What Is Meant By The Phrase Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

What Is Meant By The Phrase Good Fences Make Good Neighbors – In 1914, the poet took on the role of a New England farmer who went with a friend to repair part of a fallen stone wall between their two farms. The phrase “good fences make good neighbors” came to be. From a neighbor who helped repair the wall Clearly, there was tension between the two. As the narrator (Frost) believes, the wall is unnecessary. And the neighbor repeated what his father had taught him: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

I thought of this line while walking through the Bouldin Creek neighborhood in Austin like a neighbor.

What Is Meant By The Phrase Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

, a house with a fence in the house, a house without a fence in the house But there are fences in the house, houses with natural fences (fences), houses with stone fences, houses with low fences, houses with see-through fences, houses with high fences, and so on.

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For the purpose of fencing Some things are clear. Some things are (privacy, security) and some are not. I’ve attached some pictures of the fence as well as some comments on its benefits. I live in a house with a fenced back yard. But it’s an open front lawn. Not surprisingly, my nearest neighbor, who I consider to be my best friend, also has an open pile.

Frost’s story about the wall between the farms The mine is a residential area in the city with not a lot of space. I see the benefits of some fences and some not so much. Here are my pictures and thoughts.

If you had to choose a backyard fence, you might choose something like this. This fence is an interesting architectural element. and act as a barrier between the xeriscaping (landscaping with low water requirements) of the city right-of-way and the grassy area behind. Open spaces and medium heights are more attractive than strong designs. The following image has a similar, but higher, partition between the xeriscape and courtyard, with sliding glass windows on the first floor and privacy from the street. There is also a door that increases the security of the property when the property is closed.

Boldin Creek has been a neighborhood in Austin since the 1930s, with old cabins. and newer, more modern structures. Although there are nearby associations But there was no building code or building approval process. This picture shows three consecutive houses with different fence structures. The blue hut had a traditional-looking white picket fence in front with a gate. The fence was low, so it offered less privacy than a structure meant to keep small children or pets out of the yard. The neighboring house has a fence panel on the side that increases the height from the road to the house, which provides more privacy since there is no fence in front of the house.

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Traditional chain link fences are somewhat disturbed by most of the growing vegetation. The home is located on S. First Street, a commercial thoroughfare. In the right corner at the stop sign is a popular bar/restaurant. The restaurant does not have a large parking lot to accommodate all guests. It will park in front of the house and in front of the neighbors. Considering the neighbors who have heavy traffic. It is therefore no surprise that owners would build safer fences.

The owners of this new structure chose a tall fence to provide privacy for the outdoor courtyard and main entrance. small space Between the boards, visitors can see if the owner is outside or not. And still provide privacy on the balcony and first floor glass windows from onlookers on the street.

I think of fences as the architecture of a home that doesn’t give much thought to security and privacy. This fence looks beautiful to anyone driving or walking. But it doesn’t obstruct the view from the first floor window or anyone in the house. It also acts as a good barrier between the xeriscape and anything else on the other side of the fence.

On the other side of the fence was a large old house made of 10 or 12 foot logs. This was, of course, for privacy. There is even a door with a similar note that closes all rights.

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This modern and authentic new home features xeriscaping with an outdoor courtyard on the first floor and a privacy fence with glass windows and sliders. Note that the side facing the street has a few unfenced windows.

This house is across the street from the house in the previous photo. This is because the driveway is behind the same gate. The owners therefore chose a large enclosed area with a fence that provides privacy and security. The owner softened the fence with plants playing on it.

The house, called “Bouldin Castle,” was once a church. Fences are expressly designed for privacy and security. A stone fence surrounds the property. which consists of several buildings

This is one of the oldest huts in the area. Fences are made from tree sections, leaving the trunk in front. These qualities were more artistic than private or safe. In the 1960s, many artists moved to the area. And this property may belong to an elderly artist.

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A type of house fence that is commonly used in the community. Barbed wire fences are strong enough to keep children and pets inside. But it also gives a warm and open look. Top and bottom sticks make the wire surface smooth.

The fence is similar to the original, but the owner has chosen to plant trees that block the view inside the fence. As you can see, the fence is not enough to provide privacy for people passing by.

This stone fence surrounds a house on the corner of a busy street in the community. The owner chose security and privacy, however, to create metal “portholes” of various sizes. so that tall people can see through it Including the enclosed compartment. Xeriscape consists of a series of large rocks near street corners to prevent someone from jumping over the curb and damaging the landscape or fence.

The house is on the corner. Facing a busy road on one side Of course, privacy and security are the focus of this fence. But note the Plexiglas window, which I assume is toddler level.

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At first glance The property’s fence has beautiful architecture. They are not designed for privacy or security. However, shutters make it more difficult to measure the fence if the front door is closed.

Another type of fence that looks designed to keep children out. Safe from the dangers of the grass at the corner of two roads. A fence with very low gaps between the boards. I love the swing and treehouse next to the old live oak tree.

Another xeriscaping fence design installed in the city. It has a fence designed for safety and privacy. Behind this fence is a swimming pool. in the following picture You’ll find an incredible life-size giraffe statue in the corner of the property. This house is one of only a few in the area and certainly consists almost entirely of several lots.

I haven’t been an Austinite long enough to know the history of this house. But I found an article written about four years ago that at one point the owner tried to get permission from the city to use the house. Gallery of his gaming trophy collection. Of course, this consent was never obtained. The exterior of the house is more residential than the picture in the 2018 article, which doesn’t even mention the giraffe statue. The statue is beautifully situated in the open and traditional landscaped area of ​​the campus.

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All three properties have open front yards. Meanwhile, the old block wall starts halfway between the front driveway and the two houses. A new fence appears to separate the cottage’s side yard from the new house’s driveway. The second and third houses are separated by a shared driveway without a fence. Again, keep in mind that this is a popular alternative to driving around. Get a glimpse of the city before heading closer to home to admire the traditional landscape. (And maybe a sprinkler)

This residence was apparently formerly a church. Located on a busy street (Mary Street) and nearby.

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