What Is Kontol In Indonesia

What Is Kontol In Indonesia – Indonesian curse words are the last topic I want to talk about. The main reason is that it can easily lead to misunderstandings when used by non-native speakers. However, one day a student said: “How do we know that we are cursed?”. That was a good point I made. So, use this list of words to identify slang words spoken by Indonesians or when you are in a state of anger.

It will depend on how curse words are used and who they are aimed at. Just like in English, swear words in Indonesian are used jokingly. For example, many comedians use swear words to emphasize a point or make their jokes funnier.

What Is Kontol In Indonesia

Is insulting This is due to their belief that these animals are considered unclean and haram, forbidden to touch or eat by Islamic law.

Indonesia Facts: Exploring The Realities Of Its Culture And Society

Jembatan Bahasa is a professional and highly rated Indonesian language school in Bali, Indonesia. Our team of teachers are experienced and certified to teach Indonesian as a foreign language. Some of them have more than eight years of teaching experience and have taught in a prestigious international school in Bali. Do you want to learn Indonesian with us? WhatsApp us at +6282 145 950 737 or email hi@ How does its name sound in Indonesian, German startup Kontool decided to tap into its new viral popularity with the slogan “Bigger and Stronger”: Kontool / Facebook

In this era of globalized commerce, it can be quite difficult for a company to choose a unique name for itself and its products. Not only do they have to make sure the name is right for their business, but they also have to make sure it doesn’t mean anything inappropriate in hundreds of languages ​​that aren’t their own.

German startup Kontool recently learned this lesson when people in Indonesia discovered their company. Suddenly, his Facebook page was flooded with the following messages from rude Indonesians:

As the company explained in a Facebook post in response to its newfound viral popularity among Indonesians, its name is actually an account, which is German for “account” and the word “tool.” But it’s like the Indonesian word kontol, which is a slang term for a different kind of device, the kind only men have… (Do we have to figure that out for you? Well, P-E-N (-i-S. Kontol means gender.)

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Although they may not have realized the very funny meaning of their name in Indonesian at first, Kontul was smart enough to handle their new viral fame with good humor. They also decided to tackle this by setting up an online store for their new fans to buy ‘Everybody Loves Kontool’ shirts.

In addition, they have just released a new English fact sheet for their company with a new tagline: “Bigger and Stronger”.

As stated in the fact sheet, Contool produces software designed to provide small businesses with easy-to-read analytical reports on their financial performance.

Will Kontool enter the Indonesian market one day? As mentioned in one of their posts, they hope (after conquering the German market) but said that if they come to Indonesia, they will probably change their name. But maybe not, at least according to the response of some of his new Indonesian fans who said they should stick with his brand when they come here:

Indonesian Cursing Words You Need To Know

In fact, Kontul is not the first foreign organization to gain viral popularity among Indonesians with such a name. In 2015, a Serbian EDM producer calling himself DJ Kontol also gained some popularity among Indonesians under his stage name (although, judging by his Twitter account, his career went downhill and he died in 2017. ceased producing under the name DJ Kontol in ). Give details about where you need help, such as budget and time frame. Questions are posted anonymously and can be made 100% private.

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Kontol Kontol Anjing

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09.43 ← 4 obscene words in Indonesia: kontol: male genitalia bego/tolol: dumb nature nagantot: intercourse 46. and a polite answer. And don’t forget that if you want to greet someone, greet the person when they are in a good mood. anjing: dog babi: pig.

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