What Is The Best Order To Read The Maze Runner

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Most of us would like to know the Bible better, but we are often too busy to know where to start and how to read it. So we don’t do that. I want to give you my five best tips to help you read and understand the Bible.

What Is The Best Order To Read The Maze Runner

We will look at how to read the Bible, but first we need to understand what we are trying to read.

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Before we talk about how to read the Bible, we first need to know what the Bible is.

We look at the Bible as one book. But it’s not like that. Rather, it is a collection of 66 books written over 16 centuries by over 40 authors. It’s an amazing collection with very different styles, unique voices, different goals and amazing stories.

This collection of books, letters, and historical documents shows a surprising variety of literary styles. The book contains stories about the lives of good (but mostly bad) people, battles and journeys, the life of Jesus, and the activities of the early church. It was written in the form of stories and dialogues, tales and prophecies, proverbs and parables, songs and parables.

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Simply put, the Bible tells the story of God and what He has done (and is doing) in and through His creation. It is a story about love, salvation and hope. It is the story of God who is on a mission to find and heal the wounded and lost.

The most basic principles that should guide us when reading the Bible are: Although this list is not exhaustive, incorporating these five elements when reading the Bible will greatly increase your understanding of the Bible.

I put this first because I believe it is the most important thing we can do when reading the Bible. We should always approach the Bible with a humble heart. I think this is the most important tip on how to read the Bible.

We will often be tempted to turn to the Bible to strengthen and justify our position. To find out why we are right and why they are wrong. This is called confirmation bias and is not helpful when reading the Bible. In fact, this is very dangerous and completely defeats the purpose of the Bible.

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The Bible does not exist, so there are verses to support each position. The Bible is not there to prove them wrong. The main purpose of the Bible is not even to answer all questions. NO. The Bible does something much greater.

NT. Wright explains it this way: “We read the Bible to renew our memory and understanding of the story in which we ourselves are actors, to remember where it comes from, where it is going, and what our own history is. There must be some. (The Bible and God’s Authority)

If we do not approach the Bible with humility, we will be tempted to put ourselves at the center of the story. Why are we right and they are wrong? Humility reminds us that God is central and invites us to play a role in His story.

The Bible changes you and invites you to a better story. But this can only happen if we approach it with humility. Reading the Bible begins with humility.

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When you reach for a book about the history of World War II, you expect that what is written on it will be true. Of course. Let’s say you feel more poetic the next day and pick up a book of poetry by Emily Dickinson. You will read his work completely differently. Yes?

Why ? Because gender matters. It changes the way we read and interpret things. No one reads a history book in the same way as they read a poetry book. Likewise, no one reads a letter from a friend the same way they read a law book. Genre determines how we read and how we use information in our lives.

We often think of the Bible as a single book. But it’s not like that. It is a collection of 66 unique literary works, covering laws, poetry, history, teachings, letters and prophecies. We can’t approach every book as if it were the same. Otherwise you will end up with a terrible interpretation of the Bible.

The Acts of the Apostles relates historical events recorded by a historian. The Psalms use exaggerated language to express emotion. The Gospels are eyewitness accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Epistle to the Ephesians is a letter written to the people of Ephesus. And each should be read in its own genre.

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When reaching for the Bible and choosing a book to read, consider its genre. Don’t read the Gospel the same way you read the book of Revelation. These are different books with different styles that should be read and understood as written.

If you ignore the context of the Bible, you can literally make it say whatever you want.

This is not just a biblical principle, but a fact that also applies to life. When reading a book, an article, listening to a podcast, or watching an interview, you need to see what is being said and written in the context of the surrounding text. Otherwise, something unexpected will happen.

We do this all the time. Take a look at social media. There are plenty of people who take a line from an interview, blog post, or video and use it to imply something completely different than what was originally intended. This is a very harmful habit. Reading the Bible effectively means we cannot ignore context.

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Context matters. In fact, I would say context is everything. When reading the Bible, we cannot ignore the context in which what we read is written.

Here’s an example… In Matthew 18:20 Jesus said, “For wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” » If you just read this verse, you might think that Jesus was saying that where there is a group of Christians, there is God. You’ve probably heard this verse used in most churches. But that’s not what Jesus says.

The surrounding passages from Matthew 18 tell a completely different story. Jesus actually gives instructions on what to do when a conflict arises with someone. Context matters. If we ignore this, we will misinterpret the Bible and sometimes cause harm.

Context is king. When you can’t ignore it. Here’s what that means: Look at the surrounding passages, look at the larger Bible story, and consider the original audience.

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Take a look at the surrounding corridors. The solution is usually simple. Just read the surrounding fragments. When you read a passage, compare it with what was said before and what was said later. This will help you discern what the Bible really says.

Look at the larger biblical story. The broader aspect of reading the Bible in context involves comparing the passage you are reading with the larger story. How does this passage I am reading relate to what has been said elsewhere? If it contradicts another passage, we have probably misinterpreted it.

Consider your original audience. The Bible was written for you, but not for you. Each book of the Bible was written for a specific group of people at a specific time. To fully understand the meaning of any text, you must first understand its culture and people.

To understand what a passage really means to us, we must first understand its original audience. There is truth in this verse, but it can only be found if we examine it within a cultural context. There are two easy ways to do this: buy a good study Bible (I recommend this one: ESV Study Bible) and look at the comments (here is a free online Bible: Dr. Constable’s Bible Notes).

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The way we read the Bible means paying attention to the context in which it was written.

The first three tips on how to read the Bible are aimed at fully understanding what the Bible tells us. They focus on the actual exegesis we read to obtain the intended meaning of the passage we are reading.

The next two tips are more text-based. How can we apply what we know now to our lives?

The first step is to ask questions. Be curious. Consider yourself a journalist

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