What Is The Correct Pronunciation Of Ouija

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A board game that uses human hand gestures on a small device to send “messages from the outside” remains a popular toy. But the story is not well known, so I asked someone to help me understand the various meanings of the Ouija: Robert Murch, who excels as a Ouija expert. As head of the Talking History Society, he worked as a consultant on the 2014 horror film Ouija.

What Is The Correct Pronunciation Of Ouija

As it turns out, the true meaning of Ouija is as simple and whimsical as the game itself.

Ghost Ouija Board (my New Creation)

In the second half of the 19th century, an honest soul was born. As Americans grappled with a changing nation, life after the Civil War, and other major changes, some looked to the spiritual realm for answers, but rarely.

It was effective from the 1860s, writes David Nartonis in his history of spiritual growth. The occult has become a cultural force through rituals, classes and other activities where people attempt to communicate with the dead. For example, in 1868 no less than 150 articles on occultism were published in the “Telegraph”. This trend has brought many business opportunities.

“Speaking board was before Ouija,” says Murch. While some pre-1886 Ouija boards look like Ouija boards, some do not. According to Murch, early versions have different ways of receiving messages. Some used touch panels, where you pressed your hand on the device and the needle moved to different marks. Other magicians knock on the bottom of the table to deliver messages.

. Often this early tablet had a pen hole for writing responses.

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The 1886 inventor of the Ouija board is still a matter of debate — some say cabinet member E.S. Reishe, second Charles Kennard. Although it is difficult to know for sure, it is widely believed that Reich sold Kennard his artwork (Reich later claimed it was stolen). “Kennard says he came up with the idea while sitting in the kitchen of his new home,” says Murch. Kennard placed the cabinet on the table and placed the teapot on top of it, like you would hold a tablet on a Ouija board. After seeing the movement of his hand, he knew he would find a way to reach the mind.

Although we don’t know who invented it, we do know that the Ouija board, created and marketed by Kennard and his partner Elijah Bond, was a revolutionary step. The design – an arch of letters, a planchet and simple “Yes”, “No” and “Hello” – was unique.

The name of their meeting was marked by a mysterious legend. The name was given by Helen Peters, sister-in-law of Elijah Bond. Known as a genius, he gave a lecture to businessmen and leaders in Baltimore on April 25, 1890. According to the group’s letters and newsletters, they asked what they wanted the board to be called. It is called “Ouija”. When asked what it means, it says “Success”.

But there are other practical and marketable explanations for the name Ouija. After the name “Ouija” was “broadcast” to viewers on April Fool’s Night, Peters revealed that he was carrying a bag with “Ouija” written on it. “One of the obvious theories,” says Murch, “is that Helen Peters was a well-read upper-class woman. She may have read the novels of the English author Ouida. We think she may have been carrying a bag. Ouida on it.” Also, he probably had Ouija in mind.”

Ouija: The Latest And The Worst In A Line Of Board Game Adapted Movies.

There was also a special appeal to the Egyptian-sounding name. When the game was patented in 1890, it resembled “Egyptian Luck”. “Egypt was known for some spiritual and ritualistic people (in 1888, for example, Professor Canaris, the “Magician of the North”, boasted in his show “Egyptian Marriage”).

We can’t be sure whether the Ouija is a literal expression of occult beliefs, a piece of Egyptian flimflam meant to reinforce those beliefs, or a bit of both. But in the end, the name Ouija had a much greater meaning.

In 1967, a woman showed off the Ouija board, which was another fun game. Ed Maker/Denver Post/Getty Images

In 1901, after several companies changed hands, Ouija production was acquired by entrepreneur William Fuld, who bought the rights to sell the board. He had already patented his talking board, but the Ouija was the most popular one he wanted.

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“William Fuld drove,” says Murch. – And he learned that if you bought it, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

“In the 1920s, people used a lot of language, and if you played a board, you were Ouija-ing,” says Murch. The board has been changed to reflect this, with some reading: “Whether you call him wei-ja, he still says interesting things.” The board still had a mystical cachet, but it was no longer just a mystical message or a reference to a forgotten Egyptian deity – it was a game to be played with family and friends.

Especially after Fuld’s business and Ouija were sold to Parker Brothers in 1966, Ouija continued like this. That year it sold Monopoly. Today, the board contains everything from retro games to horror films of the same name. And it is possible. Ouija has always done what we wanted, so “Ouija” means what we wanted.

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“Louisa Board” is a play on Ouija. It is often mispronounced “wee jee” and they actually say “wee jah”. In this case, it is not appropriate to talk. He is the artist who added a “J” to the beginning of “ouija” and made it “Louisa” or “Luigi” after a famous person in Nintendo games. The artist loves the connection between Ouija and Nintendo. a technical game, just one… a game that summons random spirits, and the other is a game about two Italian water brothers who don’t like each other.

Ryan Rice is an experienced American country artist. His works are held in private collections worldwide. Humor and beauty are themes and messages in his paintings, which often use bright colors and pop art. Rice describes her work as fun, witty, intelligent, imaginative and always unexpected. He believes that his work will bring the audience and they will be comfortable with humor.

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