What Is The Antonym Of Nightmare

What Is The Antonym Of Nightmare – Knowing the importance of feeling informed helps optimize autonomy, an essential element of motivation at work and in any personal endeavor.

Franz Kafka was a philosophical novelist whose name is associated with a writing style that captures the feeling we’ve all experienced when struggling against an inefficient bureaucratic system, filling out poorly designed government forms, or feeling hopeless. We are expected to do something, but we do not have the knowledge, authority, or autonomy to act. The term “kafkaesque” refers to the sense of nausea and insignificance that makes us feel small, lost and hopeless when dealing with an invisible and malevolent bureaucracy.

What Is The Antonym Of Nightmare

Kafka hated his day job in a bureaucratic insurance office, but managed to find a way to develop his passion for writing novels. A few years ago I read Kafka’s The Trial, perhaps the most depressing and disturbing novel I have ever come across. Kafka immerses the reader in the hellish experience of Joseph Kay, who is arrested for a crime never revealed to him or the reader and forced through a series of rigorous bureaucratic interrogations. Kafka tortures the reader, as Joseph K. Harassed by a hidden and habitual authority, he tries in vain to understand his situation due to the total lack of autonomy in the situation.

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Joseph K. They have no access to any reliable source of information. He is shocked at his ignorance of what is really going on. He is unable to act, unable to make informed decisions because he cannot be aware of his situation.

We’ve all felt it to some degree. getting out of the gossip circle; Finding that you have been intentionally excluded from a decision that will affect you; Trying to make sense of a world where lies, cover-ups and nonsense are the norm – just look at our current political climate and lack of trust in democracy…

In the past, I would have used the word “transparency” to describe this feeling of being fully informed, but I’ve noticed that people have different attitudes towards transparency. For some, it has a very negative connotation and suggests a level of openness and vulnerability that makes a large number of people uncomfortable.

By the free flow of information I mean an ecosystem and an information culture that makes available to people who need correct information and an ecosystem free of lies, nonsense, gossip, bias, secrets, politics, obfuscation. without omissions and errors. conspiracy

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We’re human, we’re messy and complicated. Avoiding Kafsic tendencies in your personal life or in an organization is not an easy task.

Autonomy means that we can make informed decisions for ourselves. It is a sense of being in control, self-directed and self-disciplined.

In a work environment, you are able to make your own decisions about what you should work on and how you work. You feel confident investing your time and energy in the interest of your team or the goals of the organization because you can take advantage of the flow of information you need to make informed decisions.

Nothing is intentionally hidden from you, communications are fluid, and you have easy access to the resources you need. Operate in a culture of psychological safety where you know you won’t be unduly scrutinized and blamed for making the wrong decision with the best of intentions.

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As described by the self-determination theory of motivation (Edward Dacey and Richard Ryan), intrinsic motivation has 3 components, the internal desire to act against external motivation, acting in response to the promise or threat of a carrot. knock on

Because autonomy is a necessary but not sufficient condition for personal motivation, we also need a sense of self and an adequate level of competence.

If we operate in a Kafkaesque environment, our motivation and therefore the value we can provide is greatly diminished.

In everyday situations, and especially in the work environment, we rarely get a sense of complete autonomy. Similarly, thanks to improvements in corporate culture as well as the safety net of the legal framework, we are unlikely to encounter the absurd nightmares described by Kafka, although anyone who has been pulled by a malicious manager would disagree. of Alexandru Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag archipelago:

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When you study the fragmented sub-hierarchies in any organization, you will find a variety of behaviors on the Kafkaesque spectrum.

Our everyday experience places us on a continuum between autonomous freedom and Kafkaesque nightmare. In any case, aware of where we are between the two extremes, we should look for opportunities to improve autonomy for ourselves and our co-workers.

Autonomy will undoubtedly be more important to some than to others. For example, given the Big 5 model of personality traits, a widely accepted method of assessing people’s conscientiousness; consent; neuroticism; opening; And extroversion may conclude that people who score low on openness and agreeableness have a high need for autonomy.

In his recent book The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Head talks about the differences in people’s moral tastes, how their instincts lead them to evaluate their world through their own unique value filters. Human taste buds have sensitivities along the following spectrums:

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Head notes that our moral tastes inform our political leanings, but also reflect our Kafkaesque tolerance of the environment and our drive for autonomy. Someone who values ​​freedom over tyranny and fairness over fraud will adjust their radar to information distortion or pull their strings.

A set of conditions that can make a person feel full autonomy, such as full ownership and responsibility for a task, fear of upsetting another person, may not be ready for responsibility. Although the sense of autonomy is important to everyone, the terms of autonomy differ from person to person.

As I mentioned in my original blog post, Intro: A Partially Understood Life, my goal is to use this blogging platform as a sketch pad that could one day be the basis for offering a package to companies – workshops , courses, maybe an app.

But how on earth can you sell the idea that employees will be asked to think about their organization through a Kafkaesque spectrum?

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I must cautiously describe it as something akin to a Kafkaesque nightmare. Kafka’s absurdity The Trial was a deliberate horror story, taking hatred, weakness and delusion to extremes. While I am a proponent of healthy feedback loops and corporate introspection, I fear that such matters will be denied in the corporate hierarchy to avoid the risk of growing discontent. The short-term pain of uncomfortable introspection often outweighs the long-term pain of not realizing it – this is an example of temporal discounting, prioritizing short-term pain/long-term gain, a human bias. Before I charge in with Franz Kafka, I must pay attention to the ground.

Kafka’s genre works were never in the spotlight during his lifetime. He died of tuberculosis in 1924 at the age of 40 and wanted to burn his manuscripts, fortunately his wish was denied. His diaries reveal Kafka’s self-doubt about his works that would bring him posthumous publicity and fame.

“Don’t turn; Don’t water it down; Don’t try to rationalize it; Don’t edit your soul after fashion. Instead, relentlessly pursue your deepest passions”

I wonder how much potential creativity lies unborn behind the brows of a stressed modern office, frozen in doubt, unwilling to organize their affairs to serve their inner genius or paralyzed by them. A Kafkaesque nightmare of its own?

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Noting that Kafka’s works could be so easily destroyed by him, I’m reminded of Matt Johnson’s lyrics in The Band’s “Perfect.”

As I pass the cemetery I think of all the little hopes and dreams that lie lifeless and unfulfilled under the ground… Oh, what a beautiful day…

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