What Is The Female Equivalent Of Sir

What Is The Female Equivalent Of Sir – I recently received a general email from the company I work for and for the first time I see a “Dear Sir” greeting. I also know that this is a standard greeting for many corporate firms and I find it very funny! I think using the plural “Dear Sirs” is more encouraging than “Dear Sir” because the former shows that you are looking forward to your letter rather than the recipient. no women.

I know a woman who runs a company, and I can’t tell you if she gets emails and messages from people named “Mr.” He always scolds them by saying that he is a woman. It’s amazing how ingrained we are in the idea of ​​the CEO as a person, that we make these assumptions without a minute of research.

What Is The Female Equivalent Of Sir

I thought this woman was high until she started talking to me. When social media marketers DM and call me “Sir”, I immediately lose interest. It’s even more annoying on social media because it’s not about not knowing who you’re writing to. You can see my photos and profile clearly to show that I am female. But we are so used to the language of men that no one bothers to check these things.

Sir Peter Lely And Studio, (1618 1680)

Of course, I understand that sometimes these messages need to be sent in a general manner, but how do I change the greeting from “Dear Sir/Madam” to “Dear Sir” or “Dear Sir”? Maybe it’s just me, but I automatically turn off when I see the “Sir” message. I don’t think you’re visiting me – I mean, it’s not like a potential customer doesn’t want to sell you a product.

FYI, I never judge such people – it is society that judges us by forcing us to think and write this way. In fact, although I try to be gender inclusive in my language, I myself have fallen into this trap many times. Can you blame us? The use of masculine language is a centuries-old practice. In elementary and middle school, I wrote like a boy. In fact, I remember my high school English teacher telling us to use “Dear Sir” instead of “Dear Sir/Madam” in letters unless we knew that person we are talking to him is a woman (but thankfully my mother told me not to do that). listen). Even today, most of the things I read and the people I hear speak like men. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you have to use men’s language.

Using this masculine language has a greater impact on our thinking and actions. Here is an example for you.

Did you see a man or a woman? Many people say they see the man because, from literature to the media, he is often portrayed as a professor.

The Spanish Pole Cat: Or, The Adventures Of Seniora Rufina..

But I’m not just writing this blog post because I like to talk. If I didn’t think something as subtle as language could have serious consequences, I wouldn’t have written it. So, my next blog will be about gender mainstreaming in our language, because I believe that small steps like this can help change our attitudes and behavior towards gender. My main message now is:

Dear businessmen, corporate firms and others of this category, please stop calling women “ma’am”. Take a minute or two to find out if the person you’re meeting is a woman. If you must send a general email, a simple change to “Sir/Madam” can go a long way in setting you apart from potential (female) customers. Thank you.

For more information on this topic, read this article I wrote for Amnesty, We need gender-sensitive education in global education.

“If we don’t recognize the experiences of marginalized groups, how can we hope to solve the problems they face?” New blog. Link in bio! New Blog! #linkinbio New blog! Link is in bio. Star Trek’s female officers are revered. It was created at a time when we were separated in matters of gender, where men and women no longer used gender associations to organize their positions. In the UK, our Armed Forces are trying to do the same, but they have a long way to go to rethink how we think about equality.

Why Female Representation & Diversity In Food Tech Is Essential

I was very disappointed to see that the Army has long abandoned the convention of calling officers ‘sir’ over the phone, even though they still introduce themselves to a female officer. In 1997, I joined 21 SAS, a special forces unit of the British Army. I learned as an officer. In 2001, I left school and started a trucking company. He is a mountain guide who takes people up the cliffs for a living.

Although I consider myself a “master” or “father” (although I have had two children), I understand that being treated this way regularly can sometimes arouse feelings of sadness or sex. However, I personally found most of these to be more opportunities for success than obstacles.

I am proud to be a woman with an unusual career and life story, and often when my gender is misrepresented or misrepresented, I laugh, cringe a little, and gently correct whoever is wrong. Does this bother me? Not alone.

You see, that person will not forget me, the most important thing to remember is that it is easy to stereotype gender in our brain. It is the seed to change our thinking and behavior.

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Often, when someone makes this mistake, don’t get upset; they listen carefully and continue to please you. While this isn’t technically the most gender-neutral way of speaking, it’s very productive and gets things done quickly.

I suspect that the old greeting of “Secret” to a large number of officers may be a reminder of the difficulties these women faced in reaching officer positions. Do we really need to forget the past? Putting cement in the past instead of the present is not a way to deal with gender space.

So maybe if you’re a “sister” or “sister-sister” like me, the next time someone asks if you’re modest or sexual, or calls you “sir” out of respectability, you might you want to take another step. . and an excellent opportunity to quickly focus on what is needed. We have a request We plan to contribute 2500 this month. Will you get involved today and help us get there? ×

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