What Happens To The Flayed After The Mind Flayer Dies In Stranger Things 3

What Happens To The Flayed After The Mind Flayer Dies In Stranger Things 3 – Finally, the third season of Stranger Things has hit our small screens and we are reunited with eleven of our favorite characters. But, since the people of Hawkins, IN, can’t relax or enjoy their usual winter break, other criminals continue to terrorize the heroes – and the Mind Flayer could be dangerous. This terrifying and sarcastic demon certainly has a plan, but what does he really want?

In general, the Mind Watcher pursues power and control like any other criminal the characters have encountered. However, while many characters may be broken, one person is broken

What Happens To The Flayed After The Mind Flayer Dies In Stranger Things 3

After eleven. As Billy explained to her, everything this creature does is aimed at destroying anything that comes near it, as the top cannot be stopped unless Eleven is a part of it. The Mind Flayer knows that his only shot at defeating Eleven is if he can build enough of a fight to be stronger than the show’s bad guy.

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So, in order to achieve this goal, the Light of Mind gathered humans and animals and put them to work; who received it, were called “Faddashuta”. By doing this, your size and strength will increase exponentially. Billy, the main character who happens to be one of Floyd, also explains that the purpose of the monster is to “build” and that he is responsible for finding “servants”.

But it should be noted that the Mind Flayer does not recruit an army – instead, he wants to recruit as many as possible as he recruits them to increase his size and power. At the behest of the monster, Billy kidnaps Heather and her parents, and they also become Fleid. As the season progresses, more and more members of the community change, and the mind quickly becomes bigger, scarier, and badder.

In the series finale, Eleven encounters the Mind Flayer and is revealed to have lost her powers. So does this mean Mind Gamer has won? Don’t run away! As we know from previous seasons, the eleven powers are closely related to your emotions – and you are mentally exhausted and damaged after the battle with the Mind Flayer. This is the most powerful and terrifying destruction he faced, and let’s not forget that he also took out Russian guards during the war. In addition, the demon vows to kill his friends and lose Hopper, the parent who gave him the most stable life he ever wanted.

The Mind Flayer isn’t done yet, but Eleven isn’t either – and I’m willing to wait for him to regain his strength in time and win again. We’ll have to wait for season four to see how it all plays out. It’s time to open the door to curiosity, because Stranger Things left us with a very big question in season three: Why do sick people have to eat chemicals? The show doesn’t directly answer this question, but through contextual clues, we get a good idea of ​​why the Blade People of Hawkins, IN needed sacred equipment. To solve this puzzle we need to turn Mr. Clark inward and think like scientists. In fact, enjoy: we should think like mad scientists, because there’s nothing wrong with the Flame of Intelligence.

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First things first, it’s important to remember that without the use of chemicals, the infected are none other than the locals, just like Will was in season two. They can act as the eyes of the Light of Mind and spy on Eleven and the gang, but she needs something different from her many soldiers this time. He seems to be using Billy as a Blade leader and as a recruit, so he doesn’t need visual combat: instead, he needs a weapon. That’s where the chemicals come in.

After using the chemical, the infected rats explode into sentient droplets that can combine to form a creature that crawls under doors and grows into a large, powerful, sticky monster that can then spread to others. Chemistry is important here. As the children have shown, the right combination can create something completely new. It’s a bit like pattern evolution. Mind Flayer seems to want to take people from a position of powerful wealth and transform them into something that can be more.

For the last time, when eleven closes the gate, the Light of Mind seems to cut from the top down, so you can’t just order another group of demodogs to follow the children. You have to be creative and work with the raw materials of our world: people and chemicals. After taking the chemical, the infected people have the ability to explode like rats, and then they can combine to form a monster that goes after children. It’s all a sneaky way for the Mind Flayer to get the main cast to do their bidding (Billy) and create a monster powerful enough to take on eleven.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about earthquakes, but one thing we do know is that organisms there go through several evolutionary stages. Before Darth was a demodog, he was just a skinny slug. Eating meat is what turns him into a demodog, and eventually he turns into a full Demogorgon. The Mind Flayer seems to be the catalyst for the creation of the Demogorgon, so it only makes sense that he knows how to manipulate people to force them to become something more important in achieving a goal. . . It’s all creepy, but that’s kind of the Mind Flayer’s m.o., isn’t it?” “The Flayed” refers to Hawkins’ men, women, and children — along with rats and possibly other animals — that the Mind Flayer in summer of 1985.

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After a new door to the Beautiful is secretly opened beneath the Starcourt, the Mind Flayer’s psychic connection to the human world is restored, allowing the Flayer to reawaken a dormant piece of himself at the Brimborne Ironworks. Through this phenomenon, the Flyer possesses the mice, destroys them, and uses their bodies to create a special form of representation, which the Flyer also possesses.

Flyer repeated the same process on a larger and more complex scale with people including Billy Hargrove and others; People who do this are known as “Faders”. They are led by Billy and Heather Holloway and they stole their hearts through the Heart of the Upside Down Box. Some humans (and mice) dissolve their bodies into creatures of flesh, bone, and cartilage.

Later, many of the inhabitants and all flesh were summoned to the Metal Factory to be melted down into a primal form, a creature that shared the spider-like silhouette of the Mind Flayer’s true form.

Humans in Red are created by Mind Flayers using tentacle-like structures, a common vine-like form found throughout Earth, that are used to infect subjugated inhabitants with Mind Flayer particles. The first victim was Billy Hargrove, followed by Doris Driscoll and other innocent victims who kidnapped him and took him to the basement of the Steel Works building.

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Brimborne and Hawkins river rats were probably infected with Will in the previous year. After a power outage in Hawkins caused by the opening of the Soviet Key, the remains of the Mind Flyer are collected in the basement of the Iron Works, where they have been lying since 1984, removed from the Will. Once this piece of Mind Flyer was reawakened. , has rats nearby and directs them to eat the chemicals before exploding into piles of guts that will be used to create a normal body for the Light of Mind.

The Faded are part of the hive mind, just like the original Upside Down, with the Flyer’s mind at its heart. They are known to display the same hatred and intense heat as the Mind Flayer and anything else related to the Hive’s mind. All Flayeds feel pain when a Flayed is hurt, which is probably one of their weaknesses.

If necessary, the Flame of Intelligence can imbue One with extraordinary abilities beyond ordinary humans. This change is caused by the blackening of the veins under their skin due to the resin substance entering their body. Dry is also immune to injury that would kill or injure a normal person, such as being pushed against a wall or deliberately hit by a speeding car.

The dry diet caused significant changes in the diet of the “sick” rats.

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