yodanda kunai is behind. Like the others, the reverse version has the index of the hand holding the kunai pointing.

This is a horizontal position. The whole body is stretched as straight as possible, including the arms and legs, towards the chest

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