What Is The Meaning Of The Punjabi Word Pendu

What Is The Meaning Of The Punjabi Word Pendu – Punjabi is a language I have used all my life. Although I have lived in a community of many Punjabi speakers since childhood, the language is a source of mystery and I am ashamed to say that I do not even speak Punjabi. .

But recently I wanted to make a video about Punjabi and I had a question: What is the relationship between Punjabi and Hindi? I have heard that Punjabi and Hindi speakers can understand each other to some extent, but to what extent?

What Is The Meaning Of The Punjabi Word Pendu

Punjabi is a language spoken by more than 120 million speakers. Most of the speakers of this language live in the state of Punjab and Pakistan in Punjab, and in fact, the word “Punjab” is a Persian word meaning “Five Waters”, which refers to the Sakelis. -five major tributaries of the Indus River. . Additionally, Punjabi is spoken by one of the largest Indian diasporas in the world: approximately 10 million Punjabis living outside India and Pakistan. Punjabi is also an Indo-Aryan language. This makes it a descendant of Sanskrit and related to Gujarati and Bengali.

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In fact, talking about the Punjabi language family begs the question of how closely related it is to the languages ​​of that language family. That is, is Punjabi a dialect of Hindi? This question has come up many times in the last 100 years, especially in the context of post-colonial India’s attempts at unity and religious and cultural diversity. In fact, before India’s independence and the creation of the state of Punjab in 1966, Punjabi was considered a dialect of Hindi. After the statehood of Punjab, Punjabi became the official language of media and education, and its distinctiveness from mainstream Hindi was emphasized, and a new Punjabi language identity was formed.

A quote from Max Weinreich comes to mind when pondering this question: “Language is just the dialect of an army and a navy.” Max makes sense to say that the line between language and dialect is blurred, and that the distinction is often a political one. What some people think of as dialects may actually be separate languages, as in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. Conversely, dialects may be given official language status to distinguish between ethnic groups, as in the case of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian in the North Germanic languages.

So how do you answer questions about Punjabi? Anecdotal evidence gives us a fairly sketchy picture of how well Punjabi and Hindi speakers can understand each other, but there are a few trends. It is common knowledge that Punjabi speakers understand Hindi more easily than others. According to some unofficial estimates, the level of understanding is between 30% and 65%. However, another trend indicates that even simple Punjabi is difficult for Hindi speakers to understand.

This asymmetric relationship may be due to the position of the two languages ​​in India: although Punjabi is widely spoken in Punjab, Hindi speakers living outside Punjab do not interact with Punjabi on a daily basis. In contrast, Hindi is the official language of India. Although the people of Punjab speak Punjabi on a daily basis, they are always exposed to Hindi as well. This is probably why Punjabi speakers understand Hindi better and not the other way around.

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Since anecdotal evidence does not provide a clear picture of the situation, we must turn to the expert work done on the matter. According to a study published by the Technology Research Center in Hyderabad, India, Hindi and Punjabi languages ​​share many ties. Cognates are words that are similar in two languages, usually because the languages ​​share a common ancestor, so the words share their linguistic origins. In this case, the common ancestor is Sanskrit, and we can see the relationship between the Punjabi and Indian languages ​​in the following examples.

As we can see, these examples show that some words are almost the same in Hindi and Punjabi. Looking at the research, this doesn’t seem surprising. In fact, the researchers tried to count the number of Hindi and Punjabi languages ​​in written samples, and they found that the two languages ​​have 57.63% lexical similarity. This means that almost 60% of the words in both languages ​​have the same origin and are likely to be understood by native speakers of the other language.

But does this mean that the two languages ​​are mutually intelligible and therefore Punjabi is a dialect of Hindi? Not necessarily. English is 60% similar to German, but that does not mean that English speakers can understand German without learning it, and vice versa.

In fact, from conflicting evidence, I am forced to conclude that Panjabi may be a dialect of Hindi; however, due to certain political positions and the relationship between Punjabi and Hindi in the modern Indian world, it is difficult to know exactly. After all, the interaction between different languages ​​can be due to the fact that the speakers are multilingual and Punjabi and Hindi are in constant contact.

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