What Is A Birmingham Painting

What Is A Birmingham Painting – The Black Sabbath Bridge over the Birmingham Canal is a popular attraction for Birmingham metal band, Black Sabbath. I’ve shown the different shapes and colors of these interesting canals in central Birmingham.

I work mainly in acrylic paint and ink, collage and mixed media. Acrylics are used on scrolls, wood, cards and all found materials. Collection materials include torn or printed physical books, magazines, and newspaper clippings. Details include acrylic paint and ink, oil and chalk paste, pencil and ink. I published a book describing my work that summarizes my painting style called “Painting Without a Brush”.

What Is A Birmingham Painting

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Tennal Old Hall, 1879 By Sidney Curry, Harborne, Birmingham, Tree, Oil Painting, Topographical Views, Countryside, Architecture, House, England, Midlands Stock Photo

I have always been interested in making portraits especially landscapes, cityscapes and boats and harbors. My work has sold well in galleries over the years…read more

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Birmingham Theater Giclee’ Birmingham Michigan Downtown

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Pre Raphaelite Landscapes 2: Truth

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Mary Frances Whitfield Bears Witness

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Edgbaston Pool, Early Spring, Birmingham

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Gas Street Basin (birmingham)

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Birmingham Skyline Silhouette Printable Watercolor Painting

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Congratulations to Cory and James for their amazing work on “Carity” and “The Incredulity of St. Thomas” – truly, top notch work! I will give you another drawing and call you about it soon. My wife and I enjoy these beautiful pictures in our home and look forward to the next one. Shipping also went smoothly with ABF Freight.

This Painting Of Birmingham Has Been In My Family For Decades

This beautiful oil painting on canvas by the Ocean’s Bridge group of artists is eco-friendly and made with yeast-free ink. Due to the nature of hand painting each reproduction can be so small in detail that no two images are alike.

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