What Is A Lolcow

What Is A Lolcow – Immediately after being blocked by hosting provider Cloudflare, Kiwi Farms was also taken down, on Monday, September 5, by DDoS-Guard, its backup solution. The Russian company, which explained its decision in a statement published on the Telegram messaging application, was more reactive than Cloudflare, which took several days to act after a campaign of harassment against Canadian streamer and transgender activist who Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, led by members. of Ni. from kiwi farms.

In fact, access to the kiwifarms.ru site has been impossible since the afternoon of September 5, according to the conclusions of

What Is A Lolcow

But if forum activity is seriously disrupted, members will not be out of action. They may turn to another service provider or move to another forum. The violence of the harassment against “kefals,” as well as the weeks of pressure on Cloudflare, highlighted the underbelly of a determined community that was not on its first attack.

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Kiwi Farms is a discussion forum dedicated to online harassment. Its members – there are 16,000 daily logins according to its administrators – meet there to plan, organize and coordinate targeted harassment operations against Internet celebrities, mainly those feminist or trans rights activists, people suffering from psychological problems, journalists, people from the world of video games . or comics, and even some personalities from the American extreme right.

It is in the main section of the forum, “Lokoovs”, where users discuss the goals of harassment campaigns, justifying the attacks by the fact that “they have eccentric behavior and can be squeezed for pleasure.”

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Kiwi Farms was created in 2013, before taking its current name in 2014. Its creator, Joshua Moon, nicknamed “Zero”, is a former administrator of the unmoderated forum 8chan. The alternative forum 4chan is considered one of the most extremist, racist and hate groups online. “Zero created Kiwi Farms for the express purpose of harassing an online comic author who has been the subject of an intense harassment campaign on 4chan for several years.

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Kiwi Farms users engage in prolonged and especially violent harassment: insults, hacking, threats, beatings (calling the police under false pretenses to send law enforcement officers to the victim’s home) … The forum claims to have caused at least three of his designated victims to commit suicide.

Kiwi Farms prides itself on failing to comply with the law and has posted requests for information and other legal requests sent to it and never responded to it. Since 2019, the site has been blocked in New Zealand, after refusing to provide information about users who published a manifesto and video of the perpetrator of the Christchurch attack. “Zero”, its owner, is believed to be living in the Philippines.

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