What Is Superman Prime One Million True Power

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In Superman One Million, I think Superman spends 15,000 years in the sun. I’m just wondering how powerful he is compared to other characters in the DC universe and if he is canon.

What Is Superman Prime One Million True Power

Superman Prime (One Million) is undoubtedly one of the most powerful versions of Superman that exists (canon or otherwise). He was so powerful that he was responsible for passing on some of his fantastic powers to his descendants, to be used throughout the solar system to protect human endeavors.

Superman’s Ultimate Form Is Stronger Than Any Hero, Ever

The Source Wall, the edge of the DC Multiverse and presumably the source of metahuman abilities in the DC Universe. Beings who seek his power and are deemed unworthy become part of the wall, thus helping to protect it.

Superman Prime’s Fortress of Solitude is located in what is now called the Super Sun. All of his children take their strength from him and must recharge regularly, otherwise they will lose it after a few days.

In addition to the general superhuman abilities (super strength, invulnerability, speed, eyesight, etc.) common to more powerful versions of Superman, Superman Prime possesses numerous advantages that push his powers to levels expected of almost no version of Superman ever become the character. : :

Kal Kent is the distant descendant of Superman and the leader of the Justice Legion Alpha in the 853rd century AD.

The Silver Surfer Vs Superman Prime One Million (marvel Vs Dc)

This version of Superman is supposedly the apotheosis of everything Superman could ever hope to become: saving the universe time and time again, leaving a cosmic legacy of defenders throughout the galaxy, reaching and accessing the Source, moving through Time, and saving /save all. the planet of destiny and the species and losing and finding his one true love. This version of Superman has the power to change reality thanks to his access to the energies of the fifth dimension, and is therefore more powerful than any version of the character that has ever existed.

The DC One Million continuity is separate from the current New 52 continuity, meaning that “Golden Superman” – known as Superman Prime – is not considered part of the same continuity. Even at its launch, DC One Million was considered a “possible” future of the DC Universe and was not entirely canon. However, it has been adopted in several post-crisis titles, suggesting that it is at least being given consideration

In terms of powers and abilities, Superman Prime is essentially Superman to the ninth degree. He has all the abilities normally associated with Superman, plus the following:

Additionally, it’s important to note that, thanks to his years of using solar energy, Superman Prime’s abilities have been enhanced and “enhanced” to the point where he is essentially a god. He absorbed so much solar energy that his skin turned into an alloy of gold, literally containing the power of the sun within his very body.

Kal El (new Earth)

Although his appearances have been limited, it is entirely possible that he is the most powerful in the DC One Million continuity.

By clicking “Accept All Cookies,” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The infamous Superman of the 853rd century. He is known to be virtually incompetent and his achievements are exaggerated by others on the Internet. So today I’m going to take a closer look at our Golden Child of Krypton and try to separate fact from fiction.

Just to be clear: this is not a Superman hate thread and I personally have nothing against Superman, but the truth is more important than the lie.

You’ll see people post a list of his powers, claiming everything from being Second in Presence to how powerful he is capable of lifting the Omniverses.

Trynna Make Superman Prime I Need Suggestions

CreationSuperman Prime is capable of creating lifeforms from nothing. ResurrectionSuperman Prime can resurrect the dead. OmniscienceSuperman Prime may have learned it all during his time in the sun. From what we can see, Superman Prime has nearly limitless abilities. It just depends on presence. All Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun All his Kryptonian powers are amplified. Divine Superpower His power is unlimited, he is capable of elevating the universe. Divine Super Speed ​​His speed is unimaginable even for abstract beings. Immunity to Divine Super SensesSuperman Prime is immune to magic, kryptonite, lightning, telepathy, matter manipulation, etc. X-ray vision like God can see through every solid object without exception. Vision of Divine Heat A million times hotter than the heart of a star. Divine Super Stamina/Stamina Unlimited strength and energy. It cannot be exhausted. He can fight forever. Divine invulnerability. It can survive the end of the multiverse. Super divine hearing. Cosmic consciousness. ImmortalitySuperman Prime will live until the end of reality.

These supposed powers are simply ridiculous. Not only did Superman Prime One Million never display any of these powers, but they are easy to ignore and contradict his actual achievements, the little achievements he has anyway (which I’ll talk about in more detail below).

But you might ask: where do these statements come from? Nothing more than a copied and pasted DC and Superman wiki. All the things listed above. The problem with wikis is that almost anyone can edit and post whatever information they want. In most cases, wikis contain misinformation and in some cases can be so misleading that fan fiction would be the most appropriate term to describe them.

And here we have Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s editor in chief and senior vice president, saying that wikis, which can be edited or added to by anyone, are not particularly reliable sources of information. Not that his statement was necessary, it’s just the icing on the cake.

Not Even 50% Of My True Power — So Does Superman/wonder Woman Take Place Before Or

As far as I know, this has been removed from the wikis in question, but the above claims about his “powers” originally came from there. And when someone searches for information about a comic book character, wikis are the first thing that appears, and without knowing any better, they use that information and so it spreads.

Here are some examples of ignorant people sharing false wiki information on various websites, forums and discussions:

I just wanted to clarify this point before we look at the various claims and so-called exploits of Superman Prime One Million.

Lzyxm Ltpkz (a goblin from the fifth dimension) used Lois’ DNA samples (which Kyle Rayner had recovered from Solaris) and recreated Lois with Superman Prime One Million.

Strongest Versions Of Superman (in The Comics)

Some people have even claimed that Superman Prime made Lois immortal and divine, but there is literally no proof of that.

His statement does not prove that he created a universe in any way, shape or form. The universe of the atom (which is a separate and individual universe in its own right) was destroyed. As a result, Atom was sent across an interdimensional bridge that took him from his universe to the Superman Prime One Million universe, as in Superman Prime One Million. In addition to admitting that he was unable to stop the destruction of the Atom’s universe, Superman Prime One Million is also an educated man Raised by the Kent family, Clark only welcomed Atom into this alternate reality that he accidentally stumbled upon For example, just because I said hello to my friend and said, “

However, there is one crucial fact that most people overlook. DC One Million is set in the 853rd century. The 853rd century is simply post-Crisis Earth, the main continuity and universe from 1986 to 2011. It is the same universe after Crisis on Infinite Earths and before Flashpoint, the only difference is that it is set in the future, where Superman First. One Million made the statement about him. Incidentally, DC One Million is not set in an alternate reality, universe, or timeline. Again, this is just the normal main universe (at least it was the main universe before the New 52) that we all know, but it’s in the future. We know for a fact that Superman Prime One Million did not create the universe he was in because it already existed long before Superman was born, also supporting the fact that he simply welcomed Atom / welcomed him because Atom came from another reality. .

“, Superman Prime One Million, who finally returned from the sun after only inhabiting it for 15,000 years. Nowhere in this scan is it said that Superman Prime One Million recreated Krypton and revived its inhabitants, the narrator says, as they were brought back back . krypton”

Heroclix 2019 Convention Exclusive Superman Prime Dp19 004 With Card & Box

In fact, you can see Hourman do it on the page right before Superman Prime One Million visits New Krypton.

“And meanwhile, Hourman, that skinny robot, starts collecting time and playing with it like Silly Putty.”

See anything familiar? The green object in the sky (directly above Superman Prime One Million kissing Lois Lane) is the planet Krypton when it exploded. The gun? It carries young Kal-El, destined for Earth. Hourman uses Worlogog’s power to send him back, as shown in the panel.

What is notable is that this was originally designed to resemble the Krypton explosion

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