What Is The Gundam Pilot Mikazuki Augus Official Age I Heard That He Was Supposed To Be From 13 15 But Im Not Sure

What Is The Gundam Pilot Mikazuki Augus Official Age I Heard That He Was Supposed To Be From 13 15 But Im Not Sure – , commonly referred to as Mika) is the main character of the Mobile Suit Gundam television series IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. He is a member of Tekdan and a former member of Crisis Guard Security Group 3 and the pilot of the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos.

He treats his enemies cold-bloodedly and fights Gazellehorn in particular with no sense of honor. He is deeply loyal to his friend Orga Ituka and obeys any order or request without question.On the other hand, due to his time as a child soldier, he struggles to interact with people outside of Tekdan and has a limited understanding of girls and relationships.

What Is The Gundam Pilot Mikazuki Augus Official Age I Heard That He Was Supposed To Be From 13 15 But Im Not Sure

Due to his isolation and difficult childhood, Mikazuki struggles to communicate with others not directly related to war; Although he tries to express his feelings more openly In addition, he prefers violence when facing enemies, whether they pose a threat or not For example, in his fight with the Crooked Gent, he refuses to sympathize with his opponent, who hesitates is to fight children for killing his comrades. Another example of his revenge is when he tries to strangle Gallio Bowdoin for running over Cookie and Griffin Crackers, and the twins beg him to stop. This is finally brought into focus when Cuddles accuses Cuddles of enjoying killing him. Mikazuki is slightly but clearly worried

Facts About Mikazuki Augus, The Gundam Pilot Character Idolized By Ariel Noah!

After Biscuit’s death he developed a vengeful nature He declares that anyone who stands in his way is his enemy and instead of fighting to survive, he will fight to crush them and pressures Orga to let him.

Mikazuki is the most experienced mobile weapon operator in the CGS, so he was assigned to pilot the Gundam Barbatos.

The system offers superior spatial awareness and is essential for Gundam frame-based mobile suits (such as Barbatos) to utilize its full potential.

In the battle against Grass, Ain, Mikazuki was able to gain a high reaction speed from the Alaia-Bizna system, thus enhancing Barbatos’ movement. However, this came at the cost of his right eye sight and the use of his right arm, although they function again when he enters Barbatos.

The Book Of Mikazuki Augus

But Kudelia teaches him that now Mikazuki hopes that one day he will be able to read books and learn about vegetables It is that he can own a farm like Biscuit’s grandmother, as he once told Org.

An orphan who lost his parents was in a street with his friend Orga Ituka where they encountered a hostile man. Arga’s right hand was injured and his head was bleeding. Mikazuki shot the man dead. Although he fell back onto his back, he was unharmed and eager to ask Org what to do next. Orga replied that they should get as far away from this place as possible and find a place where they really are When Mikazuki starts to explain what this place is, Orga is worried but says that he doesn’t know but they will find out in time .

After a while, he and Orga were assigned to the Crisis Guard and placed in the third group Since they were both illiterate, they received Alaya-Bizna system implants to process the data needed to pilot the mobile crew. The implants would also be useful when Mikazuki piloted the Gundam Barbatos Of the ten people, including Mikazuki and Orga, who performed surgical procedures without anesthesia at the time, only six survived their injuries, while the rest were disabled or died from the surgery .

Mikazuki competes in a practice match against other mobile crew pilots, including Akihiro Altland, with his special TK-53 CGS mobile team. He knocks out almost all of his training partners with ease and comes out of the fight without a single bullet in his vehicle. Mikazuki’s group was later chosen to team up with Kudelia Iona Bernstein He later met the third group and asked Mikazuki to show them to him He wanted to shake her hand during the tour but she refused because her hands were dirty. This suggests that they are not on equal footing to begin with

Not Sure If This Has Been Asked Before, But Is Mikazuki Augus Autistic, Or A Sociopath?

Gazellehorn attacks the CGS base at night, and Mikazuki rushes to the battlefield to attack As the battle intensifies, he rushes to the enemy’s front lines and joins Akihiro, together they destroy all of Guzzlehorn’s mobile crew. In the middle of the battle, three Gajlarhorn EB-06s appear and Orlis Stania starts attacking the CGS mobile team for fun. Mikazuki asked Orga about their next move and was ordered to retreat The Mikazuki ASW-G-08 Gundam is then seen in the engine room containing the Barbatos. He is waiting for Nadi Yukinozo Kasapa to place the Alaya-Bijna/Mobile Worker System cabin in the vacant Barbatos cabin. Afterwards, they start the machine and get a shock from Mikazuki’s system and a nose Meanwhile, on the surface, Grizz Orlisa is about to kill Orga Barbatos appears and hits Graze with his mace, killing Orlis instantly.

The other Graz pilots were shocked for a moment, but soon regained their composure. Cronk then asked Gen. Iain Dalton to support him as he attacks Mikazuki/Barbatos. Barbatos surrounds the Bell Horned Mobile team to counter the attack, making it difficult for Mikazuki to fire without Ain hitting his allies. They are engaged in close combat when the Crooked Gent joins them Because Nadi forgot to fuel Barbatos’ engine, Barbatos’s fuel started to run out Crank saw a problem with Barbatos’ engine and took advantage of it to escape with Ain Mikazuki then took another hit from the Alaia-Bijna system and his nose began to bleed. Despite this, he attempted to grab two retreating mobile suits, but soon lost consciousness. He wakes up in the Gundam after a while and then returns to the CGS base via the Autra-Mixta

Kudelia thanks Mikazuki for protecting her, but he coldly replies that she doesn’t need it. He says that he feels responsible for the many deaths of his allies, but he replies, “They all died because of a guy like you? Don’t look down on my friends. “

Later Mikazuki is working on Gundam Barbatos when Orga asks him for a favor Without hearing the details he took the gun and told Orga that he will do whatever he decides

Mikazuki Augus Holo Foil Gundam Try Age Card Japanese Bandai

After the 1st CGS Corps wakes up from a calming meal, they are greeted by Orga, Mikazuki, Biscuit, Eugene, and Norba of the 3rd CGS Corps. During the mutiny, Mikazuki shot the commander of the 1st Corps, Hada Gunnell, and challenged the Sasai Yanks without hesitation. The 3rd Corps then takes control of the CGS, and once it subsides, the alarm goes off. Crank Gent of Gazellehorn’s advancing troops appears and demands a fight between him and the CGS. Orga then “ordered” that Mikazuki be killed and sent to Gundam Barbatos. As the battle begins, the two mobile suit pilots greet each other by name and rank Mikazuki finally delivers a major blow by launching a “needle” (a pointed stick) into Cronk Grey’s chest from Barbatos Mace. As Mikazuki is about to deliver the final blow, he sees Crank as he lost Gray’s cockpit weapons during the previous attack. Then he came out and pointed the gun at the crank Since he couldn’t commit suicide due to his severe wounds, Crank asked Mikazuki to kill him. Mikazuki agreed but noticed Autra’s talisman bracelet on her left wrist and hid it behind her. He then started shooting at Crank before thanking Mikazuki He then enjoys the scent of Ata’s bracelet Mikazuki returns to base and prefers the company’s new name, Tekdan

A few days after the fight Mikazuki continues his normal daily routine as before He then served Barbato along with Nadi. Orga and Biscuit then visit, and Nadi tells them that he’ll do his best on Barbatos since it’s hundreds of years old and he’s just a mobile staff specialist. The next day, Mikazuki finds Kudelia worried and invites her to Grandma Biscuit’s cornfield. In the corn field, Mikazuki meets Autra and thanks her for the bracelet He later catches Kudelia when she loses her balance while harvesting corn He was happy to hear that Kudelia was feeling better and told her how cheap corn was being sold He also revealed that Biscuit’s salary was used to tender a corn field and they talk about human waste. Moments later, Cookie and Cracker screamed as the tires slipped and Gelio got out to see if the girls were okay, but Mikazuki immediately grabbed his throat. When an angry Mikazuki calls Gelio weak

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